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4 Methods to File Your Income Tax Return

2021-11-29 16:12:11 • Filed to: PDF Form Solutions • Proven solutions

Filing taxes can be overwhelming to a lot of people but this need not to be so since there are several methods that can be used to file taxes. Whatever the method adopted, you still need to be adequately prepared which include gathering all the required documents and information. This article looks at 4 basic methods of filing income tax to the IRS.

4 Methods to File Income Tax Return

1. Paper Filing

This is one of the oldest method of filing taxes. It involves the use of paper and pen in filling out printed tax forms and then mailing to the IRS. One thing about paper filing is that it may increase the risk of costly errors. When compared to e-filing, paper filing produces about 20% error rate as against 1% for e-filing. This is why IRS encourages the use of e-filing. In this case, you are to review your tax returns yourself, make calculations and check for missing information. However, paper filing requires that the tax payer mails their completed forms to the IRS through a certified mail.

Paper filing

2. E-Filing

E-filing is regarded as one of the best methods for filing taxes. In fact, using the e-filing method is one of the fastest way to get your due tax refund.It is not complicated if you know exactly what to do. What is required in e-filing is that you are expected to file your documents over the internet before the deadline. In e-filing, you are expected to type your information online and this include your banking information.


3. Tax Preparation Software

Another good way to file your tax return is by using tax preparation software. It is possible to get an affordable and IRS approved tax preparation software to help out in your tax situations. This software make a lot of sense especially where you have a complicated tax situation. There are reputable tax preparation software that you may consider and they include TaxSlayer, TaxAct, H&R Block and TurboTax. If you think that your tax situation may be complicated, it is best to use the tax preparation software to prepare your taxes.

tax preparation software

4. Tax Professional

You have the option of hiring a tax professional to prepare your taxes. These professionals are armed with the knowledge and experience to help you out in a complicated tax situations. He/she may tax accountant or other professionals. However, the most important thing is to ensure that you choose a qualified and licensed tax professional to help in filing your taxes. Any professional you choose should be able to handle your taxes properly.

Fill Your Tax Forms with PDFelement Form Filler

If you choose online filing, then you will need to fill out the tax forms which are PDF forms. It is important to note that PDF forms can only be filled with a special tool. PDFelement form filler is a special tool designed for filling out PDF forms including your IRS tax forms electronically. It gives you all the capabilities you need with all the editing and signing options. You can always save your online tax forms for printing or future reference.

online filing

The methods listed above can be used for filing your tax return. However, the choice of the method you want to use will depend on your own personal situation or how complicated your tax is. It is entirely your choice to use any method as IRS does not mandate tax payers to use a particular method.

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Margarete Cotty

chief Editor

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