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How to Mirror Text in Word 2016 for Free

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Word Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

It is possible to create some decorative text inside your Microsoft® Word document. This means that you can mirror text in Word. Mirroring text in Word will require you to use the Word Art feature which also allow for the modification of text with different styles, color and sizes. To mirror text in Word, it is important that you follow a step by step guide you find in this article.

Steps to Mirror Text in Word 2016

The following are the step by step process on how to mirror text in Word 2016. It is simple and easy to do:

  1. First open your Microsoft® Word 2016.
  2. Then click on "Insert" and then select the "Word Art" you want.
  3. mirror text in word
  4. Enter text and go to "Format".
  5. Go to "Shape Effects" and a drop down is shown, select "3-D Rotation" Options from the "3-D Rotation" in the drop down.
  6. Fix the value of 180 degrees in the X Rotation. Then put the other rotation as 0 in order to mirror the text. Fix the value of 180 degrees in the Y Rotation and fix 0 degrees to other rotations so as to mirror the text upside down. Then fix the value of 180 degrees in the Z Rotation and place other Rotations to be 0 degrees to make the text to be upside down.
how to mirror text in word

Tips: PDF VS Word

While Word documents are good and can do a lot of things, PDFs are better as they offer a lot more to the user. For instance, PDF is more secured when compared to other document formats. This is because it can be protected using a password.

This means that your sensitive information are safe using PDF plus its password combination. Then there is also an issue of document format retainability. When documents are shared with PDF, they do not change their format instead they are presented as they are. This removes the confusion normally experienced with other document formats that do not retain their formats during document sharing.

All-in-One PDF Solution

There is no doubt that editing PDF documents has not been easy and straightforward for individual and small businesses. Before now, many have been looking for a total PDF solution that will be quite affordable and less complex. However, the introduction of the all-powerful Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor changed all that. PDFelement ensured that people can create, edit, combine and convert the PDFs easily while spending a fraction of that cost of leading established brands like Adobe. PDFelement is powerful with a user friendly interface that makes complex process simple, learn more tutorial about how to use this program.

PDFelement has been undergoing transformations to make it even better than what it is. This has given rise to the all-new PDFelement designed to take your PDF editing experience to the next level of comfort.

how to mirror text in word 2013

PDFelement integrates cutting edge techniques in user centric design and breakthroughs in editing and form recognition technology. The advantage the PDFelement has is that it makes editing simpler and faster like it is on Microsoft® Word.

Without doubt, earlier versions of the PDFelement were good but the later versions of PDFelement is something else in terms of functionality and superb features. It has introduced new capabilities in PDF editing. For example, it is gives you a faster, smarter text editing without losing fonts and formatting across Mac and Windows platforms. You have the option of editing by using the line or paragraph mode, you can add images and text to PDF documents, edit header and footer, bates numbering among other features.

Other new capabilities in the PDFelement that would take your editing experience to a higher level include the fact that you can now easily create fillable PDF forms in just one click, instantly export form data into excel and export data from scanned PDF with the help of its advanced OCR technology. At the end of the day, PDFelement works better and faster across both Mac and Windows giving you what you have missed before now.

If you have not used PDFelement yet, then this is the time to switch to PDFelement. When compared to leading competitors, it is offers great values for money, easy to use and boast of top class features.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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Buy PDFelement right now!

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