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E-file Tax: An Easier Solution to File Your Tax

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The e-file tax solution is the electronic transmission of your tax to the IRS. Whether you are filing a federal or state taxes, e-filing tax online can just save you more than time and resources. It is fast, safe and easy way of filing taxes.

The major benefits of e-file taxes is that it results in fewer data entry errors due to the fact that the IRS will not have to re enter your data into the system. Also, you can receive an acknowledgement that your return is received. Note that the IRS will not send you an acknowledgement if it receives paper returns. You will also receive any refund faster if you e-file taxes than when it is mailed to IRS. In all, it is simply an easier solution to file your taxes.

Part 1E-file Solutions Available Now

There are several e-file solutions that are available and this article will describe three e-file service providers for your reference.

irs efile tax software

IRS : Internal Revenue Service provides a platform for e-filing taxes. Whether you are on paycheck, a small business owner or self employed, you can use the e-file services of the IRS to file your taxes. The free file tax software allows you to file your federal taxes for income below $62,000 with low or free options applicable to certain states. The IRS e-file tax solution is simple and easy to use but in situations where there is still concern, you can get some valuable tips on how you can e-file tax returns on the website. However, if you are comfortable doing your own calculations and just require only basic guidance, you can explore the IRS Free File Fillable forms especially for individuals with income above $62,000. The free fillable form is the electronic version of the paper form and a very good way to e-file your taxes.

To fill out the form, Wondershare PDFelement can be your form filler to ease your pain on the filling process as papers and time would be wasted a lot if you complete the form by hand-writing.

e file tax software

TurboTax : TurboTax is one of the longest serving e-filing tax solutions online. In fact, it is one of the best options for small and personal businesses and you can e-file taxes for free using the IRS e-file system. It is important to note that the free edition contains many major forms like the W-2 forms and the 1040EZ with a complete guide on how to complete them if you are a newbie. However, the more advanced packages can handle more complex deductions like various business expenditures and home mortgages with a step by step instruction on the procedure.

But note that it is not free and would cost up to a $150. However, whether you choose the free or advanced option, TurboTax offers a robust solution to e-file taxes and is among the top e-file solution available in the tax business. You can receive expert advice from tax experts when needed on the TurboTax platform.

e file tax return software

H&R Block : Another solid option for e-filing taxes is by using the H&R Block. You can e-file your taxes online but note that it does not really offer some in depth solution when compared to others like the TurboTax. However, like TurboTax, the free edition of the software covers a lot of IRS forms form the W-2 to 1040 forms and schedules. Although the software becomes more effective and comprehensive as the price goes higher, it can be effective to e-file your taxes. Each tier supports data importation as well as deduction guidance. The H&R Block will utilize the basic information you provide about your income and expenses to help you calculate the status of your tax refund.

It is very simple and easy to use. You do not need any advance knowledge to use it. One advantage about the H&R Block is that there is an in person audit support if you have trouble e-filing your taxes online and it comes with no additional cost.

Part 2 Tips for Choosing the E-file Service

Choosing e-file service to use for your tax return may seem complicated for some people. However, it is simple if you follow the tips mentioned below.

  • Find about Service Fees: Several E-file tax service providers have different service charges. It is important to find out about their service fees before any commitment. It is also important to avoid service providers who base their fees on the percentage of your tax refund or who claim they can help you get a larger refund than other service providers. Ensure that any refund is sent to you or is deposited to your personal account. Do not allow under any circumstance that all or part of your tax refund be deposited directly into your service provider account.
  • Provide all Records and Receipt Needed to File Your Return:>Any good e-file service provider must request to see all your receipt and records and will also ask multiple questions to know your total income and deductions etc. It is important not to use service providers who will e-file your taxes using your last pay stub. Note that this sis even against the IRS e-file rules.
  • Choose E-File Service Providers that are Accessible: It is important that you are able to contact the service providers even after the return has been e-filed and even after the April due date in case if there are any questions. You should be free to ask for clarifications or support during the e-filing process.
  • Check the History: The history of the e-file tax return service providers should be known. Questionable history, disciplinary actions and license status should be checked through the relevant agencies.
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