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IRS Form 1040A is used in the filing of individual tax returns. It is mostly used by individuals who have varied incomes and are also looking to take a number of dedications.

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irs form 1040a

Filling Instructions for IRS Form 1040A

Step 1: Open IRS Form 1040A with PDFelement, check all the parts of the form and make sure what details you should provide.

Enter address into the address section that is at the top of the form. The next thing is to fill your marital status. After you fill the marital status, come on the next stage. You will need to Check 6th box (a & b), if not someone else can allege you on their taxes. Provide your name, SSN, and your relationship of each dependent. You will need to mention the total numbers of exemptions you avail on 6th line part.

fill out irs form 1040a

Step 2: On the 7th line, you will need to mention your salaries, gross wages and tips. Also attach the statement of wages and tax with W-2. On 8th line part A, enter the taxable interest you have and mention the exemption of a Tax on 8th line par B. Come on the 9th line and mention the ordinary dividends enter your ordinary dividends with the qualified dividends. Now, Come on the page 22 of W-2, here you need to enter your capital gain.

instruction for irs form 1040a

Step 3: Enter your IRA distributions on line 11a, and the taxable amount on 11b. Now, you need to mention the annuities and pension on 12th line part A and also the Taxable amount on the 12th line part b. On 13th line, enter the unemployment compensation of you, if you have any. On the 14th line, mention all of your Social Security Benefits. Also enter the taxable amount on the 14th line part b. To get your total income, you need to add line 7 and line 14th; this will be your total income. On the 16th line, you will need to enter your Educator expenses. This part is for teachers only.

irs form 1040a

Step 4: Now, mention your IRA deduction on the 17th line. You will need to enter student loan interest on 18th line and you can configure this from 28th page. To write the answer of 19th line, you will have to configure your Tuition fee deduction from the form 8917, you can do this by using your secondary tuition and fees that you have paid during that year. Now, you need to add the 16th and 19th lines and get the answer, Write the answer on 20th line, this will be your total adjustment.

Step 5: To get the answer of 21th line, you will have to subtract 20th line from 15th line and write the answer on 15th. This way you will get your adjusted Gross income. Now come on the 2nd page of W-2, enter your SSN and your full name. On the 22th line, you will need to enter the amount that you get from 21th line. If you are older than 65 years an also your spouse, then you need to check the boxes you see on 23th line part A an also enter the total. If you are filing the form separately but you are married then check the box 23b.

fill out irs form 1040a

Step 6: Figure your standard deduction, that you can do from the chart and then enter the result on 24th line. To get the answer o 25th line, you need to subtract the 24th line from 22nd. Enter the resulted amount on 27th line. Now come on 26th page, now you will have to enter your personal education on 28th line. To get the answer of 27th line, you need to subtract the 26th line from 25th line and enter the answer on 27th line. If you have Dependent Child Care Expenses then mention this on 29th line.

Step 7: Now come on 30th line and enter the disables or elderly credit. On the 31st line, you need to enter education credit and attach the form 8863. Now, there is a page 32 in front of you, you need to enter the Child Tax credit. Also attach the form 8901. On the 33rd line you will have to mention Retirement Savings contributions credit. Also attach the form 8880. When you add the lines from 29 to 33, you will get the total credits. Just enter the total credit on 34th line.

Step 8: When you see that 34th line is greater than 28th line, after subtraction, mention Zero on 35th line. On the 9th box of W-2 Wage and Tax statement, mention the earned income credit payment. You will get your total tax after adding 35th and 36th lines; enter the total on 37th line. On the 38th line of W-2 you need to mention your Federal Income Tax Withheld. Enter the estimated tax payment and amount of the last year on line 39. Enter the Earned income credit on 41 lines. On the 42n line you need to mention your additional child tax credit, also attach form 8812. Now, you need to Add 38, 39, 40a, and 41 lines, you will get your total payments and mention them on line 42. Now, you need to Subtract 42nd from 37th line. If you find the 42nd line bigger than line 37, then 43rd line is your overpayment.

instruction for irs form 1040a

Step 9: Mention the amount you want as a refund on 44a.For 44b, enter the account and routing number for a single deposit. You can mention the amount of refund that you are expecting next year on 45th line. Mention the tax amount you owe on 46th line, in case if 37th line is larger than 42nd. To check the status of your Tax that if it is penalty or not, check page 53.Mention this in line 47. At the end you need to Sign the signature lines. .

irs form 1040a

Tips and Warnings for Form 1040A

  • It is important that you pay very close attention when filling this form. Making mistakes in this form can result in your refund being delayed. One of the best ways to ensure accuracy is by filling online using Wondershare PDFelement.
  • In the event that the excess amount that you have paid to the IRs or the amount that you have not paid to them is quite large, it would be wise for you to file a form W-4 with your employer to make adjustments on the amount of income tax that is deducted from your pay.
  • To protect yourself from identity theft, ensure that both you and your employer closely guard your social security number.

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