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Edupad Education Streamlined its Document Workflow by Getting 80% Faster Results with PDFelement

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Edupad Education is an education-based company in Southeast Asia that teaches students to be excellent leaders and provide valuable services. In this education-based company of 50 members, PDFs play an important role. However, there always exist some issues with the editing and management of PDF documents around its educators. To avoid wasting time on these issues, Edupad Education underwent a seamless transition to PDFelement for Windows. With the smart features of PDFelement, its employees would no longer have to invest time in formatting or editing content and could easily authenticate and manage various documents.

All of this led to the improvement in the working efficiency of their workforce by 80% and saved around $100,000 for the company.


The Problem Faced by Edupad Education

"We have many PDF documents in our company to edit and sign. We spent many hours trying to edit and sign PDF, but it was very, very troublesome."

This quote is from John, who is an educator in the company. He loves working for Edupad Education as the company has a thriving and positive working environment and takes the assistance of various technical tools to meet its growing needs. However, the employees feel very critical when they meet the PDF editing issues.

"It took a few days to edit and sign each pdf to the format we want. When we use other pdf editing software, the format of the documents changed a lot and we spent days trying to make sure the format is correct."

The company tried several solutions for the above issue before like PDF Reader Pro and Small PDF, but they didn’t meet its overall requirements. The staff had to put in a lot of time in editing the needed documents that it directly affected their efficiency in obtaining vital results.

Transitioning to an Affordable PDF Solution

There were no challenges during the transition. The software is easy to use and the support and tutorials are very good.


To resolve the ongoing issues with the creation and conversion of PDF documents, Edupad Education took the assistance of PDFelement for Windows. The application was recommended by a colleague who found PDFelement extremely affordable, user-friendly, and resourceful.

After switching to PDFelement, Edupad Education started saving substantial time while working with PDF files.

"It is easier for us to edit and sign pdfs and the format of the document is still good even after we convert to pdf to word document."

PDFelement retains the overall formatting of documents

"When we convert PDF to a Word document, the formatting of the Word document is still the same, very good and we do not need to edit the formatting of the word document. For other software we used, the formatting of the Word document is very different and ugly after we use it to convert from PDF to Word. We need to spend time to change the formatting of the Word document," said John about the working of PDFelement.

This drastically improved the overall efficiency of the company’s workflow and led to a seamless standardization of their content.

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Smart signing and management of PDF files

"Our business always need the signature function to sign contracts with our customers."

Edupad Education used to spend a lot of time scanning and signing PDF documents that are from their customers. It's a vital part of the business workflow for an education company.

With the inbuilt signature feature in PDFelement, their employees could easily add their digital signatures to all kinds of documents. The company could also include its signature on various documents to make them authentic.

Ultimately, PDFelement made it easier for Edupad Education to verify their documents and send them for authentication to anyone else.

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Edit worksheets in an easy PDF form flow

With PDFelement, the employees could create, edit, convert and sign PDF files – all in one place. You know, worksheets are always a key document-type that connects their customers and staff. They can edit, scan, and convert forms or worksheets to a PDF format, then sign it using PDFelement, and forward it to other employees.

From 1 to 50 for Speeding Up their Business

"We find that this software is very good, efficient and cheap, hence we bought 1 copy for each staff for them to use in office and at home."

Currently, Edupad Education bought a subscription of PDFelement for every employee.

After switching to PDFelement, Edupad Education could drastically improve the working efficiency of their employees. Since the tool is extremely user-friendly, their employees could easily transition to it without any issue.

Apart from generating more effective results, even the employees of Edupad Education found working on PDFelement a better experience. Instead of making unwanted edits and correcting the formatting of the documents, they could focus on other vital things.

As a result, the company was able to save more than $100K in its operations after switching to PDFelement. It has been observed that the tool could speed up the efficiency of its employees by 80% that drastically reflected in other aspects of the workforce.

In this interview, John said, "PDFelement is the best PDF editing tool our company has used so far. It is effective in editing and managing PDFs and it is very value for money.”

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