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Discover a constellation of top-notch document translation software in a world where language barriers fade. Among these stars stands Wondershare PDFelement, part of the Wondershare brand, offering seamless document translation across 100+ languages with remarkable simplicity.

Alongside PDFelement, explore a galaxy of innovative platforms harnessing cutting-edge technology to bridge linguistic gaps, fostering global understanding and connectivity. From real-time translation to preserving nuanced meanings, these tools transform language diversity into a conduit for enriched communication, ensuring messages resonate authentically across borders and cultures.

Top 6 Document Translators in the Market

Here are the 7 most highly acclaimed translation solutions in today's market. Each offers unique features and functionalities to address diverse translation needs.

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    1. PDFelement's Translation Capabilities
    2. Seamless Document Translator with PDFelement's Create Feature
    3. Translating Documents Using PDFelement's Translate PDF Feature
    4. Translating Scanned PDFs to English With PDFelement's OCR
  1. Reverso Document Translator Online
  2. MateCat CAT Document Translator
  3. Google Translate Document Tool
  4. Text United Translation Document Software
  5. DeepL Document Translator

1. Wondershare PDFelement PDF Document Translator

ai image translator pdfelement

Rating on G2: 4.5 / 5 stars - 598 reviews


Yearly Plan - $79.99

2-Year Plan - $109.99

Perpetual Plan - $129.99

  • Offers translation capabilities for over 100 languages, making it highly versatile for a global audience.
  • PDFelement's AI-translation tool leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to provide accurate translations, reducing the risk of translation errors.
  • Beyond translation, it offers a suite of PDF editing tools, making it a comprehensive solution for document management needs.
  • Some features might require an internet connection for optimal performance, which could be a limitation in certain situations or locations with poor connectivity.

User Review:

A user review on G2: This program includes all of the functions that can be found in the more expensive Adobe software but has added AI features to assist in producing clear and error-free content.

PDFelement's Translation Capabilities

Wondershare PDFelement is recognized for its smooth translation capabilities with integrated AI assistant and various PDF-related tools. With support for over 100 languages, the Wondershare platform simplifies the process of translating documents, maintaining the essence and meaning of the content while providing quick and accurate translations. This feature has made PDFelement a popular choice for individuals and organizations dealing with multilingual documents, allowing them to efficiently work with and understand content in various languages without compromising accuracy or quality.

Seamless Document Translator with PDFelement's Create Feature

Are you grappling with the translation of non-text documents like HTML or images? Look no further than PDFelement's cutting-edge Create Feature. With a few simple steps, you can seamlessly translate various document formats into your desired language, all while preserving the original structure and content.

Step1Initiate PDFelement
  • Launch PDFelement to begin your translation process. Click the "+" button and select "From File." Browse your system to locate the file you wish to convert to PDF format.
open file pdfelement
Step2Effortless Conversion
  • Witness the magic as PDFelement swiftly transforms your selected file into a PDF, maintaining its innate layout and content.

document to pdf conversion
Step3Leverage AI Tool
  • Now armed with a PDF version of your document, take advantage of PDFelement's AI-powered features.
  • Click and drag the text you want to translate and select “Translate.”
  • You can then change the targeted language, regenerate content, or copy the response.
select text translate
select target language

Translating Documents Using PDFelement's Translate PDF Feature

PDFelement stands out in its ability to handle intricate layouts or scanned documents, offering users precise translations without compromising document integrity. Here's your roadmap for utilizing this formidable translation platform:

Step1Access PDFelement
  • Open your desired document in PDFelement by clicking “Open PDF.”
open pdf pdfelement
Step2Harness PDFelement's AI Capabilities
  • Navigate to the home tab and click on "AI Tools." Select "Translate PDF."

pdfelement ai tool
Step3Tailor Language Preferences
  • In the ensuing popup window, pick your Target Language. Click "Translate" to initiate the translation process.
pdfelement ai translate
Step4Unveil Translated Brilliance
  • Click "Open Folder" upon completion to access and explore the translated document.

Translating Scanned PDFs to English With PDFelement's OCR

Maybe you aim to effortlessly translate scanned PDFs or image-based files into English. Enter PDFelement's OCR feature, enabling easy recognition of scanned content for swift translation without the hassle of converting files into searchable text. Here's your guide:

Step1Integrate Image-Based Files
  • Launch Wondershare PDFelement. Click the "+" button on the top left and choose "From File." Select the document for translation, which PDFelement will promptly convert to PDF.

open file pdfelement
Step2Embrace OCR's Power
  • To extract text, click "Tools" at the top. Select “OCR,” then choose the accurate source language and click "Apply."
pdfelement ocr tool
pdfelement ocr options
Step3Unveil Linguistic Transformations
  • Head to the right toolbar and click on the "Translate" icon. Specify source and target languages, select the text to be translated, and click "Translate."
pdfelement sidebar translate

2. Reverso Document Translator Online

reverso document translation tool

Rating on G2: 5 / 5 stars - 1 reviews


Free Plan- $ 0.00

Monthly Premium Plan - $9.99/month

Yearly Premium Plan - $6.49/month

  • Reverso provides translations in context, offering complete sentences or phrases rather than just individual words. This helps readers better understand and use the translated text.
  • The platform supports many languages, making it a versatile tool for users who need translations between less common language pairs.
  • Reverso offers mobile apps for Android and iOS devices, providing convenient access to its features on the go.
  • Users might rely too heavily on the tool, missing out on the opportunity to learn the language organically or failing to understand subtle nuances that machines may overlook.

User Review:

A user review on G2: I have always used Reverso's website, and it is great, but their app is fantastic. You just need to select the word you need to be translated, click ctrl+c+c, and the app instantly appears with the many translations of the word and context. It's amazing.

Reverso is a valuable aid for quick translations, language learning, and understanding different languages. However, it's advisable to use it alongside other resources and consult native speakers or language experts for accurate translations, especially in critical or professional settings.

3. MateCat CAT Document Translator

matecat translation software

Rating on G2:  4.0 / 5 stars - 13 reviews

Price: Free

  • It offers advanced features typical of CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools, such as translation memory, glossaries, and terminology management.
  • Users can customize workflows, integrate various tools, and create project-specific settings, enhancing flexibility and adaptability to specific translation needs.
  • It integrates well with Translation Memory (TM) systems, which can save time by suggesting previously translated segments or phrases.
  • As a web-based tool, there might be concerns regarding data security and privacy, especially for sensitive or confidential content.

User Review:

A user review on G2: This CAT tool is free, which gives freelance translators the advantage of being able to use a CAT tool without paying for expensive software.

MateCat is a robust tool for professional translators and teams handling complex translation projects. Its advanced features streamline the translation process and improve consistency. However, its complexity might not suit everyone, especially those looking for simpler or occasional translation tasks.

4. Google Translate Document Tool

google translate platform

Rating on G2: 4.6 / 5 stars - 479 reviews

Price: Free.

  • Google Translate has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to input text or use the camera for instant translations.
  • Integration with other Google services, such as Chrome browser extensions or mobile apps, adds to its accessibility and usability across various platforms.
  • Google Translate still has limitations in accurately capturing nuances, idiomatic expressions, and context, leading to potential translation inaccuracies.

User Review:

A user review on G2: I like that it can be used on almost any device, it has easy access, it is a very useful tool for people who need to translate small texts, specific words.

Google Translate is a valuable tool for quick translations, understanding the gist of foreign text, or getting the general meaning of a phrase. However, it's advisable to consult with human translators or language experts for accurate and nuanced translations, especially in professional or critical contexts.

5. Text United Translation Document Software

text united translation software

Rating on G2: 4.6 / 5 stars - 479 reviews


Free Plan - $0.00/month

Basic Plan - $60.00/month

Essential Plan - $210.00/month

  • Utilizes TM to store previously translated segments, ensuring consistency and saving time by reusing translations for similar content.
  • Facilitates creating and managing glossaries and specific terminology, ensuring translation consistency across various projects.
  • Supports various file formats for translation, allowing users to conveniently handle various content types.
  • Some users might find the interface less intuitive or user-friendly than other translation tools, impacting user adoption and efficiency.

User Review:

A user review on G2: It really shrinks the time spend on translations, especially when those translations are just one or two words. You can translate it with the machine translator and most of the time it does not even require correction.

Text United is a platform for managing translation projects, especially for complex or large-scale content localization teams. However, its comprehensive features might better suit professional translators, agencies, or businesses handling significant volumes of translation work rather than individual users or smaller projects.

6. DeepL Document Translator

deepl translator

Rating on G2: 4.6 / 5 stars - 44reviews


DeepL Translator - Free

Starter Plan - $8.74/month

Advance Plan - $28.74/month

Ultimate Plan - $57.49/month

  • While not as extensive as some other tools, DeepL supports multiple languages and continues to expand its language offerings, catering to a wide user base.
  • DeepL has a simple and user-friendly interface, making it easy for users to input text and receive translations quickly.
  • Supports various file formats for translation, allowing users to conveniently handle various content types.
  • DeepL might lack some features offered by other translation tools, such as extensive integrations or collaborative functionalities.

User Review:

A user review on G2: Easy to use with one account on different devices and has an easy license model. Free version is good enough - if you want to upload documents, I would go for a paid subscription.

DeepL stands out for its high-quality translations and natural language output. However, the DeepL platform has limitations, especially regarding language coverage and handling specialized vocabulary or complex sentence structures. Despite this, it's considered one of the top choices for users seeking accurate and fluent translations in European languages.


Among the myriad translation tools available today, each solution offers distinct advantages and limitations, catering to diverse translation needs. From contextual translation to complex nuances that streamline team projects and workflows, understanding these translate document tools enables users to choose the ideal tool for their specific translation requirements. However, if you are looking for a top-tier platform that can handle translation tasks and PDF editing work, Wondershare PDFelement is the best companion for the job.

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