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How to Create a Digital Signature in Word

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How to create a digital signature in Word is a question which has several answers as the Microsoft® has made sure that there is something for everyone. To create a digital signature in Word the users need to follow the guidelines which are mentioned at the website of Microsoft® as it will make sure that you get the best outcome. The digital signature in Word is an idea which is obviously very much in use. To get things straight for the users it is highly advised to go through this tutorial to get the things done for you fast. It will make the idea easy for implementation.

How to Create a Digital Signature in Word

Creating digital signature in Word is a highly efficient process and therefore it is highly advised to get the work done by following the process which is mentioned as under. These steps will can be implemented very easily as unlike other programs the Word has embedded all the functions for signature creation in a single platform.

  1. Open a new Word doc to start the process. You need to place pointer where you want to add the signature on a Word doc. Click the "Insert" tab to get going.
  2. Under the text group you need to click the "Signature Line" to continue with the process. It is very small tab at the top right side.
  3. how to create a digital signature in word
  4. Make sure that you fill in all the details which are related to the fields which are present in the form which appears.
  5. create a digital signature in word
  6. You will see a signature line which is added to the document.
  7. Right click the signature and select the option of sign to add the sign to the line which has been made. Select the signature text from the dialogue box which appears.
  8. Select the commitment type to make sure that the role of the signature holder. It is very important as it will ensure the validity of the signature as well the signature itself.
  9. digital signature in word
  10. You can also add more info about the signature holder. Press "Details" > "Additional signing info". Click "OK" once done.
  11. Select the certificate you want to use the sign the document. Enter the password if required.
  12. The signature are inserted to the document and this completes the process in full.
  13. If you want to verify the signature you need to right click the on signature line and then signature details.

Advantages of PDF Document

PDF is a very popular format which is used to transfer the text safely. It is highly advanced format which is advised to large business organizations. It does all the work which Word format does. The PDF cannot be formatted with the traditional editors.

The editing of the PDF format leaves an audit trail which is easily traceable. For the legal proceedings this is the only format which is advised by court of law all over the world. The PDF format is very professional to use and therefore recommended by professionals as well. Just like Word you can search for the piece of content you want.

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a program that is highly regarded when it comes to PDF editing. The program is highly sophisticated and therefore easy to use. It is high rated by the users and it all because of the wonderful functions which are embedded into it.

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microsoft word digital signature
  • The basic PDF related functions are performed by this program. It is highly regarded to open, save, print and markup PDFs.
  • As the program is very easy to use so it can also be used to add, remove, move, re-size and rotate any graphical element within your PDF.
  • Manipulating the PDF files has never been easier. Use this program to create interactive form field and recognize form field automatically.
  • If you speak language other than English then don't worry as the program supports about 26 of the commonly spoken languages when it converts the scanned documents or forms into editable texts.

How to Create a Digital Signature in PDF

The process that you need to follow is mentioned as below.

Step 1. Open PDF

Download and install the program. Import the PDF file to the program once it is installed.

digital signature word document

Step 2. Add Digital Signature to PDF

Navigate to the "Protect" menu to make sure that you add the signature to the PDF document to get going with the process.

Click "Sign Document" under the protect menu to draw the area on PDF file where you want to add the signature to. "Sign Document" will pop up when you draw this area. Choose your digital ID and click "Sign".

ms word digital signature

If you don't have a digital ID, you can click on "New ID" to create a new one. And then then "Add Digital ID" window will pop up if you are adding the signature for the first time. Browse the file you want to sign. Create a new one if this one has not been created before. It will auto lead you back to the doc signing process to get the work done. Learn more skills to use PDFelement.

digital signature word

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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