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How to Disable Password in PDF Easily

A highly recommended task is to add passwords to protect and ensure that PDFs will not be viewed or modified by anyone. This task has become increasingly popular and is part of many users who want to lock their content. However, what happens when we no longer want this added security? There are different factors for which it is desirable to remove the password in a PDF, a straightforward task to achieve, and you can do that through several alternatives.

Part 1. How to Disable Password in PDF with PDFelement

If you need to disable a password in a PDF file, the most recommended option is through PDFelement, professional software that will help you accomplish this task in seconds. This practical application will remove the password from any PDF document and save it as a new file to preserve the original.

Next, I will show you how to comply with this process in Windows and Mac. Make sure you have your password at hand so that you can carry out this task faster:

Disable Password in PDF on Windows

Step 1: Open your PDF document

Run PDFelement; click “Open file” from the main window and select the file you want to disable its password; then enter the password to access the information of you PDF.

open pdf files

Step 2: Select the password options

Go to the “Protect” tab, and from the options, click “Set Password.”

set the password

Step 3: Delete passwords

You will see this window display. Uncheck the squares next to “Open Password” and “Permission Password.” You will see the boxes will become grey; this confirms that the document has no password anymore.

delete passwords

Step 4: Confirm changes

After disabling the passwords in your PDF, click the “Save” button to keep the changes.

confirm changes

Step 5: Save your PDF file

Once you have made and confirmed changes, click the “File” tab, and from the drop-down list, select “Save As,” save your PDF to the desired location and now you will have your document with no password.

save pdf files

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Disable Password in PDF on Mac

If you have a Mac, the procedure is a little different but just as simple, and you just have to do the following:

Step 1: Enter the password of your PDF file

Run PDFelement and open the file. The app will ask you to enter the password, write it, and you will be able to save a new version of the document without restrictions.

enter the password of pdf

Step 2: Remove security

Go to the “File” tab, and from the drop-down list, click “Remove Security.” This action will automatically disable the password of your document.

remove security

Step 3: Confirm and save

PDFelement will display a dialog box with the phrase “Removal completed successfully.” Now you can save your file as a new one and store it on the location of your choice.

confirm and save

Did you notice how easy it was to disable passwords on your PDF? Whether you use Windows or Mac, the best option is PDFelement, thanks to the fact that it is professional software that will provide you with security and efficiency to fulfil tasks like this and many more.

Part 2. How to Disable Password PDF Online with HiPDF

An online alternative can help you remove passwords in a PDF; it is HiPDF and complying with this process is very simple. Here I will share the steps to do it:

Step 1: Open the “Unlock PDF” tool

Go to the HiPDF official page, and from the listed options, select “Unlock PDF” on the lower right part of your screen.

unlock pdf files

Step 2: Upload your PDF file

Click the “Choose File” button and select the PDF document to disable the password.

upload pdf files

Step 3: Unlock PDF

Enter the password of your PDF document and then click “Unlock.” Wait for a few seconds, and HiPDF will remove your file password.

unlock pdf

Step 4: Download the PDF

Click the “Download” button and select the destination to store your file. You can optionally also share your document via e-mail or through a link.

download the pdf

Part 3. Use Adobe Acrobat to Disable Password in PDF

Adobe Acrobat is the application that gave rise to the PDF format, so it is also an excellent option to carry out tasks related to the security of your files, such as deactivating passwords. This task through this application also turns out to be very simple; below, I will show you the steps to complete it:

Step 1: Open your PDF and enter the password

Run Adobe Acrobat and open your PDF file, write the password and click “OK.”

enter the password

Step 2: Go to “Properties”

Click the “File” tab on the upper-left part of your screen; from the drop-down list, select “Properties.”

go to properties

Step 3: Disable security

On this dialogue box, select the “Security” tab, then click the box next to “Security Method” and choose “No Security.”

disable security

Step 4: Confirm changes

Once you change the security method, click “OK” to save changes.

click ok to save change

There is an alternative method to disable the password in your PDF using Adobe Acrobat. This task is more convenient if you keep your original protected file and save a new one without added security. To do this, you must do what I will show you here:

Step 1: Open your file and go to “Print”

Repeat the first step of the last tutorial; now go to the “File” tab and click “Print” from the drop-down list options.

click print

Step 2: Select “Adobe PDF”

Click the box next to “Printer” and select “Adobe PDF” from the list on this dialogue box.

select adobe pdf

Step´3: Click “Print”

Once you select the “Printer” option, click the “Print” button.

click print

Step 4: Save your file

Enter the name of your new file, select the destination and click the “Save” button.

save your file

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Part 4. Use Google Chrome to Disable Password in PDF

If you don't want to download any application and you are also not interested in using an online tool, Google Chrome can quickly help you to remove the password from your PDF; you just need to do the following steps to complete this task:

Step 1: Open your PDF and enter the password

Open your file in Google Chrome and enter the password.

enter the password

Step 2: Click the print icon

Click the print icon located at the upper-right part of your screen.

click the print icon

Step 3: Change destination

On the “Destination” area, click the “Change…” button.

change destination

Step 4: Select “Save as PDF”

Select “Save as PDF” from the “Print Destinations” options, select “Save as PDF.”

select save as pdf

Step 5: Save your PDF

Now you have to save your file. Click “Save” and select the destination to store your PDF.

save your pdf

Part 5. Use Microsoft Edge to Disable PDF Password in Windows 10

Similarly, Microsoft Edge also can help you disable the password of your PDF document. This task is as simple as in Google Chrome; below, I will share the steps to complete it:

Step 1: Open your PDF and enter the password

Open your PDF with Microsoft Edge, enter the password, and click “Open File.”

enter a password

Step 2: Click the print icon

Select the print icon located on the upper-right part of the screen.

click the print icon

Step 3: Select “Save as PDF”

Click the box below “Printer”, and from the options, click “Save as PDF.”

select save as pdf

Step 4: Save PDF

Once you have finished the last step, click “Save” and select the destination.

save pdf

Part 6. Use Preview Application to Disable PDF Password in Mac

If you work with Mac, you can use Preview to remove the password to your PDF. This task, as in the other alternatives, is easy and fast; I will show you below how to complete it:

Step 1: Open your PDF and enter the password

Open the PDF file and write its password.

enter password

Step 2: Select “Export”

Go to the “File” tab, and from the options on the drop-down list, click “Export.”

select export

Step 3: Save your PDF

You will see a dialog box. Edit the name of your file, select the destination and finally click the “Save” button.

save your pdf

As you may have noticed, there are quite a few methods and alternatives to disable the password in your PDF files. In all the options, this task is effortless and does not involve a significant investment of time.

Keep in mind that you must have your original password at hand because it will be impossible to access your document with any of the tutorials shown if you don't have it.

Any options mentioned are effective and will not represent a challenge to accomplish the task. However, some options may be more convenient depending on the number of files you have to remove the password. If you are on your computer or in a foreign one, you are on a device connected to the internet, the operating system you use, among several aspects.


Adding passwords to PDFs will always be a recommended task to keep your files safe, but there may also be times when you want to disable them for greater convenience and better handling of your documents. If you have your password, this task is simple and practical, in addition to the fact that there are many alternatives to complete it. I would recommend using PDFelement since, in addition to helping you remove the password from your PDFs, it will offer you hundreds of tools that you can take advantage of.

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