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How to Add an Electronic Signature to a PDF File Online Free

When you add an electronic signature to a PDF online, what you are doing is making the document legally binding. A digital or electronic signature is a unique mark that is created by the person signing the document and is accepted on contracts and other legal documents as being as valid as a physical signature. To add signature field to PDF free or use an online tool to add a signature to PDF, you need a secure website that offers such a service.

Here, we introduce Document Cloud from Wondershare as a unique service that is not solves the ‘add signature to PDF for free’ problem but also includes secure cloud storage for your important documents. You can also upgrade to a paid plan for higher storage capacity and to send an unlimited number of documents for others to sign.

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How to Add Signature to PDF Free Online

Document Cloud is hosted by Wondershare Technology Co. Ltd. on its secure servers and can be used by anyone with a Wondershare ID. This ID can also be used to sign in to other online and offline products from Wondershare’s impressive stable of software applications, which include PDFelement, Filmora, Dr. Fone, RecoverIt, and many others. Document Cloud comprises the storage service as well as an integrated electronic signature system that can be used to securely send documents to multiple external stakeholders to sign. It is available as a free option that gives you 1GB of space and up to 5 document sends, with upgrade options to increase your storage limit to 100GB and remove the limit on how many documents you can send for signing by others.

How to Send a Document for Others to Add Signature to PDF Online Free

1. Log in to the Wondershare Document Cloud Portal

You can either use an existing Wondershare ID from another product or register for a new account.

add signature field to pdf free

Once the account is set up and the email address is confirmed, you can start the process.

2. Select the Documents for Signing

Click the Upload files button to choose which files you want to add to the signature queue.

add signature to pdf free

Once uploaded, you will be able to see the files listed under Recent Document Activity.

3. Choose the Type of Signature Sending

On the Sign tab, you’ll see two ways to send a document to sign, as well as options to use a template or create one for your business.

add signature to pdf online free

The Request Signatures option allows you to send signatures to multiple signers and get their signatures on a single copy of your document. The Bulk Send option is to send it to many people and have them each sign their own copy of the document.

Choose one of the options and then upload the file from the Document Cloud list. You can also upload a fresh document from your local storage.

online add signature to pdf

4. Initiate the Signing Process

After choosing the document, you’ll see a series of actions for you to complete. The first step (optional) is to set a access authentication, which is a password that you will need to send separately to all the signers. It is an additional layer of security to make sure that only the right people see the document in order to sign it.

add access authentication

Next, enter the email IDs of the signers or import them as a CSV file. You can also add your own ID as the first or last signer in the sequence if you opt to set a signing order. Add a message to the signers, which they will receive as an email notification.

set signing order

Click Next at the bottom of that page and then start dragging the fields for each signer to its appropriate position in the document. You can also save this document with the signature fields as a template for later reuse.

drag and drop fields

When you’re done, click the Send for Signature button. If you’re one of the recipients or you are the only signatory, you can sign the document as shown in the screenshot below.

How to Add Signature to PDF Online using Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC for Windows

The newly released PDFelement Pro DC for Windows is an amazing amalgamation of a superb PDF editor and the versatile Document Cloud. By integrating DC into PDFelement, Wondershare has created a compelling solution for businesses that are looking for affordable solutions to handle their PDF and contract workflows.

Since DC is integrated into the product, you can access your cloud-stored documents from within PDFelement just like you’d access any locally stored document. You can also save documents directly to your DC account with the Share option. In addition, the Electronic Signature feature will take you to the DC electronic signature platform that we described above.

Here are the following steps to add signature to PDF document easily and fast using PDFelement Pro DC.

1. Launch PDFelement Pro DC for Windows and edit your PDF document.

Use the File → Open control to port a new document or simply drag the file from Explorer and drop it into the interface of PDFelement. To fetch a file from Document Cloud, use the option shown in the screenshot below:

add signature to document online

Click on the Edit tab and make any changes, additions, or deletions you need to.

edit pdf document by pdfelement

2. Save the PDF to Document Cloud

Using the option shown in the image below, upload the document to Document Cloud from directly within PDFelement Pro DC. Once the file is saved to its cloud location, keep it open in PDFelement.

add signature to document online

3. Send the Document for Signatures

Under the Sign tab of PDFelement, you will see an Electronic Signature button.

online pdf add signature

Clicking that button will take you to Document Cloud, where you can initiate the process of sending the document for signatures or signing it yourself.

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC

Simplify your Workflow with the Document Cloud for PDFelement.

pdfelement pro dc

Wondershare PDFelement Pro DC gives businesses exactly what they need: a robust PDF editor with rich features, ample cloud storage space in a secure environment, and an electronic signature platform to add signatures to PDF online from any location. You might think that such a tool is fairly expensive, but it’s much more affordable than other premium options such as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Due to this attractive combination of a PDF editor, a cloud storage service, and an online digital signature facility, PDFelement Pro DC represents a holistic solution for modern businesses where employees work from home or anywhere else without having to worry about losing access to crucial business documents like sales contracts, legal agreements, and so on.