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IRS Form 1040NR: Read the Filling Instructions Before Trying to Filing it

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IRS Form 1040NR is for use by the nonresident aliens in the filing of their income tax returns. Those eligible for filing using this form are those who were nonresident aliens engaged in a certain business or trade within the United States of America, represented a deceased individual that would have been required to file the form 1040NR or represented a trust or estate that was required to file the Form 1040NR.

Part 1An Efficient Solution for You to Fill out IRS Form 1040NR

pdf forms function for windows

Wondershare PDFelement is your answer to the filling out of your Form 1040NR online. This is basically a program that allows you to make modifications on a PDF document. It allows you to change the digital signatures, graphics, watermarks, text, images and any other thing that you might want to on the PDF document. It is a very effective program and you need not worry about the accuracy of conversion between documents; your information will all remain intact.

Some of the key features that make this program such a prominent PDF editor:

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Part 2Filling Instructions for IRS Form 1040NR

Step 1: Open Form 1040NR with PDFelement, read the filling instructions as below before you collect all the numbers. Figure out if you require filing income taxes or not. The basic rule to figure this out is the level of your income; if your income is low you will not have to require filing your Taxes. Basically, if your income is low enough, you are not required to file income taxes.

In order to complete your taxes form you will need to arrange all of the required information. Form W-2 and "Form 1099 are also included in the information you required to file your taxes. The next point s to enter your complete personal information and address; make sure this must be your current address. If you are a primary taxpayer then you must mention your full name an also your security number at the top. It is advisable to mention your street address, if you both have PO and street addresses. Now, you will need to figure if you really want to check the box mention Presidential Election Campaign.

import irs form pdf

Step 2: Now, you will need to come to the filling status point. Here you can apply for more than one status. It is advisable to choose the one to cut own extra taxes liability. On the 7th line a, you need to check the box mentioned Exemption. In the 6c section, you will have to enter the information related your dependants. You also need to complete thoroughly the Exemptions section that appears at the right side of W-2. On the 8th line, just mention your income. This income will include your tips, gross wages and salaries. You are also required to attach the W-2 copy with your form to your return. The next step is easy to understand and it just requires you to fill out all of your rest income information on lines 9-22. On 24-35th lines, you need to mention your adjustments to your taxable income. This is the Adjusted Gross section of the W-2. To get to know about your Adjusted Gross Income, you need to simply subtract 36th line from 22n line and write own the result on 37th line.

fill form 1040nr lines 1 to 36

Step 3: Now come to the Tax and Credits section. Just copy and paste what you have on 36th line onto the 37th line. You also need to figure out if you need to itemize the deductions that you avail into your tax, or you want to mention the standard deduction for the filling status on W-2. Now, you need to fill out Credits sections, so you need to fill the lines from 48 to 53. If you find that you do not qualify, just leave this section blank. To finish up your Tax and Credit section, you just need to add all totals that you have in this section.

fill form 1040nr lines 37 to 53

Step 4: Now, come to Other Taxes Part. Here you need to complete the other required taxes sections. This is quite common that most of the form fillers don’t have extra taxes to report or to mention in this section so just copy the exact number from 54th to 61st line and write it down here. You will require completing the payment section next. Start this section with the total amount of all of your Federal income tax along with all W-2 Form and Form 1099, then enter the number on 64th line. At the end of this section, you just need to add all lines and write down the result on line 74.

Step 5: To calculate your refunds, you will need to check if 61rd line is larger than 71th line. If yes, you will have to leave this section blank, this means you have no due refund. To get the results of 75th line, you just need to subtract 71rd line from 61th line, in case line 71 is bigger than 61.

fill form 1040nr lines 54 to 75

Step 6: At the end, just complete your Third Party Designee and lastly, sign your form.

Part 3Tips and Warnings for Form 1040NR

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Published: Mar 04,2016 10:41 am / Updated: Jul 14,2016 11:29 am

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