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How to Turn on Track Changes in Word 2016 for Free

2021-11-29 16:13:15 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Track changes are very important especially if you are a teacher and checking assignment. To turn on track changes in Word the process which is associated is too easy to follow. It also means that you don’t need tool other than Word to perform the function. If you are new to Word then it might be a problem for you to know how to turn on track changes in Word but still the process is too simple to follow. Read on to learn more.

How to Turn Track Changes on in Word 2016, 2013, 2010

The track changes are very important for you to understand. Even if you are a student to would need these to resubmit the assignment to your teacher. For the best and the most advanced outcome it is also advised to follow the simplest process. It is the one which you would be going through in this section. This part of the tutorial will make sure that you get the insight of the process of turning the track changes on.

turn on track changes in word

1. In the first step you need to open the Word document to start the process. You will see the main toolbar that always come up when the Word doc is open.

2. Press the "Review" on the main toolbar of the program.

3. You can see the "Track Changes" within the tracking toolbar.

4. Press the "Track Changes" to reveal the dropdown menu.

5. The first option in the toolbar is the "Track Changes" which you can select to make sure that the track changes are added to the document. It will work only if the formatting of the document is changed. For instance if you type in 1.and press spacebar you the tracker will instantly let you know that your document’s formatting has been changed.

6. The second option is of "Change Tracking Options". Once you select it you will get an options interface. You can perform the following functions in it.

  • You can change the Markup layout of the tracker lines. It includes insertion, deletion and changed lines. You can also change the Author comments and the colors which are associated to it.
  • The moves can be tracked. To/From moves can be tracked or not if you want. The associated colors can be changed if you want.
  • The table cells can be highlighted. You can insert, delete, merge and split cells and can change the tracking colors if you want.
  • The formatting line style and the color can be changed through this dialogue box.
  • The balloon color, height, width and indention can be changed using this options interface.
  • If you want the changes to show the lines then you can change the different colors and line styles which are associated to it.
without changing the view turn on track changes

Once you have changed the options if required then you can save the documents with the track changes to complete the process in full.

Tips: Advantages of PDF Document

It is very important that you get PDF at your disposal to ensure that you get the best options as compared to Word. There are many benefits of using the PDF format. Some of the advantages are as under and will make you realize that what you have been missing.

  • The PDF format is universal. As compared to Word which only comes with Windows the PDF can be installed to any system as it is compatible with every system on this planet.
  • You cannot change the contents of the PDF format. Even the court does not admit the documents which are presented in Word format. PDF format is all what the court of law needs to have.
  • The changes of the Word document do not leave a digital print unlike PDF which makes the audit easy to perform.

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how to turn on track changes in word
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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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