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Best Mac for Students for 2024

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

If you are new college student, one of your tools should be the best Mac for college student. Currently, Apple has Mac a lineup that includes MacBook, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, MacBook Air and iMac. Therefore, to choose the right Mac for a college-boud student may be tough considering that these are all great and powerful machines that meet a lot of expectations, both professionally and academically.

This article is a guide that will help you choose the best Mac for college so that you do not have any regrets and to also have the easiest time as you study.

How to Choose the Best Mac for Students

Factors to consider in choosing the best Mac for college student


Macs are considered expensive since they range at more than one thousand dollars, while other brands come at few hundreds of dollars. This fact discourages many college goers. However, as a student, you require a Mac for students uk that will be powerful enough to handle your study pressures and last long.

It would be disappointing to purchase a laptop that can only last one or 2 years and then begin depicting problems, which eventually disturb your studies. The best thing about being a student that wants the best MacBook for student is that there is a Mac for students discount.

So, the price should not discourage you from going to choose the right Mac for a college-boud student hence forth, since some great budgetary arrangements can be made with this Mac for students discount.

Type of Student or Course

What type of college student are you? What course are you pursuing? These factors may affect how you choose the best Mac for college since different types of students and courses means having different needs. As a result, your preferences as you choose the best Mac for college may differ.

For instance, if you are pursuing music, you will have different needs from a person pursuing engineering or Information Technology. The latter students often deal with or develop programs that need more powerful machines than the former.


As mentioned earlier, a student has a lot of movement. You will have to travel to libraries, lectures, the coffee shop and home for visits and breaks. This means that you need to choose the right Mac for a college-boud student that will help you travel light.

From this factor, it is clear that you need a laptop and not a desktop. You may have both if you wish though.

MacBook Air

Considering all the above factors, MacBook Air is the best MacBook for student. The most recent update took place in 2018 and Apple presented a very light and fast machine. Therefore, it will suit your mobility since it is easily portable.

MacBook Air goes for $1,999 or 1,049 Euros and hence is an excellent machine with good value. Remember that you can get a Mac for students discount and so you can get it a cheaper price.

With its 13 inch screen and 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 8th gen chip, you have more than enough and the best Mac for college student. MacBook Air has a great battery life that will suit you when studying outdoors and away from power sources.

It is great for students conducting research and writing essays due to its third-generation butterfly keyboard. Despite having a slower performance as compared to other Macs like MacBook Pro, it is the best for the majority of students.

However, this does not mean that students studying app development cannot use it as the best Mac for college student. Its processor is still powerful although it is less powerful than MacBook Pro that is heavier.

best mac for students in 2019

Best PDF Editor for Mac in 2021

Students will always have assignments or presentations now and then. Therefore, you require the best PDF editor that can ensure you present high quality formal papers. PDFelement for Mac is the program for you. This editor not only ensures proper editing but also conversion of documents from and to different files formats quickly, securely and without interruption of the work done.

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Since some of your lecturers will demand headers and footers in your assignments, PDFelement for Mac can do it for your Mac including macOS 11. It has header and footer tools that help you input details such as page number, date, specific illustrations and origin.

If the assignment is required in Microsoft Word files, this program will easily convert these PDF documents to Word files by a few clicks.

So using PDFelement for Mac is beneficial since it enables you to have your documents in whatever format you wish. It saves you the time and effort for copying content from one format to another, a process likely to also cause errors.

Presenting formal work with headers and footers well placed ensures that you do not loose marks. If you utilize password protection, you can guarantee that no one will copy your assignments.

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