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Top 5 Signature App for iPad/iPhone 13

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2023-04-13 17:06:35 • Filed to: Signature Solutions • Proven solutions

Appending a signature on documents can be a tedious task. You engage in this chore by waiting for a document to be delivered via the letterbox or for it to be printed out from an email, or by physical signing the paper, after which you can then scan the signed document and send it back as an email or by posting it. However, in todays’ world of constant connectivity and digital evolution, signing documents in this manner is archaic. Now is the time for you to embrace a much easier and more productive option — signature app for iPhone or iPad.

Best 5 Signature App for iPad/iPhone

1. PDFelement for iOS

PDFelement for iOS is among the best mobile signature app for iOS 13/12/11/10/9/8/7. The tool offers its users a lot of amazing beneficial features including iOS app signature and these functionalities are more than just PDF signature addition. With this best signature app for iPhone, you can smoothly edit your text, as well as convert your document, to PDF. This offering is specifically great if you are trying to convert a file in Word format to PDF. It also exports file in formats like html, Excel, Word PowerPoint, image and others.

ios signature app
best signature app for iphone

PDFelement for iOS lets you annotate text, and you will be able to highlight and strikethrough words. The signature app for iPhone is your perfect tool if you want to transfer a physical item to your device. To do this, simply take a picture of the item you want to transfer to the app; then scan it into this program. Furthermore, as you include more documents to PDFelement, you can organize them in any order you want. Certainly, this app is one of the best signature app for iPad and iPhone users.

ios signature app

2. DocuSign

DocuSign is indeed a top-rated mobile signature app as it claims to have 200 million users around the world. This iOS signature app is easy to use and lets you sign documents quickly and smoothly. You would enjoy the user-friendliness of DocuSign due to its range of integrations with platforms such as Windows, Apple, Google, and SalesForce. This iPad signature app offers advanced security with the aid of strong encryption technologies; it also uses industry best practices to protect user information it handles.

ipad signature app

3. Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is an iOS signature app produced by one of the biggest companies in the software design industry, Adobe. This signature app for iPhone provides many features and functionality to users. It has both the mobile and web versions, allowing you use your electronic signature easily when away from your workplace. Adobe Sign has an authentication service, which makes sure the signature applied to essential documents abide by basic legal compliance. Also, it lets you personalize your e-signature.

signature app for iphone

4. Secured Signing

This is also one of the best digital signature apps for iPhone and iPad users and is a more cost-effective solution than the 2 iPad signature apps mentioned above. Secure Signing is cloud-based; this implies you can smoothly access and make use of your e-signature from a mobile device, desktop, or laptop. It offers impressively massive amount additional services such as a video confirmation feature, document negotiation functionality, among many others.

mobile signature app

5. eSignLive

Do you desire endorsements from some popular names? A number of famous companies use this mobile signature app. Some of these big names are BMW, IBM, the US Army, etc. However, this does not mean the signature app for iPhone is only useful for large businesses; it is also great for small firms as well. You would enjoy its workflow, which user-friendly and optimized, across devices and personnel. You can use eSignLive on a private or public cloud, in your computing infrastructure only or within an integration of the three. It is flexible and highly secure software.

best signature app for ipad

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