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How to Convert PNG Images to Word Documents (Updated for 2024)

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2024-04-30 10:40:54 • Filed to: Convert Image to Office • Proven solutions

Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor is a program which you should use to convert PNG to Word. It is the best PNG to word converter which is available for the users. To convert PNG to editable word this program has all the required tools and scenarios. The best part of the program is that it is very graphical in nature which makes it very easy to be used without any learning curve. The overall program and its contents are easy to understand. To convert PNG to word document it is highly regarded as a program that will get you with the best results.

2 Methods to Convert PNG to Word with PDFelement

Method 1:

As mentioned before PDFelement has number of functions which can be used to get the PDF files manipulated as you want. The best part of it is that a single process can be carried out using different steps. This once again shows that the program has versatility which you will never in other similar software programs. This process is very simple to follow as all the steps are self-explanatory.

Step 1. Import a PNG

Import a .png format file in the program to be opened.

png to word

Step 2. Set Options before Converting From PNG to Word

Go to the "Edit" tab on the main ribbon. Then proceed to click "OCR" button to use OCR to change it to be editable.

png to word converter

Step 3. Convert PNG to Editable Word

Then go to the "Convert" tab, select the "To Word" button to convert .png file to word.

convert png to editable word

Method 2:

This is the second and relatively a simple process which can be adopted to make sure that the results same as of the above process are generated. The PDFelement is highly advised as it will make sure that you get the outcome fast as compared to the other programs. The steps are as follows. These are very simple and easy to follow and come up with best outcome for the users.

Step 1. Import PNG File

After opening a .png file in PDFelement, go to the "File" tab, in the "Preference" > "OCR" tab to choose the correct language of your PNG file content.

convert png file to word

Step 2. Convert PNG to Word

Click the "To Word" button in the "Home" tab, and in the new dialog window, click the "Settings" button and select "Only scanned PDF" option to convert directly. The converted .docx file will be editable.

png to word document

Convert PNG to Word with Google Drive

Google Drive is another tool to convert PNG to Word document online, you can check out the steps here.

Step 1. Upload a PNG

Upload a .png file into your Google Drive account.

png to word

Step 2. Open with Google Docs for OCR

Right-click the PNG file and open it with Google Docs, the OCR process will be started automatically.

png to word converter

Step 3. PNG to Editable Word

When the file is opened, the text in it is already editable. You can click the "File" > "Download" to save it to a word file.

convert png to editable word

The Best PNG to Word Converter on Windows

PDFelement can be used to take care of any form of PDF files without referring to the structure. There are many programs which have been developed to make sure that the PDF files are manipulated. Among all programs PDFelement has the highest rating and it is all because of the quality which has been embedded within the program. It is the only program that offers the users to check it before making the final purchase. The Wondershare PDFelement is a program that is a must have for all the users.

The program can be used to perform a wide range of functionalities with the PDF file which makes it one of the most reliable programs of all time. PDFelement is the best and the most programs which means that you get the best outcome and make your PDF with the best style. It is the program that allows you to get the PDF manipulated without any hassle. Wondershare PDFelement is undoubtedly the best of all. Features of the program:

  • PDF files can be manipulated with ease and with PDFelement you can add page numbers and bates numbers.
  • PDF documents before being transferred to any other person can be embedded with the approval and the digital signature.
  • Make sure that the OCR is used to perform the functionality with the PDF documents with the user defined PDFs.
  • PDF files can be converted to the other formats. It can be used to convert the documents to HTML, text and image files.

Tips: Information about PNG

PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics that is a raster graphics file format. It is created as the most widely used image compression format and a replacement of GIF - Graphics Interchange Format. PNG supports grayscale images and images with 24-bit RGB or 32-bit RGBA colors. It was published as an ISO standard in 2004 and as informational RFC 2083 in 1997.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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