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Windows 10 vs Windows 11

Windows 11 is here with a bang! We have all been waiting for the brand new windows 11. It’s a major change after half-decade. The operating system comes with some remarkable modifications. In this guide, you will have a comparison between windows 10 and windows 11 to choose from.

To get yourself the finest operating system for your computer, there are a lot of entities to keep in mind. Here the comparison of both the operating systems;

Part 1. Design and interface

We can start comparing the most prominent and significant entity, the design and interface. Windows 11 comes with a design cherished by IOS lovers, as it has a more Mac-like interface. The people who strive for clean design will now get it without any hurdle. Windows 11s design has fine rounded corners and pastel shades. The start menu can now move to the center of the screen. A design like this isn't attainable in windows 10. A fine design like Mac is what makes this operating system much more mesmerizing.

The start menu also gives you a display of your pinned apps. A recommended section gives you the sight of your recent activity, allowing you to just jump back to the last app you used. Windows 11 gives you a more personalized experience.

Part 2. Android app integration

There is no denying the fact that android apps are attainable on windows 10 through different means, but windows 11 is completely different when it comes to android app integration. Windows 11 will be coming with android apps. It was a much-awaited feature, users have waited 6 years for this astonishing feature. It marks a major breakthrough when it comes to merging laptop devices and mobile phones. Windows 11 comes with a whole new experience for the users. You can get the android apps you like in no time. This feature is also for the kids who strive for mobiles in order to use android apps.

Part 3. Better virtual desktop support

All we wanted was a better virtual desktop, didn't we? Well, Windows 11 comes with remarkable virtual desktop support. The users who praised Macs for setting up virtual desktops are now becoming fans of windows 11. You can toggle between multiple desktops at once without any hurdle. You can manage school, gaming, work, and personal at once. It is surely hard to do it in windows 10. During these hectic times of the 21st century, the use of laptops and computers has increased like never before, and managing multiple virtual desktops has also become essential.

Part 4. Easier transition from monitor to laptop

The feature of Snap layouts and Snap groups allows you to easily group different sets of windows and apps together. You can easily move between a desktop and a monitor. The new features of the Windows 11 operating system have a collection of apps you're using at once Task switching has become more facile. You can also plug and unplug from a monitor in a more-easier way. As it does this without losing where your open windows are located. It is a feature that makes work more satisfactory. It was a major missing feature in the windows 10 operating system.

Part 5. Microsoft teams added to the Taskbar

Better video calling is a feature that was demanded heavily from the start of the pandemic. Windows 11 has Microsoft teams added to the taskbar for the users to do video calls without any delay. This is a facelift given to Microsoft Teams. This feature is a bit more like Apples FaceTime. Microsoft messaging app Teams was launched after two years of windows 10. Soon, it became a very significant app for the users, and this is the reason it is playing a much bigger part in the windows 11 operating system. Using Microsoft teams has become quicker. You can even contact those who are on android or iOS platforms.

Part 6. Widgets

Widgets have been around for a while now. We all love adding them to our mobile. However, Windows 11 allows you to launch widgets from the Taskbar. You can have a glance at the weather, news, stocks, and much more. It has a widget panel and the widgets won't clutter your Start Menu. You can easily add, move around, or disable widgets on windows 11. Your precious workplace will not be compromised because of your widgets.

Part 7. Enhanced touchscreen, voice and pen support

As we are fond of using mobile phones with exceptional touchscreen, voice and pen support, we wish to have the same in our laptops, don't we? This feature is for laptops that have touchscreens. Tablet users can also cherish the enhanced touchscreen experience given by Microsoft. Icons on the taskbar have more screen space, allowing users to enjoy a satisfying experience. The operating system has added haptics to your digital pen, you can hear and feel vibrations as you use a pen to take notes or to draw. Such features aren't available on Windows 10. The new operating system introduces voice typing and commands across the system for the users, taking it to a whole new level for the users.

Part 8. Xbox tech to improve gaming

Gamers are always in seek to attain the newest features, and this one is surely for them. Windows 11 has come with attributes of Xbox. It has certain characteristics found in the Xbox consoles. It has traits like Auto HDR and direct storage. This operating system can improve your gaming experience. It is a major breakthrough towards the integration of PCs and Xbox consoles for Microsoft. Gamers were desperately waiting for new gaming features in Windows 11. The visual quality of games will surely be escalated. The improved colors are a blessing for the people who love gaming. Direct Storage will allow the users to run high graphics games without much lack. Users will have a more detailed gaming experience. One of the biggest changes is the introduction of the Xbox Game Pass on Windows 11, giving users access to diverse new games.


Windows 10 was released back in 2015, years from today. With the passage of time, things have changed around the world, users are demanding new features day by day. Windows 11 is equipped with the traits demanded by users all around the world. More and more users and getting convinced by this operating system. However, a comparison is essential to make its features more prominent. Windows 10 served for more than 6 years, making it one of the most successful operating systems of all time. Yet, it was essential for Microsoft to release a new operating system keeping the demands of users in check.