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Instructions to Fill in IRS Form 2106

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The form 2106 is the Department of Treasury, Internal Revenue Service Form known as the Employee Business Expenses Form. It is made up of 2 parts with fillable columns A and B where you are required to fill the corresponding information.

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irs form 2106

Instructions for How to Complete IRS Form 2106

The IRS Form 2106 is a 2 page form. Filling the IRS form 2016 is not a difficult task. However, you will need to follow instructions in order to get it right. The following step by step instructions will guide you in filling the form appropriately.

Step 1: Download the IRS Form 2106 and the filling instructions online or obtain for the Internal Revenue Service.

fill out irs form 2106

Step 2: Enter your name and your occupation in which you incurred the expenses. Also enter your social security number.

Step 3: Start with Part I, the Employee Business Expenses and Reimbursement part. Enter your expenses in step 1 in the columns where applicable. However, note that one of the columns either the "Other than meals and Entertainment" and "Meals and Entertainment" is expected to fill at a time. For example, enter the vehicle expense from line 22 or line 29 in Column A of Line 1. Travel fees, parking expenses and business expenses for line 2,3 and 4 respectively should be entered in corresponding lines in column A. For line 5, meal and entertainment expenses, write it in Column B.

Line 6 is the total expenses. Therefore add lines 1 through 4 in Column A and enter the result but in Column B, enter the amount on Line 5. In step 2 of part I, enter the reimbursement received from your employer from expenses listed in step 1 of part I and figure expenses to deduct in schedule A form 1040 or 1040NR. This would be done on line 8 and line 9 while line 10 will be the total amount of line 9 on both columns.

irs form 2106 instructions

Step 4: Complete Part II-Vehicle Expenses. There are 4 sections. On section A, you must complete the section if you are claiming vehicle expenses. Enter the date the vehicle was placed in service and total mile the vehicle was driven during 2015 on lines 11 and 12 respectively. On line 13, enter the business mile included on line 12. Divide line 13 by line 12 to get the business use and write it on line 14. Lines 15, 16, 17 capture the average daily commuter round trip, commuting miles included on line 12 and other miles respectively. For lines 18, 19,20 and 21, read the questions tick a yes or no answer in the checkbox.

Step 5: The Standard Mileage Rate, the actual expenses, and depreciation of vehicle figures in the 2106 form is expected to be filled from No 23 to 38. You need to see the instructions for part II to find out whether to complete this section or Section C. However, multiply line 13 by 57.5 cents and enter the result on line 22 and on line 1.

irs form 2106

Step 6: Complete the section C of part II which is the actual expenses of vehicle 1 and vehicle 2. Expenses include gasoline, oil, repairs, vehicle insurance and rentals. Enter the corresponding values for each of them from lines 23 to 29.

Step 7: For section D- Depreciation of Vehicles, you are expected to complete this section if you owned the vehicle and are completing the section C for the vehicle. However, see instructions to complete for lines 30 through 38.

fill out irs form 2106

Tips and Warnings for IRS Form 2106

  • Like every other IRS forms, it is important to ensure the credibility and authenticity of your information supplied in the form. Any wrong or incomplete information may lead to serious consequences. You are liable for all information filled on your IRS form 2106.
  • Filling your IRS Form 2106 on PDFelement form filler software is safe and your valuable information will remain confidential on the platform.
  • Ensure you read, understand and follow all the filling instructions on the form 2106. This would help you avoid unintended mistakes that may render your form invalid.
  • The Wondershare team has a robust support service to help you get your issues sorted out in case if you run into any hitch when filling your form 2106 with the PDFelement software. Just contact the customer support and get a prompt response.

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