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Are you keen to delve into the culture of India? Exploring any state’s heritage or cultural rituals & practices in this digital era is trivial. Most relevant & informative files depicting Indian culture are easily accessible online but in the Indian language.

Hindi is the official Indian language and is among the most spoken. Therefore, you might need to convert Hindi PDF to English to overcome the language barrier and better perceive the information. Regarding Hindi PDF to English translation, this detailed guide will assist you in exploring the best translation ways.

With the evolution of technology, the translation process has become a breeze. Gone are the days when you need to hire translators to translate important files or documents into the target language. Now, the widest array of language translators has transformed the way to translate large chunks of data in no time.

You can readily translate Hindi into English PDF file on all scales by deploying a productive tool, for instance, PDFelement and many others. Against this backdrop, the below-stated methods will work wonders for you.

pdf translator hindi to english online
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  1. Translate Hindi to English PDF With PDFelement
  2. Google Translate for Hindi to English Translation PDF
  3. Hindi PDF to English Translation via Reverso
  4. Translate PDF Hindi to English Online via GroupDocs
  5. Translate PDF Hindi to English Online via Canva

Translate Hindi to English PDF With PDFelement

The translation process turns out smoother with a dedicated PDF management tool like PDFelement. Wondershare PDFelement is a versatile tool integrated with several AI-powered features and acts as the best Hindi PDF to English PDF converter. Additionally, the tool lets you enhance your translations in several ways; whether you need to proofread or rewrite the content, PDFelement has it covered.

How To Perform Hindi to English Pdf Translation Using PDFelement?

You can conveniently use the PDFelement translate feature even with less or no technical knowledge. However, you must decide first whether you want the translation of the entire Hindi PDF file or just a section. Let’s learn both ways here:

Translate Entire Hindi PDF Into English

Step 1

Launch the PDFelement application and click the "Open PDF" option to access your Hindi PDF file.

open file in pdfelement
Step 2

Once the Hindi PDF is opened, access the "Tools" > "AI Tools" > "Translate PDF"

translate pdf with pdfelement
Step 3

Select English as the "Target Language" and choose an "Output Folder". Click on the "Translate"

choose translation options
Step 4

The translation process is now completed. You can view your Hindi-to-English translation PDF file in the pre-selected Output Folder.

successful hindi pdf to english pdf translation

Translate Specific Area of Hindi PDF Into English

Step 1

Open the Hindi PDF file in PDFelement.

Step 2

Select a specific content area and click the "Translate" feature on the right. It’ll instantly generate the translation of selected content.

sentence translation with pdfelement

Now that you have translated your Hindi PDF file into English successfully, you can further enhance its accuracy by deploying the same tool. For this what you need to do is:

Google Translate for Hindi to English Translation PDF

Google Translate is the most popular translator online that instantly translates the content of any document, image or website free of charge. The tool is efficient enough to detect the language of input content or text and presents numerous linguistic choices in translating content. In the context of Hindi translation, Google translates Hindi to English PDF downloadable files within seconds.

Here you can learn how the Google Translate PDF Hindi to English function works:

Step 1

Navigate to the "Google Translate" official site.

Step 2

Choose the "Documents" option and set "English" as the target Language.

google translate doc translator hindi to english
Step 3

Click the "Browse your files" option and open your Hindi PDF file.

open hindi pdf in google translate
Step 4

Hit the "Translate" button to initiate the translation of the Hindi PDF.

pdf translate hindi to english online
Step 5

Save your translation file by clicking the "Download translation"

download the translated file

Hindi PDF to English Translation via Reverso

Reverso is another reliable translation and dictionary solution. The tool is trained on real-life text to generate relevant translations. It supports 26 languages and several document formats for translation. You can easily translate from Hindi to English using its free credits. Also, Reverso allows reviewing the translated files after conversion.

Here is the detailed method to use Reverso for turning Hindi files into English:

Step 1

Open the official site of "Reverso." Go to the "Translation" tab above.

Step 2

Hit the "Upload and Translate" button to import your Hindi file. Set your source language as "Hindi." Choose your target language as "English."

click upload and translate reverso
Step 3

Click the "Translate" tab to convert your Hindi file into English.

click the translate button reverso
Step 4

Hit the "Download" button to save your English file.

click the download option reverso

Translate PDF Hindi to English Online via GroupDocs

GroupDocs is an online document management platform for collaborative activities. It includes multiple features to ease document handling. Yet, the tool also offers PDF translation services. You can transform your text into more than 40 languages with ease. Also, the tool allows you to choose your preferred output format.

Let's learn to translate Hindi to English PDFs using GroupDocs:

Operational Steps:

Step 1

Visit the official site of "GroupDocs." Click "Products" and choose "GroupDocs Translation App."

use the translation app groupdocs
Step 2

Click "Browse Files" to upload your Hindi PDF. Set the target language as "English."

choose a file for translating groupdocs
Step 3

Select the output format for the file. Click "Translate" to start the process.

click the translate button groupdocs

Translate PDF Hindi to English Online via Canva

Although Canva is a well-known designing tool with an extensive library of prebuilt designing templates, it also owns a hidden translation feature that not only enhances the designing experience but also lets you translate your documents & files into the desired language instantly without charging a penny. Here, we have illustrated the detailed procedure to exploit the translation feature of Canva.

Operational Steps:

Step 1

Go to the "Canva PDF Translator" webpage and click the "Translate a PDF"

canva pdf translator to translate hindi
Step 2

Upload your PDF file by clicking the "Choose Files"

choose hindi file in canva
Step 3

Once the file is opened, right-click on the text area and choose the "Translate text"

translate hindi text with canva
Step 4

Choose "English" as the target language and hit the "Translate"

pdf translate hindi to english online
Step 5

You can copy the generated translation results when the file is successfully translated into English.

text translated successfully


Indian websites mostly publish their content on the web in Hindi language to target their local audience. But given the effectiveness & informativeness factor, if you need to access that content, you must translate it to an interpretable language, i.e., English.

Therefore, you can go for an efficient Hindi to English PDF converter like PDFelement to accomplish such a translation job. Additionally, many other translation options are covered in this detailed guide to simplify your Hindi-to-English translation processes, such as Google Translate, Canva PDF Translator, Reverso, and GroupDocs.

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