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Top 5 Signature App for Mac(macOS 10.14 Included)

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The truth is that signing documents is just unnecessarily stressful even though it does not look like it. The reason is that you will have to print out the document, sign it, scan it and then send it to the recipient. If you put these processes in context of time value, you will find out that it is almost a waste of time when compared to the use of electronic signature app for mac in document signing. For those mac fans, there are top 5 signature app for Mac(macOS 10.14 Included) that you can use.

Best 5 Signature App for Mac

1. PDFelement for Mac

The first on the list of top 5 signature app for mac is PDFelement for Mac. This is one of the best digital signature apps for macOS 10.14 you can get for yourself or business due to the fact that it comes with a lot of benefits that may not be present in other apps. Signing documents is just easy on this platform as the complexity level on this platform is just very low. This means no matter the level of your computer skills, you can comfortably sign documents using PDFelement for Mac.

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Apart from being easy to use, it is affordable and robust. Other features of this great tool include the ability to annotate and edit PDFs smarter and faster like never before. With PDFelement for Mac, you can also convert and create PDFs to and from other file formats.

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2. DocuSign

This signature app for Mac needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular electronic signature app for Mac that is well used by a lot of people all over the world. With this tool, you can easily sign full range of documents without having to install the software. DocuSign makes your work process flow better and eliminates the need for unnecessary paper systems that tend to drag down productivity. It has different pricing plans and all users need to do is to find the pricing plan that best suits them. There is no doubt that DocuSign is one of the best electronic signature app for macOS 10.14.

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3. eSignLive

For Mac users, eSignLive has proven to be one of the best signature app for Mac(macOS 10.14 included). Like PDFelement and DocuSign, eSignLive allows you to easily sign documents even when you do not have great computer skills. eSignLive is also very secured due to the fact that it offers some extra layer of authentication which will guarantee that you documents are safe. It is important to note that documents signed under this platform are considered authentic and legally binding and enforceable. For this reason, you can use it to sign legal documents like contract papers and this is why eSignLive is being used by quite a number of top companies. The not too good aspect of eSignLive is the fact that unlike PDFelement and DocuSign, it is not actually flexible when it comes to pricing.

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4. Adobe Sign

There is no doubt that the name Adobe needs no introduction. As long as PDF and any other digital related thing is concerned, Adobe has been at the froe front of delivering quality service to users even though it might be expensive. With Adobe Sign, you can easily sign all kinds of document and improve workflow and productivity. For instance, it has a feature that can allow you collect the signatures of multiple signers and organize them in such a way that they are well placed on the document. The good thing about Adobe Sign is that it caters for a wide variety of electronics signature areas from business to legal no matter the size. Without doubt, it is easier and faster and is confidently one of the top signature app for Mac.

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5. eSign Genie

This is another top signature app for Mac but may not be well known like the PDFelement and Adobe Sign. However, it can be used to sign legally binding signatures on PDF and word documents. It is a secure platform and provides good value for money. However, one of the issues of the tool is that it supports only the English language unlike some other top signature apps that support a variety of languages.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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