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Preparing an exam paper always takes longer than you expect. You have to review the topic to formulate the questions. Furthermore, you may have to generate multiple choices - 3 should be incorrect, but it should not be too obvious. It's headache-inducing, and thankfully, because of AI tools, you don't have to suffer. Use a question generator from text, which allows you to automate this process.

The best AI tools that can generate questions from text are listed in this article. Continue reading to find the tools that you should try.

In this article
    1. Tool 1. Wondershare PDFelement - AI Question Generator From Text and PDF Solution
    2. Tool 2. OpExams - Multiple Choice Question Generator From Text
    3. Tool 3. Toolsaday - Online Quiz Generator From Text
    4. Tool 4. Lumos Learning - Question Answer Generator From Text
    5. Tool 5. Quizgecko - AI Question Generator From Text With Difficulty Settings
    6. Tool 6. Testportal - Generate Questions From Text and Files
    7. Tool 7. Quizbot - Advanced AI Question Generator From Text
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Part 1. Top 7 Question Generators From Text Tools

Some AI question generators can analyze text and formulate multiple questions from it. Here are the 7 best AI tools with that capability.

Tool 1. Wondershare PDFelement - AI Question Generator From Text and PDF Solution

Wondershare PDFelement's combination of PDF editing tools and AI features makes it the number one tool to use. This tool lets you generate questions from text and make the test paper itself. That said, you don't have to constantly switch between tabs. You can do both within the same app!

If the text is already in a PDF, you don't need to copy and paste it into the AI Sidebar. You can tell PDFelement's AI assistant, Lumi, to use the PDF's content.

Here are step-by-step guides on how to use Wondershare PDFelement's AI feature to generate questions from text.

A. Create Questions From Text

  1. On the PDFelement home screen, click + > Blank PDF.
  2. Click AI Sidebar > Chat with AI.
pdfelement chat with ai feature

3. Type: "Create questions from this text: (paste or type the text here)."

pdfelement creating questions from text

4. Send the prompt.

questions created by pdfelement from text

B. Create Questions From PDF Text

  1. Click Open PDF and open your PDF with the text where the questions need to be based.
  2. Click Chat with PDF.
questions created by pdfelement from text

3. Type "Please generate several questions based on the content of the PDF."

4. Send the prompt.

questions created by pdfelement from text

Tool 2.OpExams - Multiple Choice Question Generator From Text

opexams bulk question generator

OpExams is an online AI tool that helps create questions from text. It is exceptionally great at generating multiple-choice questions. You paste or type your text, click a few buttons, and you are set. OpExams supports a good amount of languages. The best part is you can set the number of choices per question. You can set it to the standard four (A, B, C, and D) or have less.

OpExams can also create other types of questions. It can make True or False questions or open questions. You can also use this tool for studying by using the "Quiz me" mode.

Tool 3. Toolsaday - Online Quiz Generator From Text

toolsaday ai question generator

If you want to create a quiz, Toolsaday is no doubt one of the best tools to use. Toolsaday can create different types of questions from text. The supported question types include multiple choice, true or false, open questions, fill-in-the-blank, and even matching quizzes. You can also set how many questions you want, with 20 being the maximum.

Any educator can use Toolsaday because you can set the difficulty of the questions. For younger or special needs students, you can set it to easy, medium for high schoolers, and hard for college students.

Tool 4. Lumos Learning - Question Answer Generator From Text

questions generated by lumos learning

Lumos Learning is the question generator from text to try if you want identification-type questions. It will formulate several questions using the information from the text you used as input. You can create 6 questions from text for free. If you want more, you only need to create an account.

You can download the generated text as a CSV file or embed it into your website. Also, you can add multimedia to the quiz should you need to do so.

Tool 5. Quizgecko - AI Question Generator From Text With Difficulty Settings

quizgecko ai question generator

Quizgecko lets you create 5 types of questions: matching, fill-in-the-blank, multiple-choice, true or false, or short questions. It supports a long list of languages. Thus, it's highly likely that you can use it no matter where you are. On top of that, you can select the difficulty level. As mentioned above, that's useful for making a quiz fit for the intelligence level of the ones who'll answer it.

Quizgecko also lets you specify how many questions to create. The free tier lets you create 3, 5, or 10 questions, while the paid tier lets you create up to 40 questions.

Tool 6. Testportal - Generate Questions From Text and Files

testportal ai question generator

Testportal is a versatile tool that can generate questions from text and files. It has no character limit, so you can input whatever you want to input. Also, Testportal claims it supports "all languages," so anyone can use it.

Testportal can create multiple-choice questions, like all the other AI question generators. It is also capable of making short questions, which is not uncommon for question generators. However, it has something others lack. Testportal can create essay-type questions. For that, it is worth giving this tool a try.

Tool 7. Quizbot - Advanced AI Question Generator From Text

quizbot ai question generator

Quizbot's AI question generator has high customizability. It offers different difficulty levels. But it is not just choosing from easy, average, above average, and difficult. You can also choose from Nursery, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, and University levels.

You can play with the settings to set how many choices for each question or how many questions you want in the quiz. Please note that you only get 50 questions for free.

Part 2. Question Generator From Text Tools Comparison Table

Here is a table to compare the 7 tools' pricing and pros and cons.





Wondershare PDFelement

Annually - $79.99

Perpetual- $129.99

     Wondershare PDFelement can create questions from text or text in the PDF.

     You can use Wondershare PDFelement to create the test paper you can print or share digitally.

     Unlike other tools, there is no limit to how many questions you can create.

     Wondershare PDFelement's free trial ends after 14 days. After that, you need to upgrade to premium to access all tools.



Pro - $10/month

Business- $24/month

     OpExams can generate three types of questions.

     It offers three difficulties.

     OpExams gives you only 10 free initial generations and 1 question generation each day.

     It can't create fill-in-the-blank questions.



Standard Monthly - $7.99/month

Pro - $19.99/month

Standard Annually - $79.90/year

Pro Annually - $199.90/year

     Toolsaday can create 5 types of questions.

     It lets you set the difficulty.

     Toolsaday has a 5,000-character-per-request limit. The Business plan doubles it.

     The free tier has a 10,000-character limit. So you may be able to use it only twice in one month.

Lumos Learning


     You can save the generated quizzes as CSV files or embed them to your website.

     It can generate identification-type questions, something other tools don't offer.

     Unregistered users can view only 5 generated questions.

     It is difficult to find the question-and-answer generator once you are logged in.

     Lumos Learning is limited to identification-type questions.



Basic- $18/month

Plus- $48/month



     Quizgecko supports a very long list of languages.

     It supports 5 different question types.

     It can create questions from typed/pasted text, text from files, or text from a webpage.


     Quizgecko's free tier has a character limit set to 2,000.

     You can create only up to 10 questions in one go when using the free version.




Standard -$29/month

Pro - $48/month

MAX- $99/month

MAX Customized - Please contact Testportal for a custom quote.

     Testportal has no character limit.

     This tool supports all languages.

     It can create essay-type questions.

     The free version has a low monthly question limit.

     The advanced options are all locked behind a premium plan.



Albert Einstein Plan (500 Questions) - $14

Marie Curie Plan (1,000 Questions) - 28

Isaac Newton Plan (2,000 Questions) - 50

Galileo Galilei Plan($5,000 Questions) - 140

Ada Lovelace Plan (10,000 Questions) - $240

Nikola Tesla Plan (20,000 Questions) - $504

     There are 4 difficulty levels plus grade-level options.

     You can set how many options per question.

     You can choose to include explanations for the answer.

     The free tier lets you create a limited amount of questions.


Question generators from text tools are AI-powered tools aimed to help educators and students. You can use these tools to prepare quizzes or study for exams. Thankfully, many of them are accessible. Some of the tools you may already be using may also have this new capability.

Wondershare PDFelement is the premier example. It is a powerful PDF tool already used by many students and educators. Now that it has integrated with ChatGPT, PDFelement has gained a tool that can generate questions from text or PDF text. Thus, this amazing tool has become even more cost-efficient. Indeed, it's one of your best options.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 24, 24
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