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CFO Insight Uses PDFelement’s Cross-Platform Approach to Optimize Their Paperless Busines

CFO Insight is a management consulting company, offering businesses consultancy and helping out distressed companies to perform better in their business. The company always believed to work across a paperless environment is the best way. Everything that is managed throughout the consultancy period is kept in digital documents. Since documentation management and collaboration require proper tools, Phil Barnes felt the need for a tool that would influence ease of use and interoperability for the team is evident.

Work efficiency is a very important factor that contributes to high-quality outputs and sustainable work operation. Phil Barnes holds the position of CEO and Managing Director for CFO Insight. After discovering PDFelement is the perfect tool, he shared his thoughts about how the tool changed his life. "I realize this, but sometimes that is important, especially when you use it all the time and ease of use, (e.g., intuitive, easy access, and drag and drop features) makes it great for me."

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Name: Phil Barnes
Age: 50
Location: United States
Position: CEO/Managing Director


The Challenges Addressed to a Digital Solution

“I don't use paper anymore. I can't remember the last time I printed something?” Phil Barnes said. Everything that is done for the clients is saved across the computer or digital devices in documents or notes. Phil Barnes, being the CEO, believes in a paperless environment. His adoption of such techniques in the company was for two basic reasons. These reasons led him to search for productivity tools that would benefit the process as a whole.

Adobe Acrobat was one of his first choices in document management. This mainstream PDF editor and reader was not a great choice for his work. His primary motives were to improve work efficiency for himself and his employees; he had not had such a great time using Adobe. “Long-time heavy user of Adobe, disappointed with service - prompted search for replacement” was what Phil Barnes said when inquired about his experience with Adobe.

Particular Reasons for Leaving the Previous Contenders

He stated his experience and tried to make things better at Adobe. "Unable to update software, would spend 20 minutes each time, waiting and then it crashed. when accessing support, the responses i got were unhelpful."

This led Phil Barnes to cancel all his subscriptions on Adobe and move towards a better option. With the aim of finding an alternative with whom he'd stick for his work, he was looking to enhance workability for managing his clients with ease.

“I usually go looking for a technology solution when I ask myself the question - "there has to be an easier way to do this..." Cost is import, but not defining. Ease of use and interoperability with the other products I use and ability to collaborate with my team are the most important“ were the thoughts shared by Phil Barnes over inquiring his needs and necessities.

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Discovering and Adopting PDFelement for Work Efficiency

Finding PDFelement wasn’t a much difficult process for Phil Barnes. Through simple web search comparison, Phil Barnes distinguished the available tools and selected the best option out of them. On asking, it was discovered that Phil Barnes used a very diverse set of productivity tools for his business, including Asana, Nebo, Castaway Forecasting, Spotlight Reporting, DocuSign, Lucid Charts, and Xero MS Office Suite, and Google Suite.

Combining PDFelement with other productivity tools was no mess for the company. Since the adaptation of PDFelement was evident, Phil Barnes found a very convenient method to ensure interoperability in his work.

While explaining how he could induce PDFelement in his system, he stated that "I use Nebo on my android tablet, sync it with my laptop and send it to my VA. I can open PDFelement using Nebo and draw and mark it up using pen and scribbles. I can then send it to my VA and team.” This is how Phil Barnes was able to include ease of use for his work.

What Services were Part of CFO Insight’s Plan While Taking Up PDFelement

PDFelement was adopted and accepted by CFO Insight. While welcoming the tool into the productivity tools section, its implementation followed a specific set of features that were to be used daily. The company found the conversion tool as the primary service that they could benefit from. While converting documents into PDF files, Word files and other file extensions, they found editing as another important pillar for its implementation.

File editing was another important task that was covered by the employees with the aid of PDFelement. While complementing the ease of use and interoperable environment, it became easy for CFO Insight to manage their documentation.

How Simple was the Transition of Software

These were some things that Phil Barnes could not find in using Adobe. Customer service is a very important factor that defines the success of any platform. After sharing his experience, he mentions that "I sent them several email responses saying I have lost confidence in the product and had cancelled my subscription. But the internal departments of Adobe weren't talking to each other, and I kept getting emails."

Eventually, under such strenuous conditions, Phil Barnes was forced to move towards new options. While searching, he came across PDFelement, a tool that he believed offered the very things he searches across any productivity tool. Phil Barnes was very quick in adopting PDFelement as his primary file editor and other productivity tools to improve his work efficiency.



Converting and Organizing Documents to Perfection

The adoption of PDFelement fixtured across all employees within the company. The major use case that was associated with the tool were converting and editing the documents. However, there were two basic requirements that were effectively fulfilled by PDFelement. The tool ensured high-quality conversion of documents into appropriate file formats.

These file conversions were known to maintain quality across all formats. Along with this, the tool ensured batch processing which made it possible to convert multiple files within a single click. With a very wide variety of options in converting documents, the company was actually able to manage their client’s documents easily.

Another factor that made positive results evident was the assurance of organizing documents to perfection. For this, PDFelement ensured different page tools for efficiently organizing documents by inserting page numbers or splitting files appropriately. With the help of PDFelement, they were actually able to delete, crop, rotate, and combine PDF pages to make it possible for them to manage their clientele properly.

Collaboration and Compatibility Became an All-Time Favorite

Full-scale access across different productivity tools was a possibility with PDFelement. The platform ensured the company to access any PDF file, without worrying its file format. This was all possible because of the compatibility offered by the tool itself. To ratify this observation, it can be seen how Phil Barnes reacted on answering the adoption of PDFelement when he said “PDFelement, is there when I need it, it plays well with my other software.”

Support Across Multiple Platforms

PDFelement features support across all major platforms. From Windows to an online platform and an Android app, the tool supports its users at maximum. Phil Barnes mentioned the availability of PDFelement across multiple platforms as a very promising factor. He was also known to use PDFelement across his Android device. With seamless transition from Windows to Android, it surely is an all-platform PDF solution.

While providing solutions across all platforms, PDFelement has made it possible for CFO Insight to actually promote going paperless. Phil Barnes discusses multiple platforms as “I used to carry folders for all my client around with me with printouts, which made life difficult.” After adopting PDFelement, he transitioned his views to “much easier to manage, especially being so mobile.”

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PDFelement Enhancing User Experience to Perfection

PDFelement has become a must-have tool in Phil Barnes's work. Finding a solution across the platform was very simple and quick, as stated by Phil Barnes himself. The tool has a user-friendly interface and easy-to-distinguish icons, making it easier for users to find the solution.

Most importantly, PDFelement made it possible for the employees to dive deep into the feature of the product with the help of how-to guides, video tutorials, featured tips, and a responsive team provided by the platform itself. PDFelement has made it possible for CFO Insight to reduce their working time and explore new businesses and support them in the flow of documents with high efficiency.

With the adoption of PDFelement, Phil Barnes was able to ensure work efficiency across his whole team. The use of the tool for developing documents in alignment with other productivity tools saved much time. This is what was much attractive for him being the CEO and Managing Director of CFO Insight. Phil Barnes was satisfied since his clientele was managed easily with the help of such effective productivity tools.

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