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IRS Form 4868: Fill it Right to File Tax Form

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IRS Form 4868 is tax extension that is given for the individuals who report their income to IRS. This may include 1099 filed contractors, 1040 filler taxpayers and LLCs single members and other.

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Instructions for How to Complete IRS Form 4868

To fill a form, first import it by clicking Forms>Import, then select the FDF file, from the small window that will open up. Once you have selected the form, it will open on your desktop. Now you can fill it with all the necessary details. This includes:

Your Name and address in the Identification part. If your tax plan is joint, then you need to add your partner’s names too as that too are expected to be appeared.

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Part I: Identification(Your Personal details)

Enter your Personal details in Line 1. This includes your name and address. There are few things that you need to know when filling this part:

1.Entering your address in part 1 will result in tax extensions being sent to that number. In case you are hired by someone and act as an agent or you have hired someone to take care of your tax extension, then you have to mention it in the application part 1.

2.In case you have changed your name that was given on your last tax return, you need to ensure that you have informed Social Security Administration (SSA) first before filling IRS Form 4868. This will help you to save time by avoiding all the unnecessary delays.

3.You are also expected to notify IRS about the change in the address since your last tax return. You may use IRS Form 8822 for this purpose. Writing your latest address in the Form 4868 will not update any records.

If you have a joint return, then mention your name and your spouse, enter Your Social Security Number in Line 2 and 3.

If you are applying jointly, then enter SSN of your spouse in Line 3. In case you are a resident alien or a Social Security Number is not there for you or you are not legally eligible to get a Social Security Number, and then you can enter your Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). As it is needed to pay your income tax return, you need to apply Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).

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Part 2: Individual Income Tax

You can round off the cents into a whole dollar bill when you fill a IRS form 4868. If you have decided to do so, then make sure that you have done in the whole application

Enter Tax Liability in line 4

Fill in Line four with estimated total tax liability. You need to provide this exactly the same value as this will be used on the tax return (one of the following forms): Form 1040, Form 1040EZ, Form 1040-SS, Form 1040NR-EZ, Form 1040NR, Form 1040-PR and Form 1040A.

Enter your total payment in Line 5. This will include all the money that is withheld by your company and the estimated tax payment. Line 6 is to enter the tax amount that is unpaid by you. You can find it by reducing the value in line 5 from the 4th line. And Line 7 is needed to be filler with the amount that you are willing to pay IRS along with the application.

Line 8 is to be checked if you are living outside of the Puerto Rico and the United States of America’s international boundaries on the original due date.

Line 9 is to be checked if the due date is mid-June and still you are yet to receive your wages that federal income that has withheld.

fill irs form 4868

Tips and Warnings for IRS Form 4868

  • You need to fill an Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers along with the form if you are a resident alien or didn’t have a Social Security Number (SSN) or is not eligible to get one or you are a non-resident.
  • When filling out of the form, you are allowed to convert all the cents to a whole dollar bill.
  • In case you had moved away from the address that you had used when you did the last tax return application, and then you have to use IRS Form 8822. Form 4868 will not update any official data because you have provided a new address in it.
  • For "Taxpayers Who Are Out of the Country" or if you go out of the country on a regular basis on the due date of the tax return, you can check the box in Line 8 of part 2 of the application. Before checking it, you need to read the instructions and the definition carefully.
  • You can check the box in the line 9 if you haven’t received any wage that is subject to withhold the tax and your return is on the 15th day of the 6th month after the tax year end.
  • The total payment you enter in the form will appear on IRS Form 1040, 1040EZ, 1040A, 1040-PR, 1040NR, 1040-SS or 1040NR-EZ.

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