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Android Apps on Windows 11

There is no denying the fact that Windows 11 is coming out with some of the most amazing features of all time. Yet, there are a lot of unanswered questions. Like which Android apps will be available on this operating system, or will they be free? Questions like When can you use Android apps on PC make users curious. In this guide, you will have all the answers regarding Android apps on windows 11.

Part 1. Design and interface

The most exciting question is which Android apps will be available on the new operating system. Microsoft is aiming to bring all the Android apps available on Amazon's Appstore. The Appstore currently has about 500,000 apps. Some of the most famous apps include Disney Plus, TikTok, Netflix, Pinterest, Uber, and many other. However, it is not competitive to the Android app on the Google Play Store, as it has around 3.5 million apps.

Like before, you don't need to be dependent on an Android device to use the apps. Intel is helping heavily to run Android apps on Windows 11, the same as Amazon. As Microsoft was struggling to get Android apps, Amazon Appstore seemed a great option. Teaming up with Intel was efficient in making Android apps work on Windows 11. Amazon is also cherishing the new access to millions of users to attract developers as well as expand their reach. In the updated Microsoft store, there will be an integrated search, browse, and discovery for apps.

Mobile games are some of the most exciting apps for users to enjoy on Windows 11, as Amazon Appstore offers a wide range of gaming applications for users. Apart from gaming, apps concerned with entertainment are also available in decent numbers. Netflix and Instagram are two of the most enjoyed applications all over the world. To enhance your productivity, there are a number of applications available in the store. Make sure you update to windows 11 as soon as possible to enjoy all these Android apps.

Part 2. When Can You Use Android Apps on PC

Once windows 11 is available to the general public, keeping in mind the official release date, the users can surely have access to it. As soon as it is available to the public, accessing Android apps won't be a dilemma. Android apps will be available in the new store via Amazon Appstore. There are some Android apps that you can use on windows 10, but the apps on windows 11 are worth waiting for. Almost all mainstream Android applications will be available on your machine via Amazon Appstore.

The opening up of windows to Android apps gives you a greater selection of tools to enhance creativity as well as a source of entertainment and gaming. Your machine will become as responsive as your laptops. Choosing a device won't be a headache now, as cell phones and laptops will perform almost the same tasks for the users. With the arrival of Windows 11, you can effortlessly play your favorite Android game on the system. Mobile-like experience is what you will get with the release of Windows 11. Windows is adapting to your needs as it becomes more flexible towards the demands of the users.

You will be immediately able to download Android apps when you get windows 11, but here's a catch. If you are aiming to download an Android application on the new operating system, you need to download the Amazon Appstore app and log in to your Amazon account or create a new one. After logging in to the store, you can easily choose from the available options. The functionality of the Android applications will directly depend upon the specs of your machine as well as your internet connection. To enjoy all the applications, make sure your system meets the requirements of Microsoft for the installation of windows 11.

Part 3. Is It Free to Update to Windows 11 for Using Apps

Windows 11 will appear as a free update for the users already using windows 10. People who have bought new PCs in 2024 are also eligible to use windows 11 for free. To check if your PC is eligible for windows 11, you need to visit windows.com or the official website of Microsoft. PC health check app can also aid in identifying if your system is eligible for windows 11 or not. You will be able to update the same way you did previous versions of windows. If your machine meets the minimum requirements, you can follow the simple methods to upgrade from windows 10. To download the new windows, you can go to Settings Update Security and check if Windows 11 is available in the updates.

Once you've downloaded the new version of windows, you can easily install it with the preferred procedure. As you can update to Windows 11 for free, using Android applications won't be a trouble for you anymore. You will be able to discover new Android apps. Microsoft is willing to bring the fresh operating system for free for the users already on windows 10. As millions of users all over the world are already using the Windows 10 operating system, the majority of users won't find problems in updating their machines to windows 11, if the system meets the minimum requirements given by Microsoft.


Windows 11 is coming to the general public anytime soon. All you need to do is to study the features of this brand new operating system. It has unnumbered features for users worldwide. Once you've studied the features of this operating system, you can download it with the simple methods available on board. As for now, Amazon Appstore isn't competitive to Google Play Store, but with the passage of time enhancements will be made prominent for the users. The arrival of easily available Android apps on windows 11 is one of the most exciting things about the new version of windows.