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Reduction of Wasted Time by 30%

ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. Adopted PDFelement for Effective Document Management

A mid-tier civil engineering firm, ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. provides civil engineering services across different local projects. With governmental projects and such services in the notice, they had to set up and manage different documents related to the project. However, there were some particular issues related to documentation management that were addressed by the company authorities.

The only thing that comes in between a project and success is work efficiency. That is when Bogdan, their Project Manager, came up with the idea of sharing PDFelement as a productive remedy. He states his responsibilities as "I generally research new software that might be useful and present it to upper management. I oversee the acquisition process.”

ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. was successful in reducing 30% of wastage time in 1-2 months. Conclusively, they had the opportunity to assert more time into their imperative tasks rather than focusing on their basic manipulation tasks.

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Free-Time was Never in Concept

Bogdan mentioned some expressive problems that he identified as being the Project Manager of the company. One of the grave issues that the company was failing to address repeatedly was time management. Being a civil engineering solutions company, ALCONS ENGINEERING should focus on the project itself as compared to its documentation.

It was an utter exasperation for the company to remain in circles with this issue. With no solution to time management, the employees were taking a lot of time in covering the simple workarounds. This gave the employees a reason for avoiding the 'real' project. Modern project management requires techniques such as exemplary editors, OCR, and document annotators.

ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. lacked across all aforementioned platforms. Time was being wasted, and there was no evident solution that could help them reach a fix.

Manual Work Equating to Lesser Work Completion

Whenever the company looked forward to initiating a project, there were some paperwork and basic fulfillments that needed to be completed on time to ensure a proper check and balance of the project. However, Bogdan stated that the very thing which was carried out to discover liabilities within the project became a liability itself.

Bogdan stated that procedures such as document printing, scanning, extracting, and replacing became too time-taking. Employees had to perform bates numbering manually across the project documents after having them printed. Writing down page numbers across the documents can be extremely alarming and agonizing for the employee and the employer.

Ineffective Solutions Didn’t Keep the Problems in the Shack

Bogdan mentioned opting for solutions that could effectively exempt the problems involved in managing the company's documentation. Adobe Acrobat Pro was one of his primary options in document management. However, Bogdan found the software to be extremely difficult and complicated for him and his colleagues.

“It was good but very expensive since I needed at least several people to be able to edit PDF at the same time," says Bogdan when he was questioned why he left Adobe Acrobat. The solution presented by him for the team was extremely complicated in entirety, making it difficult for them to manage documents at a hefty price. Being a mid-level company, ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. cannot afford such extravagant expenses.

Making Redacting Documents a Burden

ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. covers client projects. The information shared across these client projects is confidential. File protection was a necessity. However, this whole procedure was particularly covered through black markers and manual scanning.

Information redaction was a very protracted procedure before Bogdan tried to come up with an effective solution. Hiding information followed the procedure of printing out the document, manually marking it with a marker, and scanning it to hide all secrets present across the document successfully. Not only did this make work excessively difficult, but this also became a nuisance for the people across the company.

Bogdan realized the need for provocative automation and jotted himself into finding an appropriate tool to address all problems. Being in charge of the acquisition process, Bogdan worked through the problems to discover the remedy.

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The Urge of Implementation – Finding PDFelement as THE Savior

While Bogdan was entangled in finding a proper solution to make the teamwork efficient, he came across PDFelement. Fortunately, it was his lucky day when he bought one license for testing the tool. He figured it to be a very good investment, not only for himself but for the company too.

More licenses were bought for the company, and the management was informed about the tool. This led to the adoption of the tool on a large scale. The implementation was quite simple and easy. Over a simple announcement, everyone was informed about PDFelement.

The company proceeded with using PDFelement for managing its documentation. Since Bogdan mentioned the tool to be extremely user-friendly, he explained the implementation procedure in detail. "No real training was done. I created some clips with basic functionality in my language so everyone could access them anytime they needed.”

bates numbering pdfelement

Bates Numbering Became as Simple as Setting Up Bullet Points

Bogdan mentioned improving multiple problems with documentation through PDFelement. Bates Numbering was one important requirement that was to be completed across the procedure. Since the information was quite confidential and important for the project, it required appropriate numbering.

“This is a huge time-consuming job since I usually submit sets of documents that have around 1500 pages x 4 copies = 6000 pages to be numbered,” was what Bogdan had to say when inquired how bates numbering was difficult for the company to execute. With the efficient organizing features offered across PDFelement, users were able to set up their documents.

PDFelement offers users a simple option of setting up Page Labels for their documents. With the tool, they were able to number their myriad of documents within a matter of minutes.

combining across pdfelement

Combining Across PDFelement Instead of Manual Setting

As mentioned above, ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. had to go through huge governmental copies of files. Not only were they to perform bates numbering across it, but they also had to make multiple copies of these documents. Following this, these copies were to be combined and then combined accordingly. The equation was complicated until Bogdan came up with PDFelement.

PDFelement provides efficient PDF combination tools that can easily combine tools through simple clicks or the proficient ‘Combine’ features offered to the users. Employees now had much time left after adding bates number across the files automatically and combining large documents into a single PDF file with PDFelement.

construction file management

File Management Seemed Heaven

PDFelement actually made lives easier, as stated by Bogdan. The tool offered a distinctive set of features to its users, which helped them manage their documents with ease. Where employees wasted time in setting up files for the projects, PDFelement made editing, copying, inserting, and deleting a matter of seconds.

It became exceptionally easier for employees to edit documents within the platform. They could add or edit text and images across the documents. Furthermore, the platform offered them different annotating tools, which made it very easy for them to mark, redact significant information within the file. All confidential information that was to be redacted for safety could be hidden with PDFelement.

ocr file with pdfelement

OCR Took Out All the Existential Problems with Time Management

PDFelement’s OC R technology offers an accurate text recognition on images or on scanned PDFs for its users. While helping ALCONS’ employees with extracting text from the images of documents, the platform extracts more than 20+ languages it supports. This led to an easy editing procedure of the document.

This widespread technology has been highly acknowledged by people, especially Bogdan who was impressed with the Optical Character Recognition technology of PDFelement. Data extraction from batches of files became easy with its batch-processing feature. Since ALCONS ENGINEERING Ltd. demanded scanning of existing documents as per their record, PDFelement made it a click away from them.

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PDFelement is very intuitive, powerful and very accessible when it comes to price. It is all great that the free version lets you use all the features, this makes it very easy to determine if PDFelement is right for you or your company.

The Long-Awaited Work Efficiency Was Actually Achievable

With PDFelement, Bogdan was actually proud to exclaim how the company was able to carry out its day-to-day operations. "It certainly adds a huge plus for the company and day-to-day operations,” mentions Bogdan.

Tasks that actually mattered had both the time and the energy to be executed. “We have more time to do tasks that matter and bring value instead of grunt work," is what Bogdan shared with us while exclaiming the results that the company enjoys over adopting PDFelement. Within a matter of a month or two, the company was able to reduce its percentage of time wastage by 30%, which was a huge achievement for the team.

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