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How Does Windows 11 Solve the Problems of Windows 10

Part 1. Should I Install Antivirus Software for Windows 11

As windows 11 is new in the market, there is no denying the fact that people desperately want to experience it. However, comprising on security is never an option for the users. Even with the finest security updates available in Windows 11, the installation of antivirus is a must. The Internet has become an integral part of everyone’s lives. Our machines are exposed to malware. Making them more vulnerable day by day. Most of the work done on machines is done online. It is understandable that windows 11 would be coming with Windows Defender Antivirus but a third-party program is also essential.

Here are some of the reasons you should install antivirus software for windows 11.

1. Scans

One of the main reasons to install antivirus software for windows 11 is that many software has both on-demand and on-access scans. These scans can work according to your schedule or constantly.

2. Virus removal

The main purpose of download the third-party software is to protect windows from a diverse range of viruses that can even leak from the defense of Windows Defender. Antivirus software can detect the malware and remove it before it infects the rest of the system.

3. Web browsing protection

Malicious websites are everywhere, as your systems are continuously connected to the internet, a vast number of viruses travel down to your machines. Antivirus software can protect you online in windows 11.

4. Behavior-based detection

Most of the time, the malware is not existing in the database but antivirus software is able to detect it. In windows 11, it is obligatory to have behavior-based detection.

5. Firewall protection and secure browser

The threat on your device’s network is blocked by a firewall. However, the antivirus software on its own is only device-specific. Most of the time, the software comes along with a secure browser that encrypts all web activity. All these features are there to enhance the security of Windows 11.

Part 2. Top Free Antivirus Software for PC

Once you are aware that why antivirus software is essential for your PC, here are top free antivirus software for PC;

1. AVG AntiVirus Free

Worried about threats without warnings? The most interesting feature about AVG antivirus software is that it can deal with viruses coming without any warnings. It comes with astonishing tools such as real-time scanning, auto scanning, and much more. The scanning procedure works in the background. While you scroll websites on the internet, AVG is busy dealing with unwanted browsers add-ons to restrict viruses from entering your machine equipped with your valuable data.

avg antivirus

2. Avira Free Security

Avira is considered an antivirus software with more free features than any other software, making it more competitive. Its virus scanner operates on the cloud. It is efficient in blocking spyware, malware, ransomware, and other threats that haunt your system. One of the coolest features of Avira is that it does not affect the speed of your system. It has a very quick scan. The detection and analysis of Avira don’t actually take place on your system but on the cloud. Due to these reasons, Avira is a lightweight antivirus software suitable for your system with windows 11.

avira free

3. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

When talking about 100% malware detection, Bitdefender is still at the top. It comes with one of the finest anti-malware scanners in the market. It has a cloud-based anti-malware engine that runs silently in the background. It gives you only essential notifications. The malware scans, detection, and removal of the virus happen automatically. It has anti-phishing and fraud protection features too. It has the feature to instantly deal with any suspicious thing happening on your system. The antivirus software comes with free updates and real-time protection. It is highly recommended for the windows 11 operating system.


4. Kaspersky Security Cloud

Kaspersky Security Cloud is a remarkable antivirus software made by Kaspersky Lab. It has a user-friendly interface, making it easier for the users to protect their system against unwanted malware. Instant email is generated if users visit any suspicious website or any malware is detected. This antivirus software has an effective password manager and data breach monitoring. It has several additional features that are limited. You can have parental controls, web protections, and whatnot. A ton of additional features can aid a lot in maintaining the security of the new windows.

kaspersky free

5. Sophos Home Free

Sophos Home Free is also an astonishing antivirus for the users of different windows versions. It has some of the most remarkable web protections as well as covers up to 3 PCs. It is effective in detecting a large amount of viruses and malware threats in a short period of time. However, the software isn’t as efficient when it comes to testing ransomware files. Yet, its remote management feature is one of the most liked by the users. It has free parental control, making it preferred choice for families. You can access antivirus scanning and real-time protection by logging into Sophos’s online dashboard.

sophos free

Part 3. Tips for Protecting the PC of Windows 11

1. Use Antivirus and Anti-Malware

To ensure the safety of your system running Windows 11, you need to use antivirus software. Anti-Malware software of Antivirus software are keen on detecting any trouble in your system. Effective antivirus software is capable of detecting and removing viruses in the background, without any disturbance. In order to keep protect the PC of Windows 11, you can choose any one of the antivirus software mentioned above.

2. Enable Automatic Updates

If you’re planning to disable automatic updates on windows 11, you need to think again. Enabling automatic updates can aid your system in preparing for any virus attack beforehand. It keeps your system updated with the latest features available.

3. Backup Sensitive Data

Users are mostly concerned about their sensitive data on the system. To make sure your data is safe and sound, creating a backup is the finest option. Sometimes, the system fails to detect or remove the viruses on time, leading to data loss. To avoid such a situation on windows 11, it is suggested to create a backup of your sensitive data.

4. Watch What You Download

Downloading stuff without the credibility of the website is one of the most common mistakes made by users all over the globe. We download dozens of stuff daily from the internet. Leeching with your downloaded data is the easiest way for the virus to travel, this is the reason that you should watch what you download.

5. Practice Smart Browsing

Smart browsing allows you to obtain desired results with minimum effort. It also makes sure that you are browsing safe websites or not. Smart browsing can aid you in opening the right website at the right time. To enhance the security of your system, practice smart browsing.


There are strict requirements of Microsoft for the compatibility of Windows 11. As it is obvious that the security enhancements are made to cater the concerns of users, still it is highly suggested to keep third-party software to protect your machine. The new operating system has raised the bar of security by requiring hardware that is capable of enabling protection like Device Encryption, Windows Hello, virtual-based security, and much more. A decrease in malware infections is expected in the new version of windows. Yet, make sure you choose the right antivirus software for your machine.