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Top Way to Sign Digital PDF with Handwritten Signature

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There could be many reasons that you need to sign digital PDF files with your signature. Many files these days are presented in digital format rather than printed. Or sometimes you don't have time to print digital files and sign them by hand. But if you still want to use your handwritten signature rather than a digital one, there is a way to sign documents digitally with your original handwritten signature. Below, we discuss the easiest way to sign PDF with digital handwritten signatures using Wondershare PDFelement - PDF Editor.

PDFelement is an all-in-one PDF tool that lets you sign any digital PDF file with either a handwritten signature or a digital signature easily and efficiently. Plus, you can also indicate the status of the file with customized stamps.

Apart from the signing function, PDFelement allows you to edit PDF files as well, taking away the hassle of dealing with PDF documents. With its user-friendly interface and Microsoft Office-like appearance, it is an easy program to use, even for beginners. You are able to edit PDF text and images easily, add annotations and convert PDFs to dozens of different file types with the click of a mouse.

How to Sign a Digital PDF with Handwritten Signature

Step 1. Import Your PDF Document

Run PDFelement on your computer, click "Open files" on the Home window to open the PDF file that needs to be signed.

sign pdf

Step 2. Create Signature

Tap on the "Comment" tab and click the "Signature" icon in the submenu. Then you can click the "+ Create" button to add a handwritten signature.

pdf signature

Step 3. Sign PDF with Handwriting

Now, the "Add Signature" window pops up, and you can add handwritten signature in three ways, including "Draw", "Type", "Upload".
The "Draw" option allows you to write your signature directly on the document. Furthermore, there are three colors for you to choose. You can choose one of them you liked to apply. After writing your name, click "OK" to put your handwritten signature in the right place.

sign a pdf

In addition, you can also type a handwritten signature by selecting the "Type" option. Then you can directly enter your name in the writing field. More conveniently, there are five handwritten fonts for you, and you can select one of them as you desired. Once down, tap on "OK" to add the handwritten signature.

how to sign a pdf

What's more, you can also upload the image within your signature by selecting the "Upload" option to choose an image. Besides, there is one thing needed to note: it is better to upload the image with white background. After uploading the image, click "OK" to sign a PDF file with the image of a handwritten signature.

 sign pdf

How to Sign Multiple Digital PDFs with Handwritten Signature

If you've created a handwritten signature in PDFelement according to the above steps, you can right-click the signature, and then select the "Apply to multiple pages" option. If you have not created a handwritten signature, you need to create one firstly based on the above steps.

sign multiple pdfs

Then a new window pops up, making you choose the page range you want to apply the signature. PDFelement allows you to customize page range, choose all pages, even pages, or odd pages. After selecting, click the "OK" button to apply the signature to multiple pages you selected at once. Please note that the signature will be added in the same place of the pages you selected.

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Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Free Download or Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

Buy PDFelement right now!

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