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How to Create an Electronic Signature in Word

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How to create an electronic signature in word is a process that is too easy to follow. It is because the word doc presents a highly sophisticated environment to get the work done. To create electronic signature word it is highly advised to make sure that you apply the correct process as well as steps. If you want to know the process that how to create an electronic signature in word 2010 then it is advised to make sure that you follow this tutorial thoroughly. The overall management of the process is too easy to follow and therefore it is highly advised if you want to know how do you create an electronic signature in word and authenticate the docs.

How to Create an Electronic Signature in Word

There are many third party tools which you can use to add signatures to the Word doc. Before proceeding with the process we should also know what Electronic Signatures really means.

What is Electronic Signature?

There are two most important aspects of digital signature. First of all they give your document a personal feel and the second is that they validate your docs thoroughly. The best part of your signature is that they can be scanned and stored for once only. Rest of the time you can use the same signatures to validate your docs. For MS word there are many tools which are available to make sure that you get the idea implemented in the best shape.

How to Create an Electronic Signature by Other Program or Service

DocuSign is a service that lets you add the electronic signature in a manner which is safe, secure and simple. The program can sign your PDF files within no time at all. The process is very simple to follow and gets you the best results you require.

  1. Create a trial account by following the official website of the program. Enter in your details and a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.
  2. Select "New" > "Sign a document" to make sure that you get your PDF loaded to this online program. You can also click start now on the main interface.
  3. Click "Browse" > "Next". Add the Recipients who need to sign this document and press next.
  4. Click signature on the left panel and drag it to the PDF file where you want to get it signed, then next.
  5. Click send once the signature has been added. You can add a personalized message as well to complete the process in full.

Advantages of PDF Format

The PDF format is the only one that will allow you to compile your sensitive data without any problem. The format allows you to get the outcome exactly what you expect the Word doc to deliver. It is very robust and also allows you to make your documents attractive. The PDF format is becoming increasingly popular with every passing day. The use of the format is easy as the related readers are also very easy to obtain and are free of charge. The PDF format means that you get the formatting just like in word with lot simpler tools and techniques. This format is highly advised instead of Word format.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a program which will allow you to get the best outcome without much work. The PDF manipulation has never been as easy as it is with this program. From basic to highly advanced features this program makes sure that you get the best outcome. PDFelement is a name of trust and quality. It is advised to the users that are fed up of trying other or even online editors. The program does not consume the resources which are related to the system as the related to it is very much light to work on any system. The program is highly in use by the professionals which shows its ease of application.

electronic signature word

Features of the program:

  • The program has a very powerful extractor embedded. This means that you can extract data from interactive PDF forms and export in CSV format.
  • The program has been designed keeping in view the requirements of corporate users. It can batch process to convert, data extraction, bates number and watermark.
  • It has a fully loaded toolbars that foster customization. Customize your own forms with check boxes, buttons, and text fields.
  • Most of the PDF editors do not offer the facilities which this one does. You can unlock text within images using OCR.

How to Create Signatures in PDF

The process that you need to follow is mentioned as below.

Step 1. Open PDF

1. Once the program is installed import the PDF file by clicking "Open File".

electronic signature in word

Step 2. Add Digital Signature Field

Click "Form" then "Add digital signature".

how to create an electronic signature in word 2010

Step 3. Sign PDF Digitally

Click "Protect" to reveal its contents. Click and draw a box on PDF file. This makes the "Sign Document" appear. Click "Add Digital ID" if the sign is added for the first time. Use your personal or official ID to complete this step. You will get to the above step automatically once this is done. Learn more PDFelement tutorials here.

create electronic signature word

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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