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How to Translate Document from English to Spanish

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2023-05-23 17:05:40 • Filed to: Knowledge of PDF Files • Proven solutions

Are you looking for a reliable tool to translate documents from English to Spanish without any hassle? If yes, read this article because we are going to add 5 different methods/tools to this article. So, without further ado, let’s read the best ways to translate PDF English to Spanish for free.

Method 1: How to Translate PDF from English to Spanish

The first and one of the most reliable methods for English to Spanish document translation is given below with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. Follow the steps for translation.

Step 1: Open the PDF

Open your English PDF or Word file, or if you have a scanned document, you can open that too by dragging and dropping PDF into the program. PDFelement will do the rest with the document regarding format conversion.

translate document from english to spanish

Step 2: Select Text

Now, select the English text. After selection, a floating bar will appear with the Translate option.

translate pdf english to spanish

Step 3: Translate English to Spanish

In the Translate sidebar, select Spanish as the target language and click the blue Translate button. The translated results will appear. 

translate english to spanish pdf

Note: PDFelement comes with a pre-built OCR feature so your scanned document will be turned into an editable form that simplifies the process of translation. So, friends, this is how you convert your scanned documents from English to Spanish. Now, learn more about PDFelement which is the best PDF tool. It is a full-fledged software that can be used for a plethora of different tasks. You can do almost everything with your PDF documents. The main features are:

  • A powerful converter that allows you to convert PDF to 300+ different formats and from 300+ formats to PDF.
  • PDF document editing is as easy as working on a text file.
  • PDF styling which includes different fonts, colors, backgrounds, images, annotations, comments, headers, and footers.
  • Hand-drawn typed, and digital signatures that save your printing costs.
  • OCR feature that converts scanned documents to an editable format.
  • User permissions and file security.

In short, PDFelement is a complete package for any business that helps you go paperless and cut costs to almost 50%. Well, it is not the only method to translate your PDF and Word documents from English to Spanish. Let’s move to the second method now.

Method 2: Translate PDF from English to Spanish with Google Translate

Using Google Translate, you cannot only translate your documents from English to Spanish but also to a plethora of other international and regional languages. Let’s learn it below.

Step 1: Open Google Translate.

Open on your browser.

Step 2: Upload your PDF document.

In Google Translate, click on "Browse your Computer" and upload the document by locating it in your drive and selecting it. The supported document formats include DOC, PDF, RTF, TXT, PPT, and many others.

Step 3: Translate the Document.

Once you upload the document in the English language, click the Translate button that will process the English to Spanish translation.

Step 4: Copy the Translated Text.

After a while, a page will open with the Spanish text. Copy it and paste where ever you need it.

So, this is how you translate the PDF and Word documents from English to Spanish through Google Translate.

english to spanish pdf

Tips: Others Tools that Can Translate PDF from English to Spanish

1: DeftPDF

DeftPDF is one of the best online tools to translate PDF and Word documents from English to Spanish. Using DeftPDF, you cannot only translate your documents on-site but also can install its Chrome extension for quick results. This extensive tool supports many international languages including Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish.


2: Protranslate

Protranslate supports about 70 languages including English and Spanish. This online tool is a perfect tool if you need accurate translation including technical, legal, and medical documents. To use Protranslate, you need to pay the translation charges but if you are trying to translate legal or technical documents, you should give this tool a try.


3: DocTranslator

Online DocTranslator is another powerful translation tool that allow you to translate into 50+ languages without paying a single penny. It is quick, reliable, and highly-secure. Along with the translation tools, DocTranslator provides you with several other features including file format converters and PDF splitter.


So, friends, these were the most reliable resources that can be used to translate your documents from English to Spanish or any other language. In our opinion, the best method is the one which involves PDFelement and Google Translate, because PDFelement helps you to tackle scanned documents and images too.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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