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Top 3 Ways to Remove Security from PDF

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2023-08-25 18:56:47 • Filed to: Protect PDFs on Mac • Proven solutions

Offering and setting password protection is a key and vital feature that should be applied to your PDF document. This will prevent the content of your PDF from being copied or getting edited by unauthorized personnel. More so, PDF password protection can be used to safeguard personal and confidential data from view by any other person. However, when you wish to edit, copy, or even print some or the entire content of your PDF then you will have to remove password security from PDF.

Method 1: How to Unprotect PDF with PDFelement for Mac

As far as PDF is concerned, then the top 10 PDF editors and managers would be incomplete without PDFelement for Mac on the list. This program is a cross-platform tool that can be accessed and supported by both Mac including macOS 11 and Windows computers.

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edit pdfs on mac

PDFelement for Mac is also a multifunctional tool that can be used to create and design PDF document files from scratch. You can use images, text as well as rich media files to create amazing and professional PDF. This program also supports a wide range of input formats in addition to PDF and it is capable of converting PDF to other file formats such as Word, Excel as well as other formats.

As if that is not enough, PDFelement can remove security from PDF files. PDF files that have open password protection can’t be accessed by any third parties except the one who created it and any other person he has shared the password with. Open and permission password protection help in securing the PDF from editing, copying as well as restricting access to confidential data or information. However, when you wish to print, edit, or even copy some of the content of your PDF then you will be required to remove password security from the PDF.

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Step 1: Open File

Download PDFelement for Mac from Mac App Store and install it into your Mac computer. Open and run the program on your Mac device. Tap on the Open File button from the program’s homepage, browse and choose the PDF file that you wish to remove its password security.

More so, you can select your PDF from your Mac folder, drag, and drop the secured PDF on the program’s homepage.

unsecure pdf

Step 2: Enter the PDF Security Password

Once the PDF file is imported, a new window will appear prompting you to enter the PDF security password. Tap on the Password section from the notification that pops up and enter the password to obtain access to your PDF. Enter the legit password and press the OK button to unlock and gain access to the entire content of the PDF.

unprotect pdf file

Step 3: Remove Security

Click on the "Protect" option from the "File" section, and select the Remove Security button.

pdf secured to unsecured

Method 2: Remove PDF Security without Password

In order to copy, edit, or print the entire or part of the PDF then you will have to unlock and disable the password protection feature. To unprotect pdf files then you will have to use programs such as PDF Password Remover for Mac. PDF Password Remover for Mac is one of the best products of Wondershare and an efficient tool to change pdf secured to unsecured.

With the program, you can upload and unlock multiple PDF files at once. The software interface is intuitive hence in just a few clicks you should be done with removing password security from the PDF.

Step 1: Add File

Launch the software on your computer, tap on the File tab, and select the Add PDF File(s) or Add Folder options. Click on the specific PDF that you wish to unlock. Select the file(s) that you intend to remove password security and click on the OK button to import them into the program.

unprotect pdf online

Step 2: Enter the Correct Password

From the list, tap on the PDF files with a lock icon and enter the correct password on each of the PDF files then click on the Start button at the bottom of the page. To unprotect pdf, tap on the Start button will remove the password security from all the imported PDF files.

unlock pdf

Method 3: How to Unprotect PDF Online - Hipdf

Hipdf has created and designed both an online and an offline tool that is used in PDF editing and management. Unlike the desktop version, the online version of Hipdf is more advantageous because you won’t be downloading or installing any program on your Mac or Windows computer. This software has a simple and intuitive interface hence can unsecure pdf online effectively. In just a few minutes and clicks, it is possible to eliminate any password protection from your PDF files.

Step 1: Add PDF File

Drag and drop the PDF file that you wish to remove the PDF password security into the website’s homepage. Besides, you can click on the Choose File button from the websites, browse and select the unlocked PDF file.

remove password security from pdf

Step 2: Enter the Correct Password

Enter the correct password for the PDF file and tap on the Unlock button to unprotect pdf online.

unsecure pdf online

Step 3: Done

Click on the Download tab to save the unsecured PDF file to your computer.

remove security from pdf

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

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