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How to Compress PDF Offline

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2024-05-22 10:38:25 • Filed to: Compress PDF on Mac • Proven solutions

The worldwide usage of PDF has made it a standard file format that transfers documents without text alignment or quality interference. So, PDF is significant in school projects and businesses. However, sharing PDF files that are too big is challenging since apps, websites put size limits for document sending and sharing. If you must carry out any of these activities, you need to compress PDF offline, using the best tool, PDFelement for Mac. Through this article, you will learn more.

Preview: How to Compress PDF Offline in Quick Way

Step 1. Free Download and install PDFelement for Mac.

Step 2. Choose PDF file and select compression level.

Step 3. Preview compacted PDF and Save it.

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People accustomed to using PDFs have a hard time when transferring large documents. They have a hectic time due to restrictions for sharing and sending PDFs through various apps or when uploading online. The option to compress PDF to 100kb offline is better because you do not have to archive PDFs or split them into parts to transfer them. One of the easiest ways to compress PDF file size offline is through PDFelement for Mac, a professional and reliable software.

With PDFelement for Mac on your computer, you do not have to split PDFs to send or share them. You also do not have to remove important high-quality images from the files, thinking that they are less important. You must acknowledge that the less important information still plays a crucial part in making your PDFs informative. Considering that the process to do all these is cumbersome and complicated, you need an easier way out.

The best way to deal with important large PDFs is to compress PDF files offline. PDFelement for Mac is a powerful offline tool that can compress PDF offline free since it offers a free trial. It is completely affordable, but still provides you a free trial for you to experience its efficiency before purchasing. It comes with a compressing feature, which makes the process to compress PDF to 200kb offline extremely easy. The following is a summary of other PDFelement for Mac features;

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  • It shares PDFs through email, messages, Airdrop, Notes, and other means. If you compress PDF free offline, this process becomes extremely easy.
  • It optimizes PDF through an optimize function that reduces the file size, also known as to compress PDF offline.
  • It secures information in PDFs through permission and encryption passwords. A permission password is required to allow printing and making of changes. On the other hand, encryption passwords restrict the opening and viewing of PDF details.
  • It helps in authenticating the identity of your PDF through digital signatures. It helps in creating these digital signatures which are best at replacing traditional handwritten signatures.
  • It transforms single and many PDFs to other supported file formats like Rich Text format, Hyper Text Markup Language format, Electrical Publication format, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and others.
  • It helps in filling forms with fillable fields while making the non-fillable forms interactive.

How to Compress PDF File Size Offline on Mac

With various offline tools flooding the market, you have to be selective to ensure that the process to compress PDF file size offline is smooth and understandable. PDFelement for Mac is a perfect tool to compress PDF offline free since it does the task tremendously in only three easy steps. You do not have to worry about costs because you can use the free trial as you find the means to purchase the product, whose price is reasonable and pocket friendly. During compression, you have the choice to view the newly compressed file before saving it and the reduction percentage rate.

Use the steps below to compress PDF to 200kb offline using PDFelement for Mac.

Step 1: Run the Mac Compressor – PDFelement for Mac

The process to compress PDF to 200kb offline starts online, whereby you should acquire the Mac compressor from the Wondershare website. If your Mac runs on macOS 10.14,10.15 Catalina, and 11 Big Sur, just download PDFelement for Mac and install it. Run it by accessing Applications on your Mac and clicking on its icon. Proceed to introduce the relevant PDF by selecting the “Open File” option in the window and locating the file, or simply dragging and dropping it into the program since it will open immediately.

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compress pdf offline free

Step 2: Point-out Compression Level

The compression levels available in PDFelement for Mac are Low, Medium, and High. Therefore, you must point out the specific one that you prefer. To do so, access the main menu situated at the program’s top area and choose “File”. In the options presented, select “Save as Other” and then choose “Optimize PDF” from the other fewer options.

compress pdf file size offline

In the optimization window that appears you should point out the most appropriate compression settings that will suit your PDF. To compress PDF file size offline and acquire the best results, it is advisable to choose a High level.

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compress pdf file size offline

Step 3: Preview Compacted PDF and Save

Regardless of the choice you make, it is important to preview the compressed PDF as it allows you to judge whether you choose the right compression rate. If you need to make more changes, you can return to compression settings, then save the new file by clicking on “Save As.”

compress pdf free offline

How to Compress PDF Online on Mac

If you don't want to bother to open a desktop software, you can also turn to an online PDF compressor for help. Then HiPDF can be one of your most unmissable choices. As a free all-in-one online PDF solution, HiPDF offers 30+ PDF & image tools. You can compress, edit, convert, merge, sign PDFs and handle more PDF tasks online for free.

There are only three easy steps to compress PDF and reduce PDF size on Mac online.

Step 1. Choose and upload your target PDF file to HiPDF online compression tool.

compress pdf file size online

Step 2. Select your needed compression level and start compressing PDF.

compress pdf file size online

Step 3. Download the compressed PDF file.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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