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Top 4 PDF Software that Supports Chinese OCR

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Chinese OCR is one of the best and the most advanced outcome which has been generated by Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. There are programs which provide Chinese OCR and such programs are not recommended as it can lead to safety and security issues. PDFelement provides the Chinese OCR translator which is state of the art and therefore it is highly regarded. The program makes sure that the Chinese character OCR is done in the best manner. It is undoubtedly the best Chinese OCR software of all times which makes the process very easy and therefore it is highly regarded as one of the best and the most advanced outcome of all times.

Top 4 PDF Programs with Chinese OCR

PDF editors are highly sophisticated programs which can be used to make sure that the best and the most advanced output is provided to the users. The basic misconception which a general user has is that the PDF software is PDF reader only. Actually this is not the case as PDF programs have many other features which will make the PDF manipulation very easy to perform. It is highly advised to look for the PDF programs that can make the PDF related functions are made easy to perform.

1. PDFelement

It is the best program which can be used to make sure that the PDF manipulation is made easy and very professional. This is undoubtedly the best and the most advanced program on the list which has no match at all.


  • User can perform basic PDF functions such as PDF opening and saving.
  • The OCR functionality can be used to convert image to editable text file.


  • For some users this program may be highly advanced to use.
  • The program disrupts the flash plugin of the system and makes it slow.
chinese ocr

2. Sumatra PDF

It is another program which has the best outcome for the users as the interface is easy and very intuitive. It performs the PDF related actions in a relatively fast manner as compared to the other programs. It is open source and anyone can use it.

chinese ocr online


  • The program is lightweight and does not require high system resources.
  • It has a 64 bit installer which is only 5MB in size.


  • The features of the program are not diverse as many other PDF readers.
  • The keyboard shortcuts of the program are difficult and cannot be understood.

3. Adobe Acrobat

It is one of the most known programs and the one which is installed by most of the users. The users are highly confident about the PDF manipulator and this can be regarded as one of the best readers of all time.

chinese ocr translator


  • The PDF software also has a free version which has limited functionality.
  • The PDF files can also be converted to other formats if required.


  • The price of this software is too high for a normal user to bear.
  • The program does not manage the PDF files in the manner it should.

4. Foxit Reader

This is another program which will make it possible for the user to manipulate the PDDF file with ease. The best part of the reader is that it has gained popularity with the passage of time which shows its usability. The Foxit reader has made it possible for the users to take the PDF management to the next level.

best chinese ocr software


  • The program also has an online PDF management system which is browser based.
  • It also removes complex formatting which means that the plain text on the PDF can be viewed.


  • The download of the program is bundled which installs other programs not required.
  • The paid trials are not installed on its own so it has to be installed separately.

How to Use Chinese OCR in PDFelement

PDFelement is a program which allows users to perform the functionality on PDF files easily. The best part of the program is to make sure that the program will perform Chinese OCR which is a functionality which many PDF programs do not offer to users. PDF documents can also be protected by applying the user chosen password using this program. PDFelement is also the first choice of the corporate users. It has all the functionalities which will make it the best PDF manipulation software program of all times. It also has a powerful editor which can be used to convert the PDF files to other formats with ease.

Step 1: Open a File

Drag and drop a file that has the Chinese content into the program. If your file is the PDF format file, then it will be opened directly. If your file is other formats, such as .docx, .png or .jpg etc it will be created to be an PDF file automatically and opened in the program.

best chinese ocr

Step 2: Enable Chinese OCR

Click the "Edit">"OCR" button, choose "Editable Text" option in the OCR dialog window, then click the "Change Language" button to choose either Traditional Chinese or Simplify Chinese in the OCR language list to perform OCR. If your file content has both these two Chinese languages, then you can select both of them.

simplified chinese ocr

Step 3: Edit or Convert

After performing OCR, the file will be editable. You can click the "Edit" button on the top-left corner to edit the content directly, here are more details about how to edit PDF files. Or if you want to convert it to other editable format files, then you can choose an output format in the "Home" button to convert directly. Here are more details about how to convert PDF files.

ocr chinese characters online

Tips: OCR Knowledge

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and it is a mechanism which is used all over the world for the purpose of data import. OCR makes sure that the mechanical version of the pictures is created and imported to the computer without any problem. From passports to documents and from simple jpeg format to letters it is highly recommended to use this technique to make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated. The OCR also makes sure that the data which his stored in the files is the one which allows the users to overcome the storage problem.

Chinese OCR
OCR Conversion to Editable Text Format
User Defined OCR Support
OCR Plugin
PDFelement Available Available Available Available
Sumatra PDF Available Available Not Available Not Available
Adobe Acrobat Available Not Available Not Available Not Available
Foxit Reader Available Not Available Not Available Not Available

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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