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How to Draw a Circle around Something in Word

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If you want to know how to draw a circle in word then the process is very easy to follow. To draw a circle in word the functionality has been embedded within the program and therefore there is no need to search keywords like how to draw a circle in word. The circle can again be regarded as one of the best shapes that can be added to word documents. It allows you to highlight the area of importance completely. Almost every version of the MS Word supports the feature and it is very much handy so it is used mainly for making presentations.

How to Draw a Circle in Word 2016, 2013, 2010

As it has been mentioned above the circle can be added to the MS Word with perfection and therefore it is highly advised to follow the steps below. The overall management of the shapes is also done by word on its own. It simply means that other than the process below you need no additional tools to get the work done. The steps are mentioned as under.

  1. Open a blank document which is the start of the process. It can be located anywhere on your system based of your OS you are using.
  2. Press the "Insert" tab on the top of the document. There are several options under the tab which you can explore to get to know more about the document.
  3. There is a part of "Insert" tab which is known as "Illustrations". Hit this tab to reveal the drop down menu and once again hit the "Shapes" tab in the list.
  4. Now click the option of "Lines and Connectors" to reveal the shapes. Find Circle and then click on it to it add it to the document. There are several forms of circles which can add to the document. Drag the mouse as much as you want the circle to be. Release the button to add the circle to the document. This completes the process in full.
draw a circle in word

The shapes in MS Word are highly required by professionals to segregate the data and to make sure that the presentations look good. The data management becomes easy and straightforward. The shapes also allow the users to overlook the points which are not important. This saves time and effort and therefore the shapes should always be used to get the work done readily. Another important advantage of shapes is that these can be linked to the data. For instance if there is a table drawn the shapes can be used to draw graphical representation.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is highly regarded by the users and therefore it is highly in used. Its easiness is the only thing which allows the users to get to know the program. It can help you draw circles in PDF documents directly without converting the PDF documents to any other formats. After opening a PDF file in it, click the "Comment" tab and select the Circle tool to add it on the PDF document. Right-click on the shape that has been added and select "Properties". On the right panel change the properties such as "Style" and "Thickness". Learn more about how to annotate PDF here.

how to draw circle in microsoft word

Tips: Advantages of PDF Format

PDF format has many advantages over word. There are several points which ensure that the PDF stays on top of Word. Analysis of the PDF document is very easy as compared to the Word format. It is highly advised to extract the audit trail to know that how and when the document has been accessed.

PDF files are very secure as compared to the Word. The MS Word has its own editing engine so it can be edited easily. PDF on the other hand requires special tools to make sure that editing is done.

The readability of the PDF format is very much interactive as compared to Word. The Word formatting can be distorted over different devices while it is not the case with PDF.

The cloud systems which are developed by the Adobe can be used to interact with the PDF files from multiple locations which make collaboration very easy.

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  4. Partial OCR can also be performed on user defined PDF fields.
  5. Protect the PDF files with the passwords using the program.

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