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Top 10 PSD to PDF Converter for Mac

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2022-04-24 16:22:22 • Filed to: PDFelement for Mac How-Tos Articles • Proven solutions

Several software applications are in existence, including online platforms that offer solutions where PSD to PDF converter are needed. One can find an offline PSD to PDF converter free, as well as a PSD to PDF converter free online, but it is very important to find a converter that makes effective conversion, without tempering with the original document and does so in minimal time. Generally, PDFelement for Mac and other software provide these functionalities easily.

Best 10 PSD to PDF Converter for Mac

1. PDFelement for Mac

PDFelement for Mac is a multi-functional software application that provides a user-friendly platform to aid in editing and manipulating PDF files easily. It is very affordable, carries out its functions in due time and still highly efficient. For this reason, PDFelement for Mac is usually regarded as one of the best file converters for every user.

PDFelement for Mac is beneficial for converting from PSD to PDF. It makes it easy for a user to download and install the software application, and then utilize the interactive graphical user interface to edit documents. This application saves a lot of time and energy as it can perform a number of tasks which are essential in the world of professional as well as casual document use and presentation.


  • An excellent advantage of utilizing PDFelement for Mac is the retaining of the originality of a document being converted to PDF and the ease with which one can edit a PDF document.
  • PDFelement for Mac has the advantage of being economical while maintaining its value of being easy to download and install.
  • From customers’ review, this application is mobile friendly, can be used to insert images, edit the content of files/documents, style the font and other designs available on a document, insert comments and sticky notes that can be used for presenting a document or referring to certain information and protects the information found in a document using the password.
  • All these remarkable characteristics, features and functionalities makes PDFelement for Mac one of the best in converting from PSD to PDF.
  • It is compatible with macOS 10.14,10.15 Catalina, and 11 Big Sur


  • There are limited features in its free version.

2. Image Converter Plus

The Image Converter Plus software application converts an image or group of images from a particular format to a desired format. The interface of this system is not complex and hence, makes it easy to carry out tasks with just a few clicks. This application also has other features that enhances its functionality and simplifies a use’s work.


  • Image Converter Plus is very reliable and carries out every conversion with immense accuracy.
  • The tools available on this software aids a user edit and manipulate various kinds of images and convert them to PDF.
  • The application gives a classic and professional feel to every document created and edited; and is known to make use of advanced techniques in its operations.


  • Despite its numerous functions and available tools that make this application outstanding, this software is a bit pricey.

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3. Gimp

Gimp is highly recommended, when it comes to converting from PSD to PDF successfully and accurately. Gimp is a tool that ensures that you do not lose the quality of your image or picture etc. in the process of conversion. Apart from PDFelement for Mac, this software application is known to be very proficient in its capability as a PSD to PDF converter.


  • For a user who wishes to have a handy software that can be accessed easily to convert and edit document, then Gimp is a wise option; as it is very easy to download and install this valuable application.
  • It has a clear graphical user interface that makes it flexible and relaxing for a user to carry out various available functions.


  • It may possess a bit of complexity in its features.
  • Gimp is better used on a desktop or laptop display setting, as opposed to the preferred and commonly used mobile devices.

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4. Movavi PDF Editor for Mac

Movavi PDF Editor allows a user to work with PDF documents, while ensuring privacy and security of information. This multi-functional application can be used efficiently as a PSD to PDF converter. This application is utilized by both individual and business customers for its multiple functionalities.


  • This software is user friendly.
  • The process of working with documents is very simplified.
  • It is affordable.


  • This application possesses a slow user interface.
  • It may lag when it is used to process or convert large files.

Learn more about Movavi PDF Editor for Mac >>


This is an online platform for conversion of data from one format to another; particularly from PSD to PDF. It is a simple webpage with easy to understand features available for users. Convertio PSD to PDF converter makes use of straight forward steps which are select PSD file you want to convert, choose to convert it to PDF format and then click on download and finally save the file.


  • The process of data conversion is very simplifying as it involves three major steps which are: upload the file to be converted successfully from any location, choose the format you desire and click convert; then finally download the created document easily.


  • It requires a good network connection.

Learn more about >>

6. Corel PHOTO-PAINT for Mac

Corel photo-paint is a software that is used in editing images and producing quality images for various display purposes. Corel photo-paint is another application that can serve as a PSD to PDF converter. Downloading and installing this program is beneficial as it is similar to having done a PSD to PDF converter free download.


  • A great feature of Corel Photo-paint is that it has a variety of tools and functionality that makes it very effective for image manipulation and a good PSD to PDF converter.
  • The process/steps that are taken to convert from PSD to PDF on Corel photo-paint are easy to understand and carry out.
  • Some of its tasks are automated making it easier for a user to work on the program.
  • Corel photo-paint is a user-friendly application.


  • Corel photo-paint for is a bit costly.

Learn more about Corel PHOTO-PAINT for Mac >>

7. Pixillion Photo Converter for Mac

Pixillion is a software convert between PSD, PDF, PNG, JPG and GIF in Mac operating system. It is widely recognized for its smooth and fast conversion amongst image file formats. Its conversion is rated high due to the fact that it performs the conversion in such a way that the originality of the image is preserved.


  • The conversion process is very fast. With this application, one can easily select the file and convert it with so much ease.
  • It is upgraded on a regular basis to improve its performance.
  • It is easy to use PSD to PDF converter.


  • It is expensive to purchase.

Learn more about Pixillion Photo Converter for Mac >>

8. Adobe illustrator for Mac

Overview –Similar to Adobe Photoshop, Adobe illustrator for Mac is used frequently by designer and others who work on graphics and images. This application can be used to convert from PSD to PDF successfully.


  • It is easily available for use.
  • Its tools and features are clear to understand and make use of.


  • Although, its features are clear; it may be difficult for first time users to navigate through.
  • It is somewhat expensive.

Learn more about Adobe illustrator for Mac >>

9. Zamzar for Mac

This is a tool that is proficient as an online PSD to PDF converter. Owning to the fact that it was launched in the year 2006, it has enhanced its ability in correct conversion in real time. This is a platform for conversion of data from one format to another; particularly from our focus - as a PSD to PDF converter online.


  • It is reasonably efficient in file conversion.
  • Also, it involves a simple drag, drop, convert and save process.
  • It saves users the stress of downloading and installing a software application.
  • It can be accessed at anytime and anywhere.
  • Additionally, it can be used to open PSD files.


  • Like most online tools, Zamzar needs a very strong network service to carry out its function well.

Learn more about Zamzar for Mac >>

10. Preview on Mac

Preview is an inbuilt application found in Mac that can be used to manipulate PDF documents with ease. It can also be used as a PSD to PDF converter free; because it is found in the Mac operating system and can be employed to convert the file format, including but not limited to: PNG, PDF, PSD, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TGA.


  • This application can be used to convert several different image formats to PDF format free on Mac.
  • It does not require any additional tool or resources in order to make good use of it.
  • The process of conversion is not complex.


  • This tool does not have much functionality in terms of editing document.
  • This tool is not as effective as some other tools like PDFelement for Mac with advanced features.

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