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How to Compress PDF File to Smaller Size

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2023-08-25 18:56:32 • Filed to: Compress PDF on Mac • Proven solutions

Brief Rundown: How to Compress PDF to Smaller Size

Step 1. Download PDFelement for Mac for free.

Step 2. Launch PDFelement and start the "Compress PDF" function.

Step 3. Save the small PDF after compression.

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Working with PDFs is inevitable in these digital times due to their efficiency in information distribution. As you deal with multiple hefty PDFs, you will note the huge space they occupy on your Mac. If you wish to work with more large PDFs regularly, you must compress PDF to smaller size, so that you can store them adequately and share quickly as well. In this article, you will learn more about how to compress PDF file to smaller size effectively.

Information put in PDFs is trusted more than that in Word. Word is easily editable, while restrictions can be put in PDFs. As a result, PDFs have gained popularity in schools, corporations and online. Consequently, you are likely to use PDFs every time you document bulky information. Multiple PDFs with hefty data occupy more space on Mac. So, small PDF compress may be an option to save space. PDFelement for Mac is the best to compress PDF to smaller size.

How to Compress PDF File to Smaller Size on Mac

There are many PDF software competitors that tend to imitate the capabilities of PDFelement for Mac. However, they hardly manage and instead complicate PDF management. Eventually, PDFelement for Mac remains as the most effective tool for PDF compress small PDF being different only in size and not quality.

The product is quite interactive and hence makes PDF optimization easy and fast as illustrated below. As you compress PDF, small PDF and original file preview are provided in the program, as well as the percentage reduction, making it easier to see the difference. Beginners should definitely make use of this tool.

Use the following procedure to compress PDF to smaller size using PDFelement for Mac

Step 1: Open PDFelement for Mac

Download PDFelement for Mac from Mac App Store. You should freely download either PDFelement for Mac, so long as your Mac’s operating system is Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra or Sierra. Follow the onscreen instructions to install it on Mac.

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When done, start the small PDF compress process by opening the program and then accessing the PDF that requires compression. So, go to bottom of the program window and click on “Open File” function. Trace the PDF and open it. Another method to open the PDF is through the “File” function in the main menu, whereby you should select “Open Recent” option if you accessed it recently.

compress pdf small pdf

Step2: Specify Compression Rate

As mentioned above, PDFelement for Mac allows PDF editing and so you may use the “Text” function on the top toolbar to make the necessary changes before compression. Proceed with PDF small compress process by specifying the compression rate. To do so, go to “File” and select “Save as Other” and then choose “Optimized PDF”. Specify between Medium, Low, and High.

compress pdf file to smaller size

Step3: Compress PDF Small PDF

Having selected the compression rate, you should look at the outcome to ensure that you get the right results. The initial file will also be visible at the same time, allowing you to easily check layout and appearance of the compressed file.

If you must change the compression rate, you are free to go back and choose another, whose results you can preview again. If satisfactory, click on "Save As" to confirm changes.

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pdf small compress

Edit, Convert, Merge, Split, and Sign PDFs with PDFelement for Mac

A professional PDF tool is necessary when frequently dealing with PDF files. The popularity of PDFs may give the impression that they are easy to handle like Word. However, you must use a perfect tool for PDF management to be smooth. PDFelement for Mac offers you this opportunity, whereby you can create, open and edit PDF files easily and as you wish, at an affordable cost. So, manipulations like PDF small compress are fast and easy at any time.

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PDFelement for Mac is smart and efficient, and hence will make you more productive. It often advances with technological improvements and so better tools arise while the existing develop. The following is an analysis of the program features:

  • It handles PDF creation in multiple ways. You can create PDFs from text, web and image files, blank document and capture options that include screen, selection and window.
  • It does smart editing, whereby you acquire complete control of your documents. So, you can change multiple things including font, text and images.
  • Since it supports output formats like Excel, HTML, Word, PowerPoint and others, it can transform a single or batch PDFs to other document formats. In this process, it does not change the PDF content, especially images, graphic and font.
  • It allows PDF annotation, whereby by you can highlight, underline or strikethrough text. You may also make comments to express attitude or personal reaction.
  • The program protects your PDF data adequately through passwords. The passwords encrypt your work such that reviewing, editing, copying and printing among other actions are restricted. You have freedom to change the code if compromised or remove it entirely.
  • It ensures your work can be authenticated through digital signatures. It allows you to create a personal digital signature that you can apply to verify document origin.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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