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As the demands of academic life grow, students often find themselves juggling many tasks that demand their attention. Effectively managing these obligations can be challenging, but the right tools can make all the difference. There are to-do list applications that are designed to streamline tasks and keep students on track.

In this article, we will give you the top to-do list applications tailored to cater to the demands of students' lives. But that's not all. As a bonus, we'll introduce you to PDFelement, a transformative PDF management tool.

In this article
    1. Todoist
    2. TickTick
    3. Microsoft To Do
    4. Things
    5. Google Tasks
    6. Habitica
    7. Any.do
    8. OmniFocus
  1. PDFelement: A Must-Have App for Students

Part 1: Top 8 To-Do List Apps for Students

01of 08Todoist
Todoist interface

Todoist is currently one of the most well-liked to-do lists for students looking to stay on top of their tasks. It balances complexity and capability while performing on virtually every device in use. It provides a digital platform for managing and completing tasks while staying organized and productive.

  • Todoist allows students to dive into task management without a steep learning curve.
  • Todoist assign tasks' importance levels and due dates to prioritize and allocate time efficiently.
  • Todoist categorizes tasks into projects and applies labels for enhanced organization.
  • Todoist has visual analytics to gain insights into task completion history and productivity trends.
  • The full potential of Todoist is unlocked only through its premium subscription.
  • Todoist has some advanced features that might require familiarizing yourself with the app's intricacies.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Todoist receives an outstanding grade of 4.4 out of 5 stars from G2 ratings. The app's visual design and user-friendly interface have consistently earned positive feedback. Here are some of the users' reviews:

Adam H. (Review in Getapp): Overall, I think Todoist is up there with the best. It's a fantastic bit of software that is easy to use but powerful. It has good integrations and is intuitive. Highly recommended.

Wiktor P. (Review on Capterra): I used Todoist for personal and business needs for a few months. Since Todoist did not provide enough integration options, I had to switch to other software.

02of 08TickTick
Ticktick interface

TickTick is a versatile and feature-rich task list software rapidly expanding and providing functionality on virtually any platform. Lists, tags, and due dates can be used to arrange tasks. Furthermore, every task can have subtasks added to it. What's more, is TickTick has a built-in Pomodoro timer that sets it apart from competing applications.

  • TickTick categorizes tasks into projects or folders, making managing different tasks easy.
  • TickTick integrates with various third-party calendars, allowing you to see your tasks in one place.
  • TickTick has a habit-tracking tool that lets you keep track of your task commitments.
  • TickTick has an Eisenhower Matrix view that enables you to categorize tasks according to importance and urgency.
  • More advanced features of TickTick require a premium subscription.
  • TickTick free plans are limited to 9 lists, 99 tasks per list, and 19 subtasks, for each task.

User Reviews and Ratings:

TickTick holds an impressive user rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings, underscoring its value and effectiveness. Here are some of the users' reviews:

Krissy B. (Review on Capterra): TickTick is a feature-rich checklist and task manager. This is a robust checklist and task manager app that does everything I need it to do and more.

Abe M. (Review on Capterra): The free version has limited features. I didn't use the GTD and Pomodoro Technique capabilities as they didn't seem useful for what I was trying to accomplish on a daily basis.

03of 08Microsoft To Do
microsoft interface

Microsoft To Do stands as a prominent contender in task management applications, offering users a seamless experience. Microsoft To Do leverages its integration with the Microsoft system to give users an all-encompassing approach to organizing tasks. If you're a student seeking to harmonize your to-do lists, Microsoft To Do's features elevate your task management experience.

  • Microsoft To Do provides smart suggestions for creating tasks based on previously completed tasks.
  • Microsoft To Do created unique backdrop graphics to quickly identify which list you are viewing.
  • Microsoft To Do's advanced features, such as calendar sync, do not require a paid subscription.
  • Some advanced features integrated with Microsoft may require a subscription to Microsoft 365.
  • Microsoft To Do's full potential is only at its best when used within Microsoft services.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Microsoft To Do boasts an overall user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings, cementing its position as a dependable task management tool. Here are some user reviews:

Ryan N. (Review on GetApp): What would I do without it: very helpful software!!!!! I invested a great deal of time trying out several task management software and Microsoft To Do what is the best!

Pawel (Review on Software Advice): All the basic functionality is there, the synchronization works seamlessly, and the app is visually appealing, but I wouldn't describe the whole experience with the interface as very smooth or extremely intuitive.

04of 08Things
Things interface

Things is a refined to-do list app that exceeds the ordinary. The app's user interface embodies simplicity while providing a canvas for your tasks to flourish. This simplicity doesn't compromise functionality; instead, it ensures that using the app is intuitive. It also integrates well with Apple's system, making it an optimal choice for macOS, iOS, and watchOS users.

  • Things' visually appealing and user-friendly interface makes task management a delightful experience.
  • Things sync tasks seamlessly, ensuring you have access to your to-do lists across devices.
  • Things "Today view" provides a snapshot of tasks scheduled for the day, helping users focus on immediate tasks.
  • While the app is highly optimized for the Apple system, users on other platforms will be limited.
  • Things require app purchases, which might deter users from seeking free alternatives.

User Reviews and Ratings:

Things boast an impressive overall user rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings. Users have consistently praised Things for its minimalist yet powerful approach to task management. Here are more users reviews:

Malinda C. (Review on GetApp): This app has the best balance of features and ease of use that I've found in a task management app. Not to mention it is a great-looking app.

Andrew H. (Review on G2 Ratings): The biggest downfall is the lack of Windows and Android compatibility. This means I can't sync between my personal Apple equipment and my work Windows equipment.

05of 08Google Tasks
Google Task list

Google Tasks is an ideal choice for students seeking a streamlined and effective approach to task management. Its seamless integration into the Google suite of tools caters to users who value simplicity in organizing their tasks. This integration also offers the convenience of syncing tasks effortlessly with their established Google accounts.

  • Google Tasks is accessible across devices, including smartphones, tablets, and web browsers.
  • Google Tasks allow users to easily turn emails into tasks using the Gmail sidebar.
  • Google Tasks lack some advanced features offered by other task management apps.

User Reviews and Ratings: Google Tasks maintains an overall rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings. Its integration with Google services and platform availability are major strengths. Here are some of the users' reviews:

Sarah M. (Review on TrustRadius): Google Task has solved the challenge we had of keeping track of tasks. It has enabled us to be on top of everything that is required to be done.

Michelle R. (Review on Google Play): This is missing almost all of the features that would make it genuinely helpful. I appreciate that it integrates with Google Calendar, but that is it.

06of 08Habitica
Habitica application interface

If you're a student who doesn't find regular to-do lists motivating, Habitica is the perfect app. It turns your tasks into a game, making it fun to work on tasks and collaborate with friends. Setting up your tasks and starting with Habitica might take some time, but it has sections for Habits, Daily Goals, and your To-Do list, helping you get organized quickly.

  • Habitica's playful and interactive design makes it enjoyable for users to track their tasks and habits.
  • Habitica allows users to create and customize avatars that evolve as tasks are completed.
  • Habitica allows users to create challenges to work in groups with shared goals.
  • Habitica includes a traditional task list and to-do functionality alongside habit-forming elements.
  • The gamified approach might not suit everyone, and some users might find the learning curve steeper.
  • Habitica's focus on gamification might not fully satisfy users seeking detailed project management.

User Reviews and Ratings: Habitica has 4.5 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings. Habitica's innovative approach to task management applauds the app's gamification features. Here are some of the users' reviews:

Samantha K. (Review on G2 Ratings): I love how cute, fun, and interactive it is vs. just another to-do-list style app.

Mar S. (Review on Product Hunt): I loved the concept, but it was just too much information for me. It became more of a chore than an act of enjoyment to log my tasks.

07of 08Any.do
Any.do task list

Any.do is an application that simplifies task addition, categorization, and due date assignment. Its seamless integration with Google and Outlook calendars lets you access appointments and tasks in a unified space. If you tend to forget tasks after listing them, this app is a must-have.

  • Any.do support setting reminders and due dates for tasks.
  • Any.do allows users to collaborate with others on tasks and projects.
  • Any.do use voice commands to add tasks for an easy task-creation process.
  • Any.do suggest optimal times to complete tasks based on your Anyhabits and schedule.
  • Any.do's advanced features, such as location-based reminders, are locked behind a subscription.

User Reviews and Ratings: Any.do maintains a 4.1 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings. Some users appreciate the app's simplicity, while others note the value of its collaborative features. Here are some of the users' reviews:

Binigya D. (Review on GetApp): During my short time with this app, I loved its UI the most. It was a delight, adding tasks and checking them off. I also love its seamless transition from desktop to mobile.

Audrey M. (Review on Capterra): It wasn't engaging to interact with. I like that you can cross off tasks, but I don't like how they stay on the list until you delete them, never to be seen again.

08of 08OmniFocus
OmniFocus task list

OmniFocus is highly versatile, developed by David Allen. This Apple-based program is rooted in the Getting Things Done (GTD) philosophy. OmniFocus provides an array of functions that allow you to structure your tasks in various ways, catering to your specific preferences and needs.

  • OmniFocus manages complex projects, allowing users to create detailed subtasks.
  • OmniFocus supports tagging tasks with labels and associating them with specific contexts.
  • OmniFocus integrates with automation tools like Apple Shortcuts to streamline repetitive tasks.
  • OmniFocus provides a Forecast view that combines tasks and a calendar events, offering a holistic view of your day.
  • OmniFocus offers extensive features that might require time to master that might overwhelm users.
  • The app's advanced functionalities come at a premium price point.

User Reviews and Ratings: OmniFocus maintains an impressive overall user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on G2 ratings. Here are some of the users' reviews:

Patrick J. (Review on GetApp): Useable on multiple devices; this is great; you can start to work on any device and continue editing on others smoothly. Flexible setup with project and tagging.

Michael L. (Review on GetApp): Since it's fully tied to the Apple ecosystem, you can't access your to-do's from Android, Windows, etc. - or even a browser which is a severe limitation to some users.

Part 2: PDFelement: A Must-Have App for Students


PDFelement goes beyond its reputation as a mere PDF reader and editor. It's a versatile tool that fits perfectly with students' various needs. PDFelement can be your digital partner for note-taking, adding comments to research papers, and more. Furthermore, a standout feature within the app, the Template Mall, hosts an array of templates. These pre-designed to-do list PDF templates cater to various students' needs, including the to-do lists.

Students can also access their documents seamlessly across Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android platforms. This means that vital documents and task lists are readily available at home, on campus, or on the go.

PDFelement also offers:

  • Annotation Tools: Highlight, comment, and collaborate on PDFs.
  • Form Creation: Easily create, edit, and fill PDF forms.
  • Text Recognition: Convert scanned documents into searchable and editable text.
  • AI-Powered Features: Identifies and extracts relevant information from PDF documents.
  • Template Library: Streamline document creation with a wide range of templates that can be used for various purposes.
  • Cloud Integration: Facilitate collaboration, document sharing, and continuity across devices.
  • Batch Processing: Easily apply changes to multiple documents to make consistent edits across a series of files.


The to-do list apps mentioned above offer tailored solutions for students' task management needs. Alongside these apps, PDFelement emerges as a powerful ally, ensuring students' access to essential documents at their convenience. By integrating these tools into their routines, students can streamline their tasks, manage their academic responsibilities efficiently, and excel in their studies.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 24, 24
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