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How to Clear Cache and Cookies on Safari

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2024-05-22 13:36:15 • Filed to: macOS Tips and Tricks • Proven solutions

Safari is the built-in browser that comes with the macOS 11 computers. It provides great browsing services, and so you can easily research or access social media sites like Facebook. This browser uses cookies or cache to stores website data so that it can avoid downloading it every time you access the same site. As this data accumulates with time, some sites stop working or may incorrectly complete personal information. To get back on track, you need to clear your browser cache on macOS 11. Therefore, the information below is about clearing the cache, history, and cookies in Safari on macOS 11.

How to Delete Safari Cached Files and Cookies on macOS 11

The process to delete Safari cached files and cookies on macOS 11 may be gradual, whereby you delete the cache, then cookies, and lastly history.

The procedure below will help you learn how to clear cache and cookies in macOS 11 Safari browser.


If several websites are misbehaving when opened in Safari, first try to fix the problem by clearing your browser cache on macOS 11. Do so using the hidden Safari Developer menu, which clears the cache and leaves the cookies intact. It is a useful diagnostic step to take before you remove both cache and cookies if a website misbehaves;

  • Activate the Developer menu by selecting Safari
  • Go to Preferences and click the Advanced icon.
  • Put a tick alongside Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar.

clear your browser cache on macos 11

The Develop menu option will appear to the left of the Window and Help menu options. So;

  • Close any open Safari windows and choose Empty Caches on the Develop menu.

clear the cache, history, and cookies in safari on macos 11

  • Click File
  • Then choose New Window to start Safari with a clean cache.


If clearing the Safari cache does not help, you can proceed to clear the browser cookies. So;

  • Open Safari
  • Go to Preferences, which is in Safari menu
  • Click on Privacy and then select Manage Website Data.
  • Hit the Remove All from the drop-down menu.


If you prefer clearing history as well or clearing the cache, history, and cooking in Safari on macOS 11 at once, do the following;

  • Open Safari
  • At the top left of the screen access the menu bar and click History.
  • Select Clear History at the bottom of the menu.

clear your browser cache on macos 11

  • You need to define the time frame to clear history and cookies from Safari, so use the drop-down menu.
  • Again, hit Clear History

delete safari cached files and cookies on macos 11

As Safari history gets cleared, cookies and cache will also be cleared.

How to Clear Cookies and Cache for Individual Sites

Instead of clearing your browser cache and cookies entirely, you can deal with individual sites that present problems. If a website like Facebook behaves awkwardly, clearing cache and cookies can maximize its speed and performance is convenient if you spend a lot of time posting videos and view other people’s content. Additionally, deleting this data allows you to view the most recent matters since it will force a restart that leads you to updated details.

Clearing cookies and cache of individual websites maintain security if you are using a public computer, or a macOS 11 computer that is accessible by other people at any time. The cache is known to store private information required by sites and could be available to the next user who will view your personal information. What’s more, the temporary cache files may be a target for virus files, adware, or malware.

Here is how to clear cookies and cache for individual sites;

  • Begin by opening the Preferences dialog box in the Safari tab, in the top left.

clear the cache, history, and cookies in safari on macos 11

  • Proceed by selecting the Privacy icon and then choosing the Manage Website Data… function.
  • You can select the individual sites, which will then prune a list, to remove the data by site. So, use the search field to track down the individual sites. You may hold down the Command key to select multiple sites.
  • When done, hit the Remove utility.
  • Alternatively, delete the cache and cookies by hitting the Remove all function, an option that requires confirmation.

As you get rid of the cache and cookies of individual sites in Safari, note that you might remove the autocompleted login usernames and passwords for websites. Additionally, the majority will certainly log you out of the site if you have configures it automatically to log in each time you visit.

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