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Presentations have come a long way with technology. In the past, creating slides was time-consuming and often tricky. But now, things are changing fast. A big part of this change is using AI or artificial intelligence. AI is like a smart helper on your computer. It can do tasks quickly and smartly, making things easier for you.

When it comes to making PowerPoint slides, AI is a game-changer. It helps people create presentations that are fast to make and look great. AI adds new features that let you be more creative without needing a tech expert. This means you can focus more on your message and less on the technical stuff. In short, the AI PowerPoint generator makes presentation-making simpler, more fun, and more effective.

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    1. Slidesgo: PPT Maker AI
    2. ClassPoint AI PPT Generator
    3. Sendsteps AI to Generate PPT
    4. Designs.ai Presentations Generator
    5. Wepik AI Powered Generator
    6. Storydoc AI PowerPoint Generator
  1. Conclusion

Part 1. The Top 6 AI Presentation Generators

Now, let's talk about the top six AI presentation generators. These tools are amazing because they do much of your hard work. They make creating slides easier and faster. Each one has its cool features. We'll explore how they help you make great presentations.

1. Slidesgo: PPT Maker AI


Slidesgo is an AI-powered tool that makes creating PowerPoint presentations easy and fun. It's smart and knows how to help with your slides.

First, you tell Slidesgo what you want to talk about. It can be anything - your work, a discovery, or a funny story. Then, you pick a style and tone. You have choices like doodle, simple, abstract, and more. The tone can be fun, creative, or professional. Slidesgo mixes these to make something special for you.

After Slidesgo makes your slides, you can change things if you want. Maybe you want a different color or to move a text box. No problem! Use the online editor to make it just right. And the best part? You can download your final slides for free. You can get them in a PDF format and share a link with your friends.

G2 Rating: 4.7 out of 5



     Premium - $3.25 per month

     Education - $1.90 per month


     Easy to use

     Variety of styles and tones

     Editable slides

     Free download


     It may need tweaks for perfection

     Limited to pre-set styles and tones

2. ClassPoint AI PPT Generator


ClassPoint AI is a unique tool that adds a twist to PowerPoint presentations. It uses smart AI to turn your slides into interactive quizzes. Imagine having a presentation that shows information and asks questions to keep everyone involved. That's what ClassPoint AI does. It makes learning and meetings more fun and engaging.

To use ClassPoint AI, open it from the toolbar in PowerPoint when you're in slideshow mode. It's that simple. ClassPoint AI works with your slides to create quizzes in just seconds.

If you're using the free plan of ClassPoint, you get 10 credits to try the AI feature. Each credit lets you make one interactive question. If you go for the Pro plan, you get 500 monthly credits. And the Organization plan? It gives you unlimited credits. So, you can make as many quizzes as you like.

G2 Rating: No ratings yet



     Pro - $8.00 per month


     Makes presentations interactive

     Easy to use from PowerPoint

     Free trial available

     Good for learning and meetings


     Limited credits on the free plan

     Best for quiz-based interactions

3. Sendsteps AI to Generate PPT


Sendsteps is a tool that uses AI to make PowerPoint presentations interactive. It's designed to get your audience involved. Instead of just watching, people can join in. They can answer questions and give feedback right from their phones. This is great for meetings, classes, or any event where you want to keep everyone engaged.

The AI in Sendsteps helps you create these interactive parts quickly. It works within PowerPoint, so you don't have to switch between different programs. You just add your questions and let Sendsteps do the rest. It sets everything up for your audience to participate. They can answer polls quizzes, and even ask questions during your presentation.

G2 Rating: 4.2 out of 5



     Starter - $9.99 per month

     Professional - $23.99 per month

     Enterprise - custom pricing


     Makes presentations more engaging

     Easy to set up and use

     Allows real-time audience participation

     Works inside PowerPoint


     Focuses mainly on interaction, not slide design

     Requires audience to use their phones

4. Designs.ai Presentations Generator

designs ai

Designs.ai is a tool that makes designing PowerPoint presentations easy and creative. It's all about giving you many choices and doing the heavy lifting. You start by going to Designs.ai on your device. Sign in, and you're ready to go. Then, you search for "Presentation" to begin your design journey.

This tool has many templates for all themes, like business or education. You just pick the one you like and start customizing. You can add your own images, logos, and branding elements. Playing around with different fonts, colors, and layouts is fun. Designs.ai has a big library of graphic elements to make your slides stand out.

G2 Rating: No ratings yet


     Free trial

     Basic - $19.00 per month

     Pro - $49.00 per month

     Enterprise - $169.00 per month


     Wide range of templates

     Easy to customize

     Huge asset library

     Multiple download and share options


     Might be overwhelming with too many choices

     Mainly for design, less focus on interactivity

5. Wepik AI Powered Generator


Wepik is a tool that uses AI to help you create presentations quickly and easily. It works with any topic, from a New Year celebration to a business plan. You just type in your topic, and Wepik's AI starts working. It organizes everything in a way that looks good and makes sense.

This tool offers five slide styles: doodle, simple, abstract, geometric, and elegant. This variety means you can pick the perfect look for your audience, whether they're friends, family, or colleagues.

G2 Rating: 4.8 out of 5




     Easy to use with any topic

     Variety of styles

     Customizable in the online editor

     Free to download and share


     Limited to five styles

     It may require manual adjustments for perfection

6. Storydoc AI PowerPoint Generator


Storydoc is an AI tool that brings a fresh approach to making PowerPoint presentations. It's all about storytelling. The AI helps you turn your ideas into a story that people will remember. Whether for work or something personal, Storydoc makes your slides come alive.

The AI in Storydoc does more than just design slides. It thinks about your message and how to present it best. It arranges your content in a way that's easy to follow and engaging. Your audience won't just see slides; they'll hear a story.

G2 Rating: 4.8 out of 5


     Free trial

     Starter - $40.00 per month

     Pro - $60.00 per month


     Focuses on storytelling

     Intuitive AI design

     Customizable layouts

     Easy to share


     More suited for narrative presentations

     It may require creative input for the best results

Part 2. Wondershare PDFelement: The AI PowerPoint Generator Partner


PDFelement is a handy tool for managing documents. It's especially great for working with PDFs. Think of it as a helper for your files. If you have presentation materials in PDF format, PDFelement makes dealing with them easy.

Let's say you've made a PowerPoint presentation using an AI tool. You can turn it into a PDF with PDFelement. But it's not just about making PDFs. You can also change them. Need to add some text or a picture to your PDF? No problem. Want to take something out? That's easy, too.

PDFelement is also great for organizing your PDFs. You can merge several files into one or split a big file into smaller parts. It's all about making your documents work for you.

In short, PDFelement is the perfect partner for your AI PowerPoint tools. It helps you manage your presentation materials easily to focus on making great slides.

Editing Features of PDFelement

pdfelement edit feature

PDFelement lets you edit your PDFs easily. You can change the text, add images, and adjust the layout. This is useful for presentations. Say you have a PDF of your presentation and notice a typo. With PDFelement, you can fix it right away. You can also add images to make your slides more interesting. Maybe you found a perfect picture after creating your PDF. Just insert it where you want.

Adjusting the layout is another cool feature. You can move it around if something looks like a title is too close to an image. This helps you make sure your presentation looks just right. With these tools, PDFelement helps you polish your presentations, making them look professional and clean.

Scanning and OCR Capabilities

PDFelement has a special feature called OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. This is great for turning paper documents into editable digital files. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Scan your paper slides or documents with a scanner.

Step 2. Open the scanned files in PDFelement.

Step 3. Use the OCR feature. It reads the text in your scans and turns it into text you can edit.

convert images to text

Step 4. You can change the text, just like in a regular PDF.

pdfelement ocr feature

This is helpful if you have old presentations on paper and want to update them. Instead of typing everything again, just scan and edit. OCR makes it easy to bring your old slides into the digital world.

AI-Powered Proofreading and Rewriting

PDFelement also has AI for proofreading and rewriting. This is a big help in ensuring your presentation is clear and error-free. The AI looks at your text and finds mistakes, like spelling or grammar errors. But it does more than just spot mistakes. It also suggests better ways to say things.

Imagine you wrote something in your slide, but it's unclear. The AI can rewrite it to make more sense. This makes your presentation better and easier to understand.

Here’s how you use it:

Step 1. Open your presentation in PDFelement.

Step 2. Turn on the AI proofreading feature.

proofread pdf

Step 3. It shows you any errors and suggests corrections.

Step 4. You can also ask the AI to rewrite parts of your text.

rewrite pdf

Using AI for proofreading and rewriting helps you create polished, professional presentations communicating your ideas.


AI PowerPoint generators and PDFelement make creating presentations easier and better. They help you design, edit, and share your slides in smart ways. From making interactive quizzes to fixing typos, these tools have you covered. They're great for anyone who wants to make impressive presentations without much hassle.

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Audrey Goodwin Apr 07, 24
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