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Best Image to HTML Converter

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"Oh, this is an image file, and I would need an image to HTML converter going forward." Do you encounter the same problem with this user? Have you tried many apps to convert image to HTML code but they fell short of your requirements? Then this article was written for you, for programmers and tech-savvy people facing a similar issue. Thanks to Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor, you can perform this conversion process affordably, quickly, and efficiently. It is a versatile image to HTML converter with many other exciting features for file management. Below, we'll show you how to turn an image file to HTML format using this software.

Convert Image to HTML Code with PDFelement

Step 1. Load an Image

Before you start, ensure you've downloaded and installed the most recent version of PDFelement on your device. Launch it and click the "Create PDF" tab to load an image.

image to html converter

Step 2. Perform OCR

Click the "OCR" button in the "Edit" tab, then select "Editable Text" option, and click the "Change Language" button to select the image language to perform it.

convert image to html code

Step 3. Convert Image to HTML Code

After performing OCR, click the "To Others" >"Convert to HTML" button in the "Home" tab to start the conversion.

convert image to link html

How to Convert Image to HTML with Google Drive

Step 1. Upload an Image

You need to upload your image into Google Drive first.

image to html converter

Step 2. Open with Google Docs

Choose to open the image by Google Docs by a right click.

convert image to html code

Step 3. Convert Image to HTML

Then you can use Google Docs to save the image to a HTML file.

convert image to link html

Convert Image to Link HTML with PDF Converter Pro

PDF Converter Pro is another image to HTML converter around. It is also fully compatible with several other file formats — the likes of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, EPUB, and image formats, etc. This piece of software offers a fast, stable and flexible solution for PDF document conversion to or from many other formats. It even allows you convert password-protected PDFs easily. These are 3 steps to convert image to HTML with this program:

Step 1. Import an Image

Load an image file in this application by clicking "Create PDF" tab.

image to html converter for email

Step 2. OCR Settings

You can put it on by selecting the "Advance Setting" option for specifying your preference for the output file, including OCR language.

how to convert image to html

Step 3. Convert Image to HTML

Here, select the "HTML" option in the Output drop down list and hit the "Convert" button.

how to convert image to html code

The Best Image to HTML Converter

PDFelement is the best image to HTML converter. This is due to its highly efficient OCR function for converting images to HTML; its extremely user-friendly features to perform a number of File Management operations. Some of these activities are editing PDF, creating form, redacting PDF file, managing PDF pages, among many others.

  • PDFelement helps in converting image to HTML quickly and efficiently.
  • It allows you turn single PDF file or multiple ones at a time into several other formats and vice versa.
  • It lets you open, create, edit, save, and print PDFs.
  • The software fully supports password-encrypted PDFs.
  • After converting from one format to the other, PDFelement retains the original graphics, formatting, and layout in the output file.
  • It helps you edit PDF text as well as images the same way you'd on a Word processor.
  • The program lets you add reviews and notes on PDFs using stamps, text tools, and notes.
  • PDFelement allows you protect PDF documents using the "Signature" as well as "Protection" options.

Tips: Understanding of HTML

HTML, Hypertext Mark-up Language, is employed in creating documents for the World Wide Web (WWW). As its name implies, it’s a mark-up language: the original ASCII text can be edited, and new text codes added to show the manner and place that the text is to appear. When a document in HTML is read by an appropriate Web browser which has capabilities to understand HTML codes (like Internet Firefox or Explorer) the codes for the formatting get interpreted and the text is shown in a nifty and more dynamic manner. HTML documents can contain links to other documents (as the term, “hypertext”, implies) and graphics.

A document in HTML format can be created in free-format, which means we are not concerned about what the text file appears like, because the formatting is done by the browser. HTML cares less about how documents look but it focuses on the document structure. Documents in HTML contain codes marking headings, paragraphs, lists, tables, and others. We will now explain the differences between the 3 markup languages — HTML, XML, and XHTML:

HyperText Mark-up Language eXtensible Markup Language eXtensible Hypertext Mark-up Language
It is used for producing documents for the World Wide Web. XML is machine-independent and is employed for representing data so that it can be sent electronically. XHTML is a family of XML markup languages extending versions of the popularly used HTML, which is the language that Web pages are formulated in.

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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