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Tips for Choosing Who Prepare Tax for You

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: Tax Refund Tips • Proven solutions

It is another season of filing taxes and how to prepare tax return may feature greatly on the mind of most people at this point. However, if you are not among the do it yourself category or you do not qualify for IRS free file program, then you can choose who prepare your tax for you. You have to be careful to avoid falling into the wrong hands hence this invaluable tips.

Popular Tips for Choosing Who Prepare Tax for You

1. Know if They Do e-Filing

According to IRS, the tax preparer who you choose must offer e-filing. This is because it is logical for any tax preparer who expects to file for a lot of people to be using the online filing option. Besides, the e-file option coupled with direct deposit is the best and fastest way to get your due tax refund. Therefore, it is advisable to ensure that any tax preparer you intend to use should be able to e-file your tax return. There is no harm in asking about e-filing in order to be sure about it.

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2. Discuss about Money

You need to discuss about the fees. There are tax preparers who will promise of getting you a bigger refund, you should be very careful about these categories of people. It is important to avoid those who charge fees based on percentage of your expected refund. Therefore, discuss with the tax professional and agree on the fees involved before giving out your personal information like your social security and even your tax documents. Also try to know from the tax accountant if there are extra fees or hidden fees you do not know about.

3. Do Some Search

Whether you are doing paper filing or an e-filing, you must make some inquiries about any tax preparer you intend to use. There are different levels of tax preparers but a certified one will have their status verifiable on the IRS website. In most cases, it is important to search their names on the IRS website to see if they are under suspension or have faced disciplinary issues in the past. Tax professional with questionable history should be avoided.

4. Avoid Temporary Tax Professionals

You may need to ask questions about your tax return long after the tax season or even years after the whole process. Therefore, it is important that your tax preparer are always around to answer your queries. The tax professional should be available months or years after e-filing your taxes.

The Best PDF Form Filler for You

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It is important not to jump at any available tax professional to help fie your tax return. Not getting it right at that level may affect your tax refund and this could be frustrating. Therefore, it is important to choose your tax preparer wisely and also fill out your tax forms correctly using a good form filler tool.


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