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How to Take Notes on iPhone 13

iPhone 13 is in the market, and Apple lovers are going insane. With the new features and benefits, iPhone 13 is enticing people globally. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology users prefer updated versions of their smartphones to remove physical storage and data processing.

There are multiple benefits of electronic notes. It is because we have smartphones with us every second of our time. One can note down essential pointers from the workplace, scheduled interviews, and to-do things. There is no need to look for sticky notes and papers whenever something has to be put down. Take notes on iPhone13 and make your life effortless.

The article offers a detailed insight into the need to take notes from iPhone 13 and practical tips to perform the process viably. The concern of how to take notes on iPhone 13 shall also be addressed in this write-up through a versatile PDF editor -PDFelement.

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Part 1: Effective Usage of Notes on iPhone 13

Human mind questions and inquiries about new things that are out of the box. It helps them understand their usage and needs. Before using the Notes app on iPhone 13, it is mandatory that one comprehends its different use cases and compares how problems are being handled presently. The section presents the reasons for taking notes on iPhone or iPad.

usage of notes in daily life

Making Memorandum

Most businesses and firms set out daily and weekly memorandums to be in sync with the operations going on. It helps in reporting information, making a request, or recommending an action that is due. Tips of take notes on iPhone 13 involve using the best use of the Notes app for one's productivity.

Designing Checklists

We are surrounded by different types of checklists and to-do lists, and we stand nowhere without them. We need iPhone 13 to make the process handy, from tasks to training checklists and troubleshooting to coordination checklists. A grocery to-do list can also be designed weekly and monthly through Notes.

Save Important Photos and Directions

Notes are not always words, checklists, to-do lists, and descriptions. It comprises personal pictures, receipts, and even bank accounts. The user can take notes on iPhone13 by saving necessary directions from Maps or store links accessed periodically. If you are a cop, you might need a criminal sketch pinned down on the top of the Notes app.

Editing and Annotating

To take notes on iPhone13, it is crucial to consider the need for editing it. One of the most practical usages of Notes in iPhone 13 is that the user can annotate the critical section of the notes, description, or sensitive information using annotation tools. In addition, comments can be added to recall what concerns need to be addressed during the lecture in the thesis report.

Sharing Access to Others

Being an adult is not easy, and one has to share the responsibilities with their better half, siblings, friends, and roommates. Be it a tour to Greenland, a trip to a local grocery store, or birthday surprise elements for a friend; one requires Notes. The user can give access to relevant people as they edit it based on pending and completed tasks.

Part 2: Handful Tips of Take Notes on iPhone 13

The Notes app built-in iPhone 13 has been updated so that the whole process of recording lists and necessary items becomes flexible. Tips of take notes on iPhone 13 are essential to study to take advantage of improved and new features of iPhone 13. The section covers workable tricks and tips to take notes on iPhone13.

Gallery Preview

iPhone 13 gives the user liberty to change the outlook of their Notes folders and individual notes. Use “Gallery View” to display the folders in a descending order where the title and initial words will be shown. One is even free to lock their Notes whenever they want to.

iphone 13 notes gallery view

Notes Formatting and Organization

Take notes on iPhone13 is one thing, but their organization is another. It is vital to make the Notes visually appealing and better organized. To do so, use headings, checklists, unique fonts, bullets, and even colors. In addition to this, Apple allows you to pin the most important note so accessing them wouldn’t be complex.

organize your notes

Attachment of Photos and Videos

One of the good tips of take notes on iPhone 13 is its ability to attach photos and videos with the Notes. It means that iPhone 13 has done a great job in helping the users express themselves through pictures. The image can include a salary slip, bank statement, account information, or random imagery of groceries.

attach photos and videos in notes

Dark View Mode of Notes

Most creative professionals and business tycoons work at night instead of the day. As the day breaks, they come into action. Their work requires constant notes taking which is when iPhone 13 Notes take the rank. Activate the dark mode to keep handling chores while protecting eyes.

dark mode of ios 15 notes

Attaching Maps in Notes

Take notes on iPhone13 by attaching other kinds of files other than photos and videos. One is free to insert a location from Maps in Notes to be launched on the go. Keeping important places saved in the Notes app plays a crucial role in bringing directions whenever needed.

attach maps locations in notes

Effortless Preview of Attachments

In most scenarios, people prefer to see all their attachments in one place. It helps in enhancing the efficiency and navigation of the process. Another Tip of take notes on iPhone 13 revolves around viewing all attachments by hitting the “ellipsoid” icon on the Notes app.

view all iphone notes attachment

Editing and Viewing Permission

Additionally, another practical tip to take notes on iPhone 13 is to control the folder permissions. It all comes down to the file owner if he allows other people to edit or view them only. It means that you can share the file with relevant people around you but giving them editing permission is based on their credibility.

edit the notes permission on ios 15

Part 3: PDFelement- A Versatile PDF Editor

How to take notes on iPhone 13 has become a burning question these things as the new iPhone model created a storm in the industry. It is necessary to review similar tools that would make notes making an exceptional experience. A versatile and feasible PDF Editor, allow me to introduce you to PDFelement.

PDFelement is an affordable PDF editor that presents ease of workflow, protection of documents, and navigation of files from one document to another. Be it a reading process, a review of EIA, or a business contract, PDFelement lets the user annotate, add comments, and extract specific portions of the document. With that, it does a phenomenal job as your note-taking tool.

If you want to know more about the features of PDFelement to take notes on iPhone13 effortlessly, follow our lead.

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Creating and Supporting Documents

PDFelement permits the user to create blank PDFs with one tap of a (+) button. More importantly, you can scan multiple pictures or pages to turn them into a single PDF document. This mesmerizing software for iOS also lets the user import different files or photos and convert them into PDF format.

create new pdfs on pdfelement

File Organization

File organization has become an enjoyable experience for iPhone users. With PDFelement in the frame, you are free to create folders to be accessed in time. Moreover, optimize, add, delete files and pages to tailor the data storage according to your command.

make new folders to organize files

Facile File Searching

Wondershare PDFelement has changed the perspective when it comes to finding needed files immediately. The interface of this workable tool lets the user type in specific keywords so that the search system can be efficient and effortless. One can find documents, images, and other relevant stuff. Tap the “All” option to run a search comprising all parameters.

search feature of pdfelement

Extensive Annotation Tools

Highlight, strikethrough, and underline particular sections of the documents and notes to make the reading experience worthwhile. PDFelement makes sure that the users have flexible navigation and scrolling among different pages to insert comments and sticky notes. These extensive annotation tools are valuable for students, entrepreneurs, professors, bookworms, and writers.

annotate your digital document

Final Words

The 24 hours in a day look insufficient as the workload has reached new heights. It becomes tough to keep multiple things in our mind, and often one slips out explicitly. Therefore, the need for notes cannot be undermined.

If you are a single mother and have to bring groceries or a 14-year teen to go on a tour and purchase the supplies, notes are needed. Moreover, if you are a manager and need to supervise your subordinates, you might need a Notes app to do so effectively. It is always reasonable to note down the performance of different employees under pressure.

Take notes on iPhone13 to make the whole process hassle-free. The user is free to use PDFelement and enjoy its numerous features and always stay updated.