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How to Make PDF Editable on Mac Easily

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1. Free Download PDFelement for Mac

2. Import PDF

3. Convert PDF to Editable

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The PDF format is the most portable file format out there. Apart from the fact that it allows users view it in exactly the same way on any device, or browser, it is really very light to upload. However, users of PDFs might find it quite difficult to make PDF editable even when they have a built-in PDF reader. This article is a great solution for you.

The question is, how do you make PDFs editable? Your surest bet to making this possible is PDFelement for Mac. It provides you with unlimited PDF editing tools to allow you navigate through your PDF file.

PDFelement for Mac is created to enable users who are less inclined to embrace technology-related editing tools edit their PDF files. It comes in handy in helping users create editable PDF with the use of diverse digital elements. This means that you can edit graphics, audios, links, watermarks and so on. Users are enabled to alter their PDF files using the editing, highlighting, and annotation and commenting tools that comes in professionally built-in. Users can also alter and fill PDF forms in whichever manner they want.

PDFelement is rated as one of the best apps to assist users to convert PDF to editable PDF. This is largely because it contains features that easily allow users carry out batch process function. Additionally, PDFelement for Mac allows users carry out editing of PDF documents on a number of digital files simultaneously. All that is required of a potential user is to download the PDFelement for Mac and then launch it to allow free editing of your PDF document. You will be required to upload your document.

Alternatively, you could click on the "file" icon and this will automatically activate the editing features. PDFelement for Mac provides separate features for the editing of texts, pages and images on Mac. For your images, a user can easily crop, rotate, replace or re-size the images. When working with editing your pages, PDFelement for Mac allows you to organize your pages in any desired manner and new blank pages can be added or removed.

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How to Convert PDF to Editable on Mac

1. Open a PDF to Edit

The first step is to install the PDFelement for Mac on your device. You can now easily launch the app to enable you create editable PDF for free. Search for the PDF file you wish to edit and upload it on the app by clicking on the "Open File" icon. This icon can be found on the home Windows. The app enables users to access their local folders and so uploading the PDF file will not be a problem. Alternatively, a user can simply move the cursor and click on the "file" icon which usually is located at the top menu. You can start editing your PDF once you do this.

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2. Edit PDF Text/Images/Page on Mac

The uploaded PDF file has been opened on PDFelement for Mac. It contains features to enable editing of texts, images and pages separately. To edit your text, go to the left of the tool bar and click on the "Text" button. When you click on any text box it will be highlighted and you can automatically now delete, insert text or change your font style.

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You can edit your images by just clicking the "Image" button to activate the image-editing tools. When the formatting bar appears, simply click on the "Add Image" button. A new window will appear that will allow you add images to the PDF. You can now select the images from your local folders and then begin the adjustment of the images to the desired position. Additionally, you can simply double-click on the image to enable you replace, crop, rotate or make any other changes to the image by navigating through the pop that appears around the image. It is easy to modify the pages of your PDF by simply going to the "Organize Pages" option on the upper right side of the interface and clicking the arrow button facing down. You can remove a page by clicking the "delete" button and you can insert an entirely new page by clicking on the "Insert Blank Page" icon.

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3. Save PDF after Editing

You will need to save your document after editing. This can be done by simply clicking on "save" when you go to "file" or you could use the "command + S". This is to be used if you intend to save the document with its original name. To save it with a new name, click on "Save As” on "file". Enter the new title, location and file format you want and then "save".

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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