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How to Fill Tax Forms

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Tax payers in the United States are required to file their tax return every year to the internal Revenue Service for a possible tax refund. Filing tax return is not a difficult process but at the same time, it could be time consuming and requires total concentration to avoid making mistakes. When filing tax returns to the IRS, tax payers will be required to fill out tax forms online. There are many tax forms to be filled but the choice of tax form will depend on the category of tax return a tax payer is filing as well as other factors. To fill your tax forms without stress, there are some tools available and we shall look at it later in this article. This article will take Form 1040ES as an example to illustrate how to fill in tax forms. 

Part1. How to Fill Form 1040ES with PDFelement

Your best solution to filling out Form 1040ES is by using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. It is simple and easy to use application designed to help you fill out PDF forms without issues. The following is a brief step by step guide.

PDFelement form filler make things easy for tax payers to fill out their tax returns. Filling tax forms can be very daunting but with the right tool like the form filler, forms can be filled faster without stress and this is why PDFelement is very important. The IRS Forms are very vital document and it is important to fill them accurately and correctly. You can always use the tested and trusted. PDFelement form filler program to fill these forms without errors. Try it today and see the wonders of this tool.

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Step 1. Open IRS Form 1040ES

Download and install PDFelement on your computer. Open the form 1040ES by clicking "Open File..." and select the form to open.

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Step 2. Fill IRS Form 1040ES

Use the form filler tool to fill out the Form 1045ES line by line, imputing the required details and figures.

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Step 3. Save the Tax Form

Click "Save" or "Save As" to save the form after filling correctly.

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Part2. Types of Tax Forms

There are so many tax return forms available for individuals. However, it is important to use tax forms that suits your particular situation in order to allow you create tax credits, tax deductions that is applicable to you. However, the following are some of the most popular tax forms.

Form 1040

This is a U.S Individual Income Tax return and popularly known as the Long Form. It is used in the reporting of an individual's gross income like services, properties, goods and money. It is a more expansive form unlike other forms in this category. The good thing about Form 1040 is that it can allow tax payers to claim a lot of tax credits, expenses, itemize deductions as well as adjustment of income. Form 1040 may be longer to complete but it offers more options to lower your tax bill. Form 1040 can be used when the tax payer is not sure about using 1040A or 1040EZ.

Form 1040A

This is also another Individual Income Tax Return popularly known as Short Form because it is shorter and less complex when compared to 1040A. It is used in the reporting of individual income as well as calculate their taxes. Note that this tax form is available to any taxpayer of any filing status and age but the issue about 1040A is that you are limited in the type of tax credits that can be claimed.

Form 1040EZ

This is one of the short income tax return form. It is not available for all tax payers but those who are single or married but filing jointly without dependents can sue this form. It takes little time to fill since it is less complex than the first two forms listed above. However, tax payers in this category are at liberty to use 1040 and 1040A instead but this will depend on their situation.

Form 1040NR

This is income tax return for non-resident aliens. It is to be used by those who engage in business in the U.S but were not residents during the past tax year. It is important to note that 1040NR must be filed by tax payers in this category even if they do not income from the business. Other tax forms that are also quite popular include 1040ES, W-2, 1040NR-EZ among others.

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