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Image content has become one of the most powerful carriers of information. From engaging social media posts to business documents, images are indispensable. Imagine you are a traveler delving digital flight or bus timing in Taiwan. You will need to translate Mandarin to English photos to explore the details. Besides, if you are working with a Chinese company, they might send you documents in Chinese in image form

This is where the need to translate Chinese from photos arises. This article uncovers innovative ways for seamless Chinese images to English translation. These methods will help streamline your linguistic experience.

translate chinese image to english

4 Effective Ways To Translate Chinese Pic to English

Text within image files is usually non-editable. Thus, it can be a real struggle for you to translate your Chinese images into English. But worry not since several methods are available to address this issue. In this section, you will find useful methods for Chinese to English conversion in photos. From OCR technology to image translation websites, we have explored all possible ways.

In this article
  1. Chinese Translate to English Picture Using PDFelement's AI feature
  2. Use Google Translate for Chinese to English Picture Translation
  3. Use Yandex Translate for Chinese Translation From Picture
  4. Translate Photo Chinese to English Using Image Translator

Method 1: Chinese Translate to English Picture Using PDFelement's AI feature

pdfelement translate chinese picture to english

When it comes to translating text, PDFelement stands as a beacon of quality. Driven by powerful AI technology, the tool simplifies Chinese to English translation. It doesn't merely translate words. Rather, it keeps the nuances, cultural jargons, and text essence. Also, the tool has a built-in Translate feature for instant translations. Whether your image contains traditional or simplified Chinese, PDFelement will recognize both.

How To Use PDFelement To translate Chinese From Photo?

PDFelement is a PDF handling software. Thus, it cannot directly process your image files. To use PDFelement as a Chinese to English picture translator, you first need make a PDF out of your image. PDF creation feature is offered by the tool. Afterwards, perform OCR on your PDF to convert the PDF text into a selectable one. Then, you can translate its content into English.

After translation, you can replace the text with the translated version. Also, you can reconvert your file into image format. Below is how the entire process will take place:

Entire Chinese Photo to English Translation

Operational Steps:


Access the “PDFelement” application on your computer.


Go to the “+” >“From File”

create pdf from image file

Select and open your picture containing Chinese content. It will open in PDF format automatically.

open the chinese content file

Access the top menu bar and choose “Tools” > “OCR.”

perform ocr on picture

Select the Scan option “Scan to editable text” and checkmark the “Chinese Simplified” in the Languages Recognition section. Click “Apply.”

perform ocr settings

After performing OCR, navigate to “Tools” > “Translate PDF.”

pdfelement translate pdf feature

Click the “Translate” button to proceed with the Translation process.

translate the chinese text

The text is successfully translated into the English language. You can copy the translation result merely by right-clicking.

copy translation results

Translation of Specific Text From Chinese to English in Photo

Operational Steps:


Once the converter file is opened, select the text you intend to translate and click the “Translate” icon on the right. The selected text will automatically get translated into English.

custom text translation

You can also translate the specific content areas by exploiting the Translate feature directly. For this:


Select the text of your file.


Click the “AI” icon in the floating toolbar and choose the “Translate”

translate chinese with ai translate

Polish Translated Chinese Image Text

If you want to improve your generated translation, you might need to rewrite it using PDFelement’s AI technology. To do so:


Follow the path “File” > “Create” > “Blank PDF” and paste the translation results on the blank file.

create new pdf with translation result

Select the pasted text and choose “AI” > “Rewrite” from the displayed toolbar.

rewrite translation with pdfelement

Method 2: Use Google Translate for Chinese to English Picture Translation

Google Translate is a vital option if you are looking for a free Chinese to English photo translator. With this powerful tool, you can get your translated images in seconds. Just upload an image with Chinese text, and Google Translate will work its magic. The accuracy and speed of Google Translate are commendable. The tool supports both traditional and simplified Chinese, giving realistic translations.

To use Google Translate for Chinese to English photo conversion, follow these steps:


Open Google Translate's official site. Select the "Image" option from the given tabs.


Click the "Browse Your Files"

choose image for translating google translate

Google Translate will translate your image text into English in seconds.

translate results google translate

Click the "Download Translation" button to save the translated version of the image. To copy the translated text, click the "Copy Text"

google translate download translated image

Method 3: Use Yandex Translate for Chinese Translation From Picture

Another reliable platform for precise translations is Yandex Translate. The platform supports 100+ languages and is free to use. Its accuracy and efficiency make it a go-to solution for you. From simple phrases to complex sentences, Yandex Translate keeps the nuances of language. The tool also supports various image formats. You can also upload the image URL for transcription.

Let's learn how to translate an image with Chinese text into English via Yandex Translate:


Visit the official site of Yandex Translate. Click the "Images" option above to upload the image.

click the image option yandex translate

Import your intended image or upload its URL. Select the current and target language for the image text.

choose image for translate yandex translate

Yandex Translate will start recognizing the image text.

yandex translate text recognition

In a few seconds, Yandex will transform your Chinese text into English. You can save the image or copy its text.

download the translated image yandex translate

Method 4: Translate Photo Chinese to English Using Image Translator

If you are looking for a solution for bulk image translations, opt for Imagetranslator.io. You will get nuanced and refined outcomes with this online translator. Also, the platform offers affordable plans to cater to diverse translation needs. Image Translator also provides a free version. You can translate one image at a time for free. The allowed upload size of an image is less than 2 MB in the free plan.

Follow the given steps to use Image Translator for Chinese to English translations:


Open Image Translator's official website. Click the "Upload" icon to import your image.

upload image file image translator

Choose the current and target language of the image. Click the "Translate" button to start the process.

click translate button image translator

Image Translator will take a few seconds and translate your text into English. Click "Download" to save your translated image file.

image translator translate results


In this digital age, images speak volumes. You might come across images containing foreign content when searching for relevant information. In such situations, translating these images into English becomes paramount. We explored four simple methods to translate Chinese to English by picture.

If you want a more reliable & long-term translation solution, choose PDFelement. In contrast, if your concern is affordability, pick Google Translate or Yandex Translate. For more professional results, Image Translator is a great choice. Adopting these solutions is not a choice but rather a leap towards productivity. These tools will ensure that language is never a barrier.

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