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How to Easily Change Size of PDF on Mac

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Compress PDF on Mac • Proven solutions

Can you resize PDF Mac? Let’s say you work in Illustrator or a similar program, and you create your PDF. Now, you want to send the file via Gmail, where the limit is 25MB. What can and should you do? Might be a good time to consider resize PDF on Mac including macOS 11. This will result in the same quality but less file size. You can do it in a matter of minutes. Today, we will talk about how to change the size of PDF on Mac.

How to Resize PDF File on Mac

The main reason we use resize PDF Mac is to save storage space and reduce the size of the document. You can easily compress the file using modern PDF software. In this guide, we will talk about how to change the size of a PDF on Mac using PDFelement for Mac.

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We will also discuss why you should use PDFelement, a modern PDF software instead of other default software options. For example, you can try using Preview, a default Apple software, but the results will not be as good.

Step 1. Open the PDF Document

Launch the software. In the home window, you will notice a couple of options. Click on "Open File", locate the PDF file you want to resize, and click "OK".

resize pdf mac

Step 2. Resize PDF on Mac

When you open the document, you can resize it instantly, or run OCR first. The latter applies for scanned images and documents you want to turn into searchable text. Click on "File" > "Save as Other" > "Optimized PDF".

how to resize pdf on mac

Step 3. Adjust Settings for Resizing PDF on Mac

The PDF Optimizer window will appear. There, you can choose and adjust the size of your document. Options include low, medium, and high quality. The lower the quality, the lower the size. The optimizer will tell you what the final size will be, and the percentage of size reduction.

how to resize pdf file on mac

Step 4 Share the Resized PDF

Once you resize the document, you can save it on your computer, or share it directly. If you need to resize a document for email sharing, click on "Share". You can then send the resized document to colleagues, collaborators, or friends.

resize pdf dimensions mac

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Or if you want to further edit the document, you can use click the "Text" button on the left toolbar to edit text, images, add comments, and much more.

PDFelement is one of the most powerful PDF editors on the market. Designed with simplicity in mind, the software helps you manage PDF documents easy, simple, and quick. With a price much lower than competitors like Adobe Acrobat, PDFelement provides a robust set of features at an affordable price. Professional-level PDF software usually is feature-rich, but complicated to use. PDFelement is not. Featuring a familiar ribbon-style design, the software is as easy as it gets. There is almost no learning curve. Here are some of the popular features:

  • Open, save, and print PDF documents.
  • Markup PDF documents, add comments, highlight, or sticky notes.
  • Add, remove, move, rotate, or delete any graphical element within the document.
  • Edit text, change font, style, alignment, and size of the text.
  • Convert the document to other file formats and create PDF from other file formats retaining the original formats.
  • Add page numbers and page boxes.
  • Perform OCR to turn the file into searchable and editable text.
  • Batch process to convert, watermark, OCR, encrypt, etc.
  • Create interactive form fields and recognize them automatically.

Advantages and Reasons Why to Resize PDF on Mac

When you generate PDF files from scanned images, the size is enormous. These files can be large, and that makes the transmission difficult. PDF is a universal format and works on all software and operating systems. But if you make the PDF too large, you lose the versatility of the document. Here are some reasons why you should consider resize PDF Mac.

The main advantage is you reduce storage requirements. With modern compression PDF software, you can cut down on size up to 10 or 100 times. Your storage space will thank you.

As you reduce storage size, you make your document easier for transmission. The smaller size means faster emailing. You can easily email files across your organization or with collaborations.

You can also use modern PDF software for OCR technology. OCR makes your PDF searchable and editable. Searchable text within the PDF document helps search engines to index your documents and files faster.

And last, but not least, document archiving and data retention. Modern PDF software like PDFelement facilitate rendering files in PDA and PDF formats and help you retain all the data of the original file. In other words, you reduce the size but keep the data.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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