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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Searchable PDF Converter

Confirm what the best searchable PDF converter is here in this post 5 frequently asked questions about searchable PDF converters.

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Need an efficient searchable PDF converter?

Searchable PDF converters are software or apps capable of converting scanned documents into an editable and searchable format for easy management. With searchable PDF documents at your disposal, you can search and/or highlight texts in large PDF documents conveniently. One reason why many organizations are big on having searchable PDF converters.

What is the best searchable PDF converter? How do you convert PDFs to searchable PDF files? These are some questions that may be running through your mind at the moment. However, we do not want you to stress so much about that. This article is structured to answer the top 5 frequently asked questions by end-users of non-searchable PDF to searchable PDF converters. Keep on reading!

searchable pdf converter

Q1. Which is the best searchable PDF converter in the market?

Presently, there is an enormous number of scanned PDF to searchable PDF converters on the internet. Which is the best has never been an easy question to answer since the majority provide substandard services to end-users. However, we still have some that boast of top-notch services.

Wondershare PDFelement, Adobe Acrobat, PDF Expert, Foxit PDF, etc are the world leading searchable PDF converting software that offers quality to end-users. With these searchable PDF converters, you can do a lot to your scanned and image-based documents.

You might be wondering what makes these non-searchable PDF to searchable PDF converters stand out amongst others in the same industry. Well, we will highlight some key features of the first 3 software programs so you understand what it takes to be a top-rated scanned PDF to searchable PDF converter.

Wondershare PDFelement

wondershare pdfelement searchable pdf converter

Wondershare PDFelement is a powerful software program established to help you convert your scanned PDF documents into searchable PDFs without disturbing the quality. The software finds applications in several industries.

Students use the Wondershare PDFelement to create, convert, edit, and merge PDFs. Businesses on the other hand employ the services of the Wondershare PDFelement when they need to sign, add bate numbers, extract tables, and protect PDFs.

Wondershare PDFelement does support the batch processing. So if you have multiple files to convert simultaneously, this is definitely the right software program to use. The software is well-designed with a comprehensive user interface that allows beginners in the tech space to navigate so easily. Wondershare PDFelement lets you organize your documents so you can easily find or access them later.

The software works with both Windows and Mac OS. You shouldn't stress about compatibility.

Key Features

  • Integrates with OCR feature so users can scan, read and extract texts from image-based, and scanned documents.
  • Edits, converts, compresses, and merges PDF files.
  • Wondershare PDFelement has a friendly user interface.
  • Ensures maximum protection of data files with no data loss.
  • Highlight, search, and annotate PDF documents with ease.

How to Convert PDF Searchable with Wondershare PDFelement

Ensure your computer system is connected to a stable WiFi source, launch your preferred browser, and then search Wondershare PDFelement. Once the webpage opens, download and install a compatible version of the software. Launch Wondershare PDFelement and then follow the procedure below to convert your PDF into a searchable one.

Step 1 Locate, and click on the "Open PDF" icon at the bottom left corner of your computer screen.

wondershare pdfelement searchable pdf converter 2

Select your preferred PDF document in the pop-up window, and then click on "Open". Alternatively, you could drag and drop the PDF document into the Wondershare PDFelement interface.

wondershare pdfelement searchable pdf converter 3

Step 2 Wait for the file to upload, and Wondershare PDFelement will immediately alert you that the document is scanned or image-based, and you need OCR to edit it. Click on "Perform OCR" at the top of your screen to proceed.

wondershare pdfelement searchable pdf converter 4

If your Wondershare PDFelement has no OCR on it, you will be required to download it. Kindly follow the on-screen instructions to install OCR to PDFelement.

wondershare pdfelement searchable pdf converter 5

Step 3 Once OCR is successfully installed, click on the "Tools" button at the top of your screen, and then click on "OCR" to proceed. The page below will immediately appear on your screen:

Step 4 Now adjust the features that are on the page, and then click on "Apply" to complete the process. The PDF document will immediately change to a searchable PDF file.

wondershare pdfelement searchable pdf converter 6

Adobe Acrobat Pro

adobe acrobat searchable pdf converter

Adobe Acrobat Pro is another world leading software suitable for converting PDFs into searchable format. This Windows and Mac compatible software allows you to convert your scanned documents into searchable and editable formats without hassles.

With this great non-searchable PDF to searchable PDF converter, you can also read, and edit documents conveniently without leaving your comfort zones. Many end-users find this software program helpful because of the incredible features it holds. From the friendly user interface, to the easy conversion of files from one format to another. Just like the Wondershare PDFelement, Adobe Acrobat does you to sign and collect signatures easily.

Adobe Acrobat offers its services both in free and paid versions. The premium charges are suitable for large enterprises.

PDF Expert

pdf expert searchable pdf converter

PDF Expert is a great searchable and readable PDF converter compatible with all Apple device including Mac, iPad, and iPhones. The software scans, reads, and extracts data from scanned documents so you can easily search and highlight texts without stress.

It's also a great manipulation software as it allows you to edit or make necessary adjustments to your PDF documents without scattering the layout. This software does have a clean user interface just like the Wondershare PDFelement. However, PDF Expert doesn't work with Windows operating systems. Also, the free version supports limited number of features.

Q2. Is There any Online Searchable PDF Converter

Yes, of course!

There are online programs with built-in OCR feature that allows you to transform your PDF files into searchable one. These programs are designed specifically for individuals who do not want to install third-party scanned PDF to searchable PDF converters on their computer .

Online searchable PDF converter works with both Windows, and Mac. They integrate with popular web browsers. From Chrome, to Microsoft Internet Explorer to Firefox, and more. These programs are well-built such that beginners in the tech space can easily find their way around them. Fine below some of the popular online searchable and readable PDF converters:


online2pdf searchable pdf converter

OnlinePDF is a non-installable program designed to help you convert between document formats easily. It allows you to convert you PDF documents into popular formats like Word, JPG, XPS, Powerpoint, Excel and more.

It's also helpful in the conversion of image-based files into searchable PDFs. Online2PDF converts into searchable PDFs with high accuracy and precision. Thanks to the built-in OCR feature. Aside from conversion, you can also use this program to add protection, header/footer, compress and merge PDF documents.


pdf2go searchable pdf converter

This is an online PDF converting program that allows you to convert your scanned and imaged-based PDF documents into your searchable PDFs without stress. It provides you with 3 steps to convert your document. From uploading to selecting conversion type to the real conversion. You may experience delay in operation when there are several users on the server.

Q3. How do I know if my PDF is searchable?

Confirming whether or not a PDF document is searchable is a walk in the park. There are certain features you need to look out for in case you do not have the PDF solutions mentioned above at your disposal.

  • Non-searchable PDF files texts usually appear broken.
  • Non-searchable PDF files won't allow you to highlight texts.

However, if you have a PDF solution like Wondershare PDFelement, here are somethings you will notice:

  • Immediate notification that you need to perform OCR.
  • No room to highlight or copy texts, thus you cannot manipulate the content.

Q4. What is a searchable PDF called?

Searchable PDFs are also referred to as OCR'd PDFs. And that's because some searchable PDFs are results of OCR conversion of scanned or image-based PDF documents. Searchable PDFs contain an image file with a text layer embedded in it. This type of PDFs is searchable, and editable unlike the other type of PDF document – scanned PDF document.

Q5. What are the different types of PDF?

There are basically 3 categories of PDFs, namely:

Image-based or Scanned PDFs

These are PDFs created from photographs, and/or scanning. Just like any other PDF document, image-based or scanned PDFs are viewable via many PDF solutions. But you cannot edit or highlight the content of the PDF document. To adjust the texts of this type of file, you need a scanned PDF to searchable PDF converter like the Wondershare PDFelement. With this PDF solution, you can convert your scanned documents into searchable and editable formats conveniently at a remarkable speed.

Searchable PDFs

Searchable PDF is the name given to PDF documents obtained from performing OCR on scanned or image-based PDFs. With this category of PDF file, you can search, highlight and copy the written content of an image file without hassles.

Digitally Created PDFs

Digitally created PDFs are documents created from Word and Excel sheets. They contain both text and image characters. What distinguishes this category of PDF from the aforementioned is the ease with manipulation. You don't need to go through the stress of performing OCR before converting the document into an editable file. Direct conversion grants you access to edit the written content and images.