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How to Insert Watermark in Word

2021-11-29 13:57:12 • Filed to: MS Word Features • Proven solutions

Watermarks are those pictures or text that are behind the text of a word document but are not removable. Watermarks comes into play when a person intends to make a document unique or show the status of the document. You can easily insert watermark in Word and this should not become a problem if you have read about how to insert watermark in Word. However, due to the different versions of word, this article will show how to insert watermark in Word 2016 as well as other lower versions like 2010.

Steps to Insert Watermark in Word

The question is how do you insert a watermark in word? The step by step guide below will show how to insert watermark Word 2013 and above plus how to insert watermark in Word 2007 and 2010.

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Click on "Design" tab.
  3. Under the background menu, go to "Watermark".
  4. Check a gallery containing different watermarks, choose the type of watermark you want to insert by clicking on it and this will reflect on all the pages.
insert watermark in word

To insert customer watermark, the following steps apply:

  1. Click "Design" and choose "Watermark".
  2. Click on "Custom Watermark".
  3. Choose the "Text watermark" option.
  4. Set up layout, font, color, size, text and font of the watermark.
  5. Click "OK" to apply.

With the steps above, custom watermark will be inserted on all pages of your document.

how to insert watermark in word

Due to the variation in Word versions, the steps are a little bit different if you want to learn how to insert watermark in Word 2010 and 2007.

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Choose "Page Layout" tab.
  3. From the page background group, select "Watermark".
  4. Choose any of the watermark that is in the gallery to apply to your document.

With these steps above, all your documents would bear the watermark you have inserted to the word file.

insert watermark in word 2016

Advantages of PDF Document

Portable Document Format known as PDF needs no introduction. It is now being widely used all over the world to share and transmit documents online. It is a creation of Adobe and it has been embraced by a lot of businesses, organizations and even government offices because it offers a lot of advantages over other types of document formats including word. For instance, the United States of America is one of the biggest users of PDF technology. This can be seen from their federal courts using PDF as their file formats in their electronic documents to the Internal Revenue Service issuing tax forms in PDF formats.

The advantage of PDF is that it is more secured when compared to other file formats because you can always apply password protection on the file to prevent any unauthorized editing, printing and handling of the documents. Besides, it is very portable and this means that it can save a lot of storage space especially in big organizations where every little space is needed.

But one thing that must be understood about PDF is that it cannot be edited like other file formats. For example, you can insert watermark in Word 2007 from word document but you will need a PDF editor to edit a PDF file. While there are a lot of PDF editors to choose from with the capability to work on your PDF, one of the best in this category is PDFelement. PDFelement is fast becoming the best PDF editor of choice for most people because of its numerous benefits and features. Many professionals are migrating to the PDFelement for a lot of reasons:

  • Affordability: If you consider that Adobe is a good PDF editor one thing that could scare you away is the price. However, with PDFelement, a lot of people can now get the quality of Adobe but at a fraction of the price making it one of the most cost effective editors in the market.
  • Compatibility: PDFelement creates PDFs that are compatible with all PDF viewers on virtually any device. You can simply create PDF from over 300 file formats and print to PDF from almost any application.
  • Features: PDFelement boasts of topnotch features like smarter and faster editing, annotation, digital signature and password protection application and many more.
insert watermark in word 2013

Steps to Insert Watermark in PDFs

Step 1: Open PDF File

Launch PDFelement and import PDF file. Go to "Open File" button to select the file.

how to insert watermark in word 2013

Step 2: Insert Watermark in PDF

Select "Edit" tab, then "Watermark" >"New Watermark" from the submenu. From the new window showing, choose the watermark you want and then specify the watermark location.

insert watermark in word 2010

Step 3. Advanced Settings

If you need to enhance the size, placement and appearance, click on "Advanced Settings". Click on "OK".

how to insert watermark in word 2007

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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