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IRS Form W-4: Follow the Instructions to Fill it

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The IRS Form W-4 is also known as the Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate and provides someone's employer information about his or hers marital status, the number of withholding allowances and any additional amount to use when a person deducts federal income tax from the employee's pay.

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This Form gets filled because the IRS requires people to pay taxes on their income gradually throughout the year. If someone has too little tax withheld, he or she could owe a surprisingly large sum to the IRS in April, plus interest and penalties for underpaying taxes during the year.

irs form W-4

Instructions to Fill out IRS Form W-4

Step 1: Launch PDFelement, open the IRS Form W-4 by dragging and dropping it into the program.

fill out irs form W-4

Step 2: Fill out the "Personal Allowances Worksheet" part for your records.

fill out irs form W-4
  • One allowance is claimed if no one else claims person as a dependent. He or she should enter “1” (A).
  • Second allowance is claimed if a person is single and has only one job, if a person is married but spouse does not work or if wages from a second work or a spouse earns amounts $1500 or less. In one of these cases, a person should enter "1" (B).
  • One allowance is claimed if a person has a spouse (C), but this answer should be avoided if a person has more than one job, or if he or she is married to a spouse who also works. If there is any depended, one allowance is also claimed (D).
  • One allowance is also claimed if a person files as the head of the household i.e. if one is unmarried and pays more than 50% of the costs of keeping up a home. In this case, a person should enter “1” (E).
  • If a person has at least $2000 of a child or depended care expenses, he or she should enter appropriate number. (F).
  • Allowances can be claimed for eligible children who depend on a person’s income (G).
  • At the end, all the numbers should be added together (H).
  • If a person is married, have more than one job, will itemize or claim tax credits, he or she should fill two other worksheets.

Step 3: Fill the part of "Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate". Line 6 on IRS Form W-4 demands a person to state an additional amount withheld from a paycheck. This should be filled if the number of allowances on line H is likely to result in employer's withholding too little tax over the course of the year. This may happen if a person receives a significant income reported on a Form which is used for interest, dividends or self-employment income. Also, this line should be filled if a person had to use the second page of the personal allowances worksheet.

irs form W-4 instructions

Step 4: Complete other information on page 2.

irs form W-4

More IRS Form W-4 Instructions

  • IRS Form W-4 worksheets are not to be given to the employer. If a person has income from two jobs at the same time, only one set of worksheets should be completed and split allowances for each job.
  • All allowances can be claimed only with one employer.
  • If an applicant and a spouse are employed and expect to file a joint return, they should divide total allowances. If they want to file separate returns, they should use separate worksheets.
  • An employer cannot repay any of the tax previously withheld, but can repay the amount that was incorrectly withheld.
  • Person can claim exemption from withholding for the current year only if he or she had a right to a refund of all federal income tax withheld because of no tax liability or if a person expects a refund to be withheld because he or she expects to have no tax liability.

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