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In our increasingly digital world, effective Bengali-to-English PDF translation has become an essential skill. As the need for global communication continues to rise, the ability to seamlessly convert documents from one language to another is invaluable. However, translation goes beyond just the words; it extends to the very structure and layout of the document. This is where the importance of maintaining the formatting of PDF documents during translation comes into play.

Preserving the formatting ensures that the translated PDFs remain not only accurate in meaning but also visually consistent and readable. Whether it's a business report, an educational document, or a piece of literature, the layout matters. This article will guide you through the art of translating PDFs from Bengali to English while safeguarding the document's original appearance.

How To Translate Bengali to English in PDF Documents

Translating Bengali to English in PDF documents can be achieved through various methods. Let's explore five simple yet effective ways to accomplish this task, ensuring clarity and precision in your translated content. These methods will empower you to tackle PDF translation with confidence, even if you're not a language expert.

In this article
  1. Use Wondershare PDFelement To Translate PDF From Bengali to English
  2. Translate Bengali PDF File to English With Google Translate
  3. TranslatorBox for Bengali to English PDF Translation Online
  4. Handle PDF Translation From Bengali To English Using Swifdoo
  5. Canva Bengali to English PDF Translator

Method 1: Use Wondershare PDFelement To Translate PDF From Bengali to English


PDFelement is a robust PDF editor and translator tool that simplifies translating Bengali to English in PDF documents. It's designed with user-friendliness, making it accessible even if you're not a tech-savvy user.

With PDFelement's AI feature, translating PDFs becomes a breeze. This intelligent tool recognizes the text in your Bengali PDF, automatically detects the language, and provides you with a translation into English. It takes the guesswork out of the process, ensuring accuracy.

Moreover, PDFelement preserves the document's original formatting, so you don't have to worry about text alignment or layout issues. This method is perfect for those who require both efficiency and quality in their PDF translations. It's a handy solution to bridge language gaps seamlessly, whether for personal or professional use.

PDFelement's Translate Feature for Bengali PDF to English

Using PDFelement's "Translate PDF" feature for Bengali to English PDF translation is a straightforward process that doesn't require technical expertise. Follow these simple steps:


Open your Bengali PDF in PDFelement. If you don't have PDFelement, you can easily download and install it on your computer.

open pdfelement

Once your PDF is open, navigate to the "Home" tab and locate the "AI Tools" button. Click on it to reveal a dropdown menu.

pdfelement ai tools

In the dropdown menu, select "Translate PDF." This action will open a new window dedicated to translation settings.

translate pdf


Within the popup window, you will be prompted to choose your target language, which, in this case, is English.

choose language

You can specify the page range if you only need to translate specific pages of the PDF. If you want to translate the entire document, you can leave this option unchanged. Lastly, you need to choose the destination folder where you want to save the translated PDF. Once you've made your selection, click the "Translate" button.


PDFelement's AI feature, "Lumi," will instantly begin processing your document. After a brief moment, it will generate a new PDF file containing the translated text while preserving the original formatting seamlessly.

translate output

These steps allow you to efficiently and accurately translate your Bengali PDF into English, making global communication more accessible and effective.

To translate specific portions of text in PDFelement, you have the option to use the "Translate" icon located on the right side of the interface. This feature empowers you to translate selected text segments quickly. Here's how it works:


Highlight and copy the text you want to translate within your PDF document.

copy text

Find the "Translate" icon on the right side of the PDFelement interface. Click on it.

translate icon

In the window that appears, specify both the source (Bengali) and target (English) languages.

modify languages


Click the "Translate" button to initiate the translation process.

pdfelement translate button

Once the translation is complete, you can easily copy the translated text and use it as needed.

If you wish to begin a new translation or undo your selection, you can use the "Trash" icon. Furthermore, suppose you don't want the software to automatically translate text as soon as you select it. In that case, you can uncheck the "Translate instantly after selecting text" option at the bottom. This gives you more control over the translation process, allowing you to select and translate text at your own pace.

PDFelement ensures that your translated PDFs retain their original formatting, guaranteeing a seamless transition from Bengali to English while preserving the layout, fonts, and overall appearance.

PDFelement's Proofread Feature

pdfelement proofread

To proofread the translation, users can utilize PDFelement's "Proofread" feature. This tool allows you to review the translated content for accuracy and make any necessary adjustments. It helps ensure that the translation aligns with the context and intent of the original document, offering a final quality check before sharing or using the translated PDF.

Method 2: Translate Bengali PDF File to English With Google Translate

google translate

Google Translate is a versatile web-based tool for converting and translating PDFs from Bengali to English. It offers a simple and accessible approach to language translation, making it a popular choice for many users.

Here's a step-by-step guide to translating Bengali to English PDFs using Google Translate:


Access the "Translate Document" tool on the Google Translate website.


Choose the languages you want to translate from (Bengali) and to (English).


If you're unsure about the input language, you can set it to "Detect language" for automatic detection.


Click on "Choose File" to upload your Bengali PDF for translation. Then, click the "Translate" button.


Google Translate will process the document and work magic to provide a translated version.

Once the translation is complete, you can easily download the translated PDF to your computer.

One advantage of using Google Translate is its free and widely accessible tool. It's a convenient option for quick translations, especially if you don't need to make extensive edits to the formatting or layout of the document. However, it's essential to review the translation for accuracy and context, as it may not always capture nuances accurately.

Method 3: TranslatorBox for Bengali to English PDF Translation Online


TranslatorBox is a practical translation tool for converting Bengali to English PDFs. It simplifies the translation process, offering an effective method for users.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use TranslatorBox for Bengali to English PDF translation:


Visit the TranslatorBox website and select the option to translate from Bengali to English.


Click the "UploadPDF" button or drag and drop to upload your Bengali PDF file for translation. TranslatorBox will automatically detect the source language (Bengali) and set the target language to English.


Initiate the translation process by clicking "TranslateNow." TranslatorBox will convert your PDF into English.


Once the translation is complete, you can download the translated PDF to your device.

Notable features of TranslatorBox include its user-friendly interface and the ability to handle PDF translation with ease. However, it's important to review the translated content for accuracy and formatting, as automated tools may not always capture nuances and complex structures.

For best results, ensure your source PDF is of good quality and free of scanning artifacts, as this can improve the accuracy of the translation. TranslatorBox is a valuable tool for straightforward PDF translation tasks, especially when you need a quick and efficient solution.

Method 4: Handle PDF Translation From Bengali To English Using Swifdoo


Swifdoo is a reliable solution for PDF translation, offering accuracy and quality when converting English PDFs to Bengali. It provides flexible options for understanding the content by allowing users to translate text sentence by sentence, paragraph by paragraph, or the entire document.

Here's a straightforward guide to using Swifdoo for English to Bengali PDF translation:


Enable the "QuickTranslation" feature in Swifdoo.


Select the sentence or paragraph you want to translate. A popup window will appear, allowing you to choose the source language (English) and target language (Bengali).


After selecting the languages, Swifdoo will swiftly perform the PDF translation from English to Bengali.

Alternatively, you can opt for the "DocumentTranslation" feature to translate the entire English PDF into Bengali. To do this:


Choose the "Document Translation" option in Swifdoo.


Swifdoo will automatically detect the source language.


Set the output language as Bangla (Bengali) and click "Translate to Bangla."

Swifdoo's focus on accuracy and flexibility in translation makes it a valuable tool for users who require precise and efficient PDF translation.

Method 5: Canva Bengali to English PDF Translator

canva pdf translator

Canva PDF Translator is a user-friendly tool for translating Bengali PDFs to English, offering a convenient approach to document translation.

Here's a simple step-by-step guide to using Canva PDF Translator:


Open Canva and upload the Bengali PDF document you wish to translate.


On the side panel, select "Apps" and search for the "Translate" app.


Choose the original language of the PDF (Bengali) and specify English as the target language. You can also select the specific pages you want to translate.


Click "Translate" to initiate the translation process.


Once the translation is complete, review the translated content. Canva allows you to make further adjustments, such as changing the font style, inserting new graphs, and adding or replacing images from its library. You can also add, delete, or reorder pages as needed.


After polishing the translated document to your satisfaction, click "Share" and download it as a PDF. You can save it to your cloud folders, print it, or easily share it with your global community.

Canva PDF Translator offers the advantage of not only translating your PDF but also providing tools for document customization and design. This makes it a versatile option for users looking to create visually appealing and professional translations.


You now have a variety of choices for translating Bengali to English PDFs. Select the method that aligns with your specific requirements and preferences. Each tool provides a unique approach to PDF translation, empowering you to bridge language barriers effortlessly and efficiently.

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Audrey Goodwin Feb 22, 24
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