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A Quick Way to Print PDF with Comments

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Printing PDFs with comments can help you read the annotations or forms on paper easily. This simple guide will show you how to print PDFs with comments and some of the reasons why individuals or companies may want to learn how to print comments in PDFs. Let's begin to meet one of the easier tools - Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor to help you print PDFs with comments.

How to print a PDF file with comments

Step 1: Open the PDF and make comments

You can access PDF capabilities by opening the program. Then you can open the PDF you wish to manipulate by clicking on the "Open files" button on the interface.

If you want to make some comments on PDF, you should click on "Comment" on the top toolbar. Once you have clicked on the "Comment", the commenting options will appear. You can add text comments, links, sticky notes, text boxes, callout, stamps, and free-hand drawings by choosing the right button.

how to print pdf with comments

Step 2: Click "File" and "Print"

Once you are inside the PDF, click "File" then click "Print". This will lead you to access to print the comments capabilities.

print comments in pdf

Step 3: Print PDF with comments

When you click "Print" a menu window will appear with the option "Printer", "Print Content", "Print Option" and more. Select these options according to your needs. After you have chosen the option that works best for your task, click "Print".

print comments in pdf

PDFelement is a great one-stop source tool for adding comments to PDFs and also print PDFs with comments and forms. Adding comments to PDFs is an important tool for making PDFs stand out, for clarifying information, and for producing effective forms that meet the unique needs of your PDF purposes.

PDFelement commenting and printing capability can effectively save time as well as increase the professional presentation of PDFs. For instance, sensitive documents can be marked "classified" through a stamp generated in the program and added through the PDFelement comment printing process for Windows. Printing PDF comments on Mac is a simple process. This is a step-by-step guide to assist you in adding comments and printing PDFs with comments on Windows 10/8/7:

PDFelement has multiple features, including printing, editing, annotation, batch conversions, and conversions to multiple types of formats that are widely utilized on the internet today, such as ePub.

It is one of the highest rated PDF Printers on the internet with seamless operations and a highly tested platform that makes it free of advertisements and software glitches that are reported in versions of open source PDF editors. It is one of the higher quality PDF Printers that enables individuals and companies to achieve a wider variety of results within PDF documents and popular, widely used internet formats.

It is easily integrated for Windows as well as Mac, with simple instructions for each of the main features of the software.

  • Annotation in PDFelement is an excellent tool to strike through, underline, and make general editing highlights for documents to provide a unique communication for the PDF.
  • It offers individuals and companies the capability to create custom PDFs that suit their needs and effectively communicate specific instructions, notes, and details upon their objectives.
  • This tool can save additional time and energy because individuals will be able to utilize the forms and documents with a greater understanding of details and instructions.

Tips on printing PDFs with comments

The ability to add comments to PDFs is important because it allows individuals to markup, strikethrough, or place sticky notes and highlights for increased communication about how to properly utilize the PDF or for editing changes within the PDF for the production of later versions.

For Finished PDFs, printing PDFs with comments is necessary, because commenting is a powerful communication tool that can assists users of the PDF to fill forms in properly or provide additional information that will be useful to them in navigating the PDF. Overall, commenting, annotation and printing PDF with comments is a widely utilized practice that assist PDF development of elements that stand within a document for more effective and efficient processing of the document.

For individuals who want to optimize the utilization of this feature, it is important to look for ways in which to add detail and consideration to a document to make instructions or information alive and easily processed. Printing PDF with Comments and annotations disrupts the normal flow of sometimes bringing a series of text, and provides ways to highlight areas of the text so that readers do not miss important sections or steps. It is a tool that produces a larger efficiency, and should be considered whenever producing a document or project that contains forms and instructions to ensure all elements of the document are complete within a timely fashion.

Another usage of this feature is that it can make booklets and pages standout in presentation and because it is coded as a PDF, the transference of the document to another type for internet printing platforms and marketing is relatively seamless in that it contains the look and feel of the original author's intent.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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