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3 Steps to Convert Tiff to Word

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The tiff to word conversion has never been as easy as it is with Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor. The high rating of the program is all because of the ability of it to convert tiff to word. The program has the interface which makes tif to word conversion very easy to perform. The developers of the program also know that the updates are necessary so they are rolled out frequently. This tif to word converter allows the users to overcome the problems which the other programs present. This tiff to word converter is highly regarded by the users that use it. It is all because of the high performance it delivers.

Convert Tiff to Word with PDFelement

Each step related to PDFelement is highly easy to follow and users can apply and also experiment with the it to find the right process. It is advised to follow the steps which are mentioned as under to save users' time.

Step 1. Open a Tiff File

Drag and drop a TIFF file into PDFelement to open it. There are many ways of performing the function but the drag and drop is the easiest to perform and recommended to save time and effort.

tiff to word

Step 2. Perform OCR

Go to "Tool" > "OCR" to continue the process. There is only one process which you need to follow before moving forward with the process. Download and install the OCR functionality first before using it. This is a complete process which you need to follow separately to make the OCR work.

convert tiff to word

Step 3. Convert TIFF to Word

Once the OCR has been performed, click "Convert" > "To Word" button to start the tiff to word conversion.

tif to word

Convert Tiff to Word with Google Drive

Google Drive is another tool that can help you convert tiff to word with the hidden OCR function. Here are the steps.

Step 1. Upload a Tiff File

Upload a .tiff format file into your Google Drive account first.

tiff to word

Step 2. Open Tiff with Google Docs

Right-click the uploaded tiff file and choose "Open with Google Docs", the OCR process will be started automatically.

convert tiff to word

Step 3. TIFF to Word

Once the file is opened, the content in it is already editable. You can click download to save it to a .docx format word file on your computer.

tif to word

Convert Tiff to Word with PDF Converter Pro

PDF convertor Pro is another that will make sure the best and the most advanced functionality is performed on all the PDF files or the other format. The program is very easy to use and therefore it is highly rated by the users. It is one of those programs which will make sure that the best is delivered to users in form of the end product once a particular process is followed. PDF Convertor Pro is highly in demand which shows that the convertor is something which the users want to install.

Step 1. Load a Tiff

To start the process you need to hit "Create PDF" and then "Add Files" to upload the TIFF file to the program.

tif to word converter

Step 2. OCR Settings of the Conversion

Click the "Advance Setting" button and in the "OCR" tab, select the top option to enable OCR and choose the same language of your Tiff file content to enable OCR.

tiff to word converter

Step 3. Convert Tiff to Word

Choose "Microsoft Word" in the output format options and hit the "Convert" button to converted to Word. The process ends here in full.

convert tif to word

The Best Tiff to Word Converter

PDFelement is the best program to convert tif to word, not only because it supports to convert tiff to docx, but also because it is the best PDF editor. To convert tiff to editable word document there is no other program which is as feasible as this one is. The overall management of the program when it comes to PDF files is highly rated. It is also a program which is available free to download. This is to check the features of the program before making the purchase which is required. PDFelement is the highly recommended to novice users.

PDFelement is one of the best and the most used programs to make sure that the PDF and other format related tasks are performed with ease. The best part of the program is that you can use it for more than one working and the results will be astounding. The best part of PDFelement is that it allows the users to interact more and more with the processes so that the end results are the best of all. PDFelement is one of the best forms programs which can be used without any problem and assistance. Learn how to use PDFelement here.

  • The best part of the program is that it can be used to perform the most common PDF related tasks such as opening, saving, printing and PDF marking.
  • The graphical elements of the program can easily be manipulated i.e. they can be added, deleted, moved, resized and rotated with ease.
  • The PDF files can be applied with the passwords which make sure that they became safe and secure from unauthorized access.
  • The program can be used to approve and sign the documents digitally. It makes sure that the documents are proven to be original when presented.

Tips: Introduction of Tif/Tiff Format

With the extension of .tiff and .tif the Tagged Image File Format is one of the most used image formats of all times. The first release of the tiff format was regarded as tiff 6.0 which was launched in 1992. The latest, stable and supplement release of the program was done in 2002 which makes the format highly usable. The tiff technology is extended to Exif, DCF, TIFF/EP, TIFF/IT, TIFF-FX and GeoTIFF. The features of the program is highly regarded which include the baseline tiff, tiff extensions and appendices. The compression files which are used for the tiff formatting are CCITT T.4 bi-level encoding, CCITT T.6 bi-level encoding, LZW Compression scheme.

There are many advantages of TIFF format. Some of these are mentioned as under.

  • TIFF format can be edited with the most common image editing program on the market. It simply means that the usability of the format is high.
  • The default compression is not available with the format and it has to apply later. It means that the tiff format is HD format when it comes to usage.
  • It is the most common format which is supported by all major operating systems of the world. The software suites also support the tiff image format in full.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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