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IRS Form 944:Fill it with the Most Reliable Form Filler

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IRS Form 944 is to be filled by employers. It has been well designed to ensure that the small employers with an annual withheld federal income tax, Medicare and social security liability of a maximum of $1000 get to pay the respective taxes just once a year.

A Good Solution to the Filling of IRS Form 944

Available for you now is Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. This is your top notch solution to fast, easy and convenient filling of your Form 944.

PDFelement is basically a program that allows you to modify PDF documents. This program can help you to fill the Form 944 online. It has a number of very good features that contribute to making it such a good program and these include:

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irs form 944

Filling Instructions for IRS Form 944

Step 1: Ensure that you have a legitimate IRS Form 944 from your nearest government agency or from a tax preparation office. Then open it by using PDFelement for filling in the rest of the details.

fill out irs form 944

Step 2: Start by filling Part I of the form. In this part you get to declare all your totals. You will need to give totals of your wages, tips and other compensation. Sick pays that have been paid off by a third party also ought to be included here. This should however only be included if the third party gave you sufficient notice.

instruction for irs form 944

Next you should declare the total federal income tax that is withheld from the wages, tips and other compensations. You should include all that you withheld or were supposed to withhold but do not include any tax that was withheld by a third party who made payment for a sick pay.

You should then key in the total of social security and Medicare tips and wages that are subject to income tax. In the event that there are none, make sure that the box on line 3 is checked then move onto line 5.

You should then make a declaration of the total taxes in line 5 before adjustments, then enter the current year's adjustments and the total tax after adjustments in line 6 and 7. After that, you need to report all the deposits that you have made for the year; be sure to include any overpayments that might have been made.

For the Balance due, in the event that there is one, enter the figure in line 11. This will be required if the figure in line 7 is more than that in line 8. However, in the event that the figure in line 8 is more than that in line 7, this amount to an overpayment and you will need to key this in line 12.

Step 3: In the Part 2, you will need to provide information on your deposit schedule and tax liability for the year. Please make sure that you are as accurate as possible.

Step 4: For Part 3, you get to give information on your business. Again, make sure that you are as honest as possible. Do not portray your business as closed down when it is actually operating and other such like issues.

irs form 944

Step 5: This requires you to complete Part 4 which gives consent to the IRS to talk to the third party designee that you have provided.

Step 6: Part 5 requires your completing of the form and appending your signature on the form. The signature that will be appended here depends on the legal form of the business. For sole proprietorships, the sole owner should sign. For corporations, the signature should be appended by either the president, vice president or other principal officer. For the single member LLCs, the signature should be that of the owner. In the case of estates and trusts, the fiduciary should sign.

fill out irs form 944

Step 7: Finally, write a money order or check and send it to the IRS to clear your tax dues.

Tips and Warnings for Form 944

  • When to File: The 2015 Form 944 should be filed BY February 1st, 2016. However for employers who managed to make all their deposits for the taxes in good time can file by the 10th of February, 2016.
  • Where to File: For business with no principal place or legal address in the United States, the filing should be done with the Internal Revenue Service. However for those that do, the filing should be done with the Department of treasury.
  • Avoiding all the interests and penalties that are associated with eth Form 944 is a very easy thing to do; meeting deadlines is the key. Make sure that your deposits are made on time and your filing of the form is done on time. Ensure that the reporting of your tax liability is also done accurately and that all the information provided in the forms that you attach is accurate. Last but not least, when making the tax payments, submit checks that are valid and that you actually have money in the account.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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